"Vick Strizheus scams" are "talked about" all over the internet. This includes "so called" scams with his latest product, called "the Four Percent Success Challenge." These "scams" stem from people being disgruntled with Vick and his products for various reasons. Perhaps it's because they lost money, never made money, or they simply don't trust Vick. Or maybe they are trying to pull Vick's skeletons out of the closet. Or maybe they are just trying to to promote their own affiliate program.

In this article I want you to read about these so called "Vick Strizheus' scams" and how I shed light on the matter. This includes what I believe to be false allegations on Vick's character. ...His heart to serve and train ...And his love for everyone to succeed. Moreover, how everyone tries to 'throw him under the bus' for his conviction over insurance fraud, something he claims was an honest mistake.


Vick Strizheus Scam: His Life & Past Programs Reveal the Truth

Everyone isn't Perfect

Many people have a lot to say on the internet about someone else's products, programs, and courses. This is especially true about the well-known and famous like Vick Strizheus.

People like Vick are much easier to target and blame even if they're not at fault.

Unfortunately, we still live in a place where people fail to take responsibility regardless of who's at fault.

BUT WHATEVER YOU DO...  Don't believe a story until you know all the chapters. ...Until you've referenced past and present sources. ...Listened to the good, bad, and ugly. And more importantly, heard directly from the person's mouth on the matter. 

Even then  judge carefully, because we're just as imperfect as anyone else.

Furthermore, let's not forget to mention all the stories people make up and/or twist about ourselves.  I like to think if there are some people that don't like you then you're doing something right. People everywhere will find a reason to not like you as you grow in leadership.

It's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Vick's "Four Percent Group" and "Success Challenge"

If you search "Vick Strizheus Scam" you'll see quite a bit of people talking about him and or how his products are scams.

These scams include people talking about Vick's latest company "The Four Percent Group," including its staple program, officially called "Four Percent Success Challenge."

Unfortunately, there are many outdated and crappy articles out there about "The Four Percent Group" and "Success Challenge." If you want to read a thorough, but accurate article about his latest Company called the Four Percent Group then check out my Four Percent Review.

If you're more interested in learning more about and his staple program called the Success Challenge then simply you can find that information reading this Four Percent Challenge Review

Vick Strizheus Growing Up

Vick Strizheus

The truth is, there are always three sides to a story. We already know that. However, has anyone taken the time to hear Vick's side of things?

From his own words that I've pieced together...

Vick Strizheus grew up middle class with strong healthy family and spiritual values. He is originally from the Ukraine and moved the the United States a preteen. He didn't know a word of english upon arriving.

Vick's parents created what was considered an average family environment.

Vick was taught, "you go to school, you study, graduate, get a degree, get a good paying job and take your vacation every other year. In between, you can find time for tv, maybe go out to eat and go see a movie when they could afford it."

There were never any Vick Strizheus scams mentioned or illegitimate activity around him growing up. This is important to know, because if you got to know Vick you would know he believes we are conditioned by the environment we surround ourselves in.  That those very conditions can make or break us.

That being said Vick was never conditioned to do anything that went against his family values. However, Vick wasn't oblivious to the "struggle" and to make sure you didn't he began conditioning his mindset as an entrepreneur. 

Vick, remembers telling his mom that one day he's going to own his own business and is going to do big things. So, it became obvious that from an early age Vick was determined to make a name for himself.

Vick's Biggest Breakthroughs

Breakthrough #1

Vick Strizheus' first biggest breakthrough was learning how to be the "best" at what he does. This was regardless of what he was doing or what conditions he was raised with.

After cleaning his way through janitorial jobs -- to speaking with angry debtors as a collection rep Vick challenged himself to be the best. He began living this way thanks to a million dollar income earner he had the privilege of working with when he sold insurance.

Without being the "best," I believe a form of resentment or fear grew on Vick. More importantly, from hearing his story I believe living the average lifestyle held him back from accomplishing what it was he really wanted. 

After Vick got married at the age of 20 this mindset of living his "best" hit him the hardest. He found himself living far below his standard of what being the "best" looked like as a husband and soon to be father.

This "hard hit" led Vick to invest over $30K as he sought out internet marketing. Unfortunately, he spent all that only to come up empty handed. In fact, it wasn't long after burning through those thousands did you find himself living in poverty and desperately seeking help. 

Breakthrough #2

Vick's second biggest breakthrough came from him being very ambitious! It was ambition that personally developed his mindset. As a result, he was able to take the smallest "wins." ...Whether that was getting 20 people on his list or making his first sale. Then growing those small wins to phenomenal levels.

 ...Levels where he could pick apart his competition and stand way above everyone else. 

You see, Vick learned very quickly that the online marketing industry is full of saturated "pretenders" all doing the same thing.  People he learned to separate himself from, but teaching others how he was doing it in the process.

 ...How to lead by example and teach from experience. 

Breakthrough #3

No matter how many breakthroughs Vick had, none of them could compare to having a coach. ...Someone who he could glean from and who was already successful.

After following the steps of his mentor he was able to position himself as an expert to "plant the seed of success for others." He did this by rinsing and repeating the process of "learning, doing and teaching." If Vick's mentor told him to do something. Vick did it.

So then the question remains... Would you believe a Vick Strizheus Scam?

Keep Reading...

"The King of Online Traffic"

King of Online Traffic

After just 3 months of "learning, doing, and teaching" Vick got his first $2,000 dollar commission (from promoting a big ticket product). Then 3 months later he became the #1 income earner in the same company he was selling those big ticket products in.

Shortly after making 4-figure checks, he was making 5-figures. Then 6-figures and on to 7-figures.

To date, Vick Strizheus scam or not is an 8-figure earner and influencer. He's coached well over over 3 Million students and helped thousands achieve extraordinary levels of success. And now he's online in his mid 30's.

While raising himself from failure to massive success he became a top producer and #1 income earner in every company he's ever promoted as an Independent Affiliate Marketer. 

With his talents combined he's created some of the highest converting sales funnels and business training programs on the internet. In part, due to his ability to generate online traffic.

"The King of Online Traffic" is a nickname he picked up after coming out with some of his past traffic generation courses like "Internet Traffic Formula" (no longer available). This includes earning over 400,000+ unique visitors daily and generating as much as two million unique targeted visitors in only a weeks time.

Since then, he's worked to turn affiliate marketing beginners into millionaires and even multi-millionaires from over 180 countries.

Vick Strizheus Scam: Convicted of Grand Theft!

After Vick Strizheus began making at least $50K a month  from about 2006 to 2009 he'd tell you, "life was good." But that came to an end when he received a warrant for his arrest back when he was selling insurance at the age of 19. 

At that age Vick was confident enough to try something that in hindsight he'd tell you was very stupid.  Vick states, "I decided to do one stupid, -- at that time -- clever idea."

He ended up writing false insurance claims to his company claiming that he was making sales inorder to get commissions. Sure enough, 5 years later, in 2009 Vick Strizheus' scam convicted him of grand theft. 

It was a time, again at just 19 year old Vick states he "really needed the money." Now, even though Vick knew there would be chargebacks, he knew it would provide the short-term cash he needed in advance. So, in his head, he planned to make enough sales to cover those charges down the road. As a result, the company would get their money back with no harm done to anyone.

And just as planned, the chargebacks happened, but by then Vick had fronted the cash he needed. He'd tell you,  "all was well in the world." However he failed to realize that he had actually commit a crime with consequences.

...Something illegal that he would have to pay for.

Then sure enough, he was arrested and formally charged (5 years later) of grand theft. From there (in a matter of 24 hours) Vick:

  • Was sentenced to 90 days of work release
  • Remained in county jail on the weekends
  • Lost his $50K month business 
  • Was seen as a "Scammer" and Con Artist
  • Shattered his confidence and self image into pieces
  • Lost many friends and business associates

Vick Strizheus' scam put him in "the lowest moment he's ever been in." As a result, he took almost a year off to get himself together and vowed to "never ever make the same mistake again."

Vick Strizheus' Scam Makes a Comeback

Four Percent Challenge Review

Finishing up a year of getting himself together Vick wanted to prove to people that he was the "real deal."

He was no longer concerned with what other people thought of him because he knew the truth. He knew deep down he always cared. For that reason alone, he wanted to make a comeback.

Strategically, Vick started off by just giving as much value out to his list as possible. After creating just four value stacked videos he coined them the "48-hour cash machine." That further developed into a Clickbank product (he no longer endorses).

He sent this offer of free training out to his list (mostly from the list he built the year prior) promoting this product. As a result, no more than a month later, Vick earned over $30K dollars. This included sales from a Clickbank product called "Directory of Ezines" that 48 Hour Cash Machine" helped promote.

From there the idea of creating products to help push what his list wanted became a trend with Vick. He got really good at building these support structures to push other products and trainings and continues to make a fortune from it.

Vick's Biggest Issues

Below are what I believe to be the three biggest problems, issues or whatever you want to call it with Vick. Things that Vick's created from his past affiliate marketing courses and products that I believe have damaged his reputation a little bit.

...Still an amazing guy, but like any leader we've got areas we need to work on.

Problem #1: Over Promises

This is still a problem, but not a deal breaker

As Vick Strizheus made his comeback, I believe he got too ambitious. He might of been ready to get back into his 5 and 6 figure months, but I think he could have taken a little more time doing it.

I say this because Vick is great at hyping things up and creating movements with thousands of people excited about his ideas. However, when it comes to delivery in my opinion he lacks follow through. This means things like program development, product infrastructure, bonus releases, or any thing he might tell you will be available. 

There have been issues of the these things completed very late or in some cases not at all. This wouldn't happen all the time, but enough to where it began to affect some of those following him and those who purchased his products. 

This is still a problem with Vick from what I've seen within his new Four Percent Group and Success Challenge. However, he's gotten better and when he does deliver the trouble is worth the wait in most cases. 

My advice for you with this is don't count your chickens until they hatch with Vick and you'll be just fine.

Problem #2: Past Programs Shut Down

This shouldn't be a problem, but you never know with Vick

Earlier in Vick's career I thought he was quick to jump into the next best thing. Now at the time Vick was always working with someone, so perhaps these "someones" convinced Vick to partner with them. Unfortunately, when you work with others you the fall out (if there is one) can be ugly. 

Sure enough Vick had a couple "fall outs." People Vick worked with created a recipe that made it tough for him to receive the approval he needed to get his credibility back up.

For example a couple couple of products and programs Vick created were housed by a parent company. ...But when that parent company gets shut down or falls short in any kind of way it affects the program and product creators like it did Vick. Unfortunately, one parent company shutdown completely, which left Vick with no choice, but to shutdown as well.  ​

Although there really isn't much a person can do about that, people never knew the whole story. This made it easy for them to continue believing in a "Vick Strizheus scam," even though Vick's heart and love to teach (I felt) was always intact.

The only reason I'm still flagging this as a caution is because even after saying the Success Challenge is his "Legacy (Forever) Project" ... Something that will out last his kids -- It has shut down multiple times, only to get re-developed and opened at a later time (sometimes several weeks later).

My advice for you with this is when you purchase a product from Vick use it right away and for everything it's worth. Download videos, and take as many notes as possible, because there might be a chance you lose it (in a shut down or long delay) knowing Vick's track record.

Problem #3: Selling Unfinished Products

This is still a problem, but so far so good.

Many people think promoting an unfinished product is another one of Vick Strizheus' scams, but it's not.
Launching an affiliate program or course before it's complete isn't unheard of. In fact, many veteran marketers do it. However, when customers are not told it's incomplete is the problem. It's even worse to never finish a product, which Vick has done before (for legit reasons).
Taking the Four Percent Success Challenge as an example again:
It has three levels. The first level, which is the $10K Success Challenge is not complete yet. There are suppose to be 30 sessions. After every session you have to wait 24hrs to view the next session, which is good thing. The bad thing is waiting for the next session to be available past 24 hours. People have waited several weeks in some cases before the next session was  recorded and uploaded. 
So basically, Vick is choosing to build out the Success Challenge as people go, which has its pros and cons. 

What's cool is if you decided to take the Level 1 Success Challenge today every session will have already been recorded. However, there are two more levels Vick still has to build out. These are the $100K dollar and $1Million dollar challenges. It's my understanding that these will be built out as you go as well. ...

But we'll cross level two's bridge at a later time. My advice to you on this one is to not rush getting through his products and courses. Take your time to soak everything up. Take notes. Share what you learn with others: on your blog, social media, etc. 

...By the time you do this his next session or training will be or should be available. Just don't expect it right away. Otherwise, you'll be disappointed. 

The Status of Vick's Past Products

High Traffic Academy (Version 1) - RE-DEVELOPED

high traffic academy

Vicks first big product launch was High Traffic Academy. He wanted to ensure his list had what they needed. So, after surveying his list, they unanimously wanted to learn how to generate more traffic.

As a result, High Traffic Academy (HTA) was born as a course in 2011. High Traffic Academy was a video training course that taught people how to get high converting paid traffic to their affiliate offers. 

Once again Vick was raking in thousands of dollars, while continuing to build a massive email list.

Well, it was this same list no matter what Vick asked them to do they did it. Not forgetting to mention the network marketing company, Empower Network that he recommended to all his High Traffic Training customers.

Big Idea Mastermind - TERMINATED

big idea mastermind

The next thing you know Vick is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars through webinars that only his pre-framed list had access to.

Keeping his theme of building out affiliate marketing systems Big Idea Mastermind (BIM) was launched early 2013 as a marketing engine that drove hundreds of people to sign up with Empower Network (EN). The two were joined at the hip and following his trend of creating products that build onto one another.

Vick generated over $700K in commissions from Empower Network. ...But that's nothing compared to what he was able to to do with Internet Traffic Formula.

Internet Traffic Formula (ITF)was a product Vick did just for Empower Network. Within the first 5 days, following the same principles ITF brought in over 3.5 million dollars. 

Empower  and ITF

As a result, it was these two product launches (Empower Network & Internet Traffic Formula) to coined Vick's nickname as the "Traffic Generation and Conversion King."

Unfortunately, Empower Network went bankrupt and had to shutdown. As a result, everything Vick invested inside his affiliate marketing system, including Big Idea Mastermind went down with it.

People we were clueless as to what happen. Unfortunately people created stories that led to one thought after the next with the conclusion that it was a Vick Strizheus scam. We know it wasn't.

Despite what people thought Vick took responsibility in ways he could.

Internet Traffic Formula - TERMINATED

internet traffic formula

The first product I owned from Vick Strizheus was Internet Traffic Formula (ITF). It launched in April 2014.ITF was a $997 dollar product that got shut down once Empower Network went under.

The course was designed to teach online marketers worldwide everything they needed to know about traffic generation techniques and strategies. This course gave you a plethora of traffic generating secrets.

I'm pretty sure when I purchased it wasn't complete, nor was it when it was terminated. I thought for sure this was a Vick Strizheus scam, but once I found out what happened to Empower Network everything made sense. However, there were several individuals upset, because they lost access to their purchased product.

In the aftermath, everyone should have been sent copies of each video inside the course.

High Traffic Academy (Version 2 & 3) - TRANSFERRED

high traffic academy

After Empower Network went under Vick ends up going back to High Traffic Academy to redevelop it into its second version. Except this time he brought in a business partner.

Together they created a "Total Domination Engineering" Funnel and once it launched generated a million dollars in only 18 hours.

Similar to Internet Traffic Formula, there were people who purchased products inside High Traffic Academy that eventually got cancelled. Although these individuals got replacement courses, many remained upset the course wasn't what they originally paid for. Some were out of pocket in the thousands. They thought this was for sure a Vick Strizheus scam.

With High Traffic Academy also came the technical debate about Vick Strizheus' scam with "switching affiliate links" for his own. Either that or bitter individuals kept a target on Vick's back. Many who most likely refused to take action and never found success through his affiliate programs.

HTA version 3 came out eventually with more tools, training, and masterminds. It lasted through late 2016 as far as Vick's involvement was concerned.

Instead, Vick ended up taking a deep look at what he needed to do to help people rise above average. He knew people didn't need more information, because 98% of it was useless. It kept people busy stuff, but it never walked them through how to get results ...To inspire people to reach total freedom.

...This gave birth to the Four Percent Group.

Tecademics - COMPANY SOLD


Tecademics was a real way to help people find results. Instead of creating a new product, the Four Four 4 Percent Group would become a place people could learn in easy step by step directions.

Using the same strategy as before Vick created a sales funnel for affiliate marketing beginners to promote an internet marketing "college" program called Tecademics.

Tecademics was owned by Chris Record. It was affiliate marketing structured and formerly known as "Internet Marketing College."

Eventually, Tecademics was sold and once again Vick's audience grew frustrated with the inconsistencies. Unfortunately, it made it easy for many of them to think it was yet another Vick Strizheus scam.

However, this time, Vick had a bit more control of the situation. He replaced or rebranded Tecademics as the Four Percent Success Challenge, under the same company name, "The Four Percent Group."

The Four Percent Group - Available

Four Percent Challenge Logo

The Four Percent Group and Success Challenge is now unlike any product Vick Strizheus has created. This is the new affiliate marketing and training product behind the Four Percent Group. Learn more about the Vick's Four Percent Success Challenge by clicking here.

The Four Percent course changed to be more aligned with their educational ecosystem of products as a whole instead of as a business opportunity or sponsoring (MLM) network.

This Group's plan is to changed lives by putting more individuals on the path to success than anything else in the market.

No matter what it is you're promoting or offering, The Four Percent Group can help rise head and shoulders above everyone in your space. This includes, multiplying your results, and becoming UNSTOPPABLE.

Learn more about the Four Percent Group by clicking here!

Why "Vick's Scams" Don't Matter

Mastering Yourself to Become a Better Leader

If you walked away from this article having learned one thing know this:

I've been marketing online for over a decade now.... There are plenty of scammers out there that wish to do nothing more than take your money. Vick Strizheus is NOT one of them.

Vicks products for beginners help you become the best version of yourself by helping you overcome life challenges.  He does this through personal development, mindset, belief, and empowerment.

Moreover, he would tell you, "never ever be a pretender. Never ever cut corners and always build your business on a solid foundation."

Vick's training, lessons learned and leadership has allowed me to understand the concept of Attraction Marketing. ...And why it's important to put people first instead of money.

The way he masters himself to be a better leader is the furthest thing a person can be from a scam.  Any credible review of Vick Strizheus would tell you he prides himself in becoming a better person and helping others do the same.

I'm not saying everyone who thinks Vick is a scam is wrong. They're entitled to their opinion just like I am. I'm saying their experience as an affiliate marketing beginner simply didn't meet their expectations and feeling scammed is a perfectly logical thing to feel.

There is also a good reason behind the way these people felt and still feel. Cases we'll never really know how much of Vick was truly at fault.

Multiple Ways to Swing a Decision

Indulge me for a moment...

If you were about to dine in at a restaurant you never been before, but then read some bad reviews about it before your visit would you still go? 

You might say it depends?

It depends on how long have they been in service or in business. How many negative reviews they have against their positive ones or is it under the same management? Or you may question what's actually negative about the review; the food, ambiance, service, etc.? 

Fair enough right?

Now, what if someone you trusted with your life told you to go eat there. Wherever "there" was would you? Would you go despite the negative reviews you read?

The point I'm trying to make is that:

"There are multiple ways you can swing a decision in life depending on what it is you want out of your experience and who you trust telling you to go indulge in one."

So, although we just met I'm telling you to go indulge in one with Vick. Go see for yourself if a Vick Strizheus scam exists. Create your own Four Percent Group account after reading my Four Percent Review here and watch his personal journey video explaining his life story. 

Assuming you've already referenced past and present sources (while considering the good and bad) your experience is the only way to truly know.

...An experience that may just change your life, like it has mine.

Focus On a Deeper Purpose

It's not all this talk about the poor choices Vick Strizheus has made in life as if you and I are perfect. Nor is it about how a beginner's affiliate marketing course he represented changed or no longer exists.

bigger picture four percent

There are too many undefined variables to determine who was at fault and why. Was it a browser error, human error, a teammate of his, or Vick himself at fault?

Even if every negative thing people said about Vick was true, we all should know we don't put our faith in a person that can fail us. They will inevitably disappoint you.

What I've learned, which Vick talks about inside the (4%) Four Percent Group itself is that what matters is what you learn and how are you applying that to reach your life goals... fulfilling your why... Developing your deeper purpose to get to where you're going.

...Determining who you are, what your business represents and who you are serving in the process?

Focusing on anything else is a waste of time.

What Building a Business is Really About

Why waste time trying to prove someone was in the wrong? I always feel crappy when I do.

This energy and time would be better spent trying to uncover the scammers out there who mean to scam you right now. I mean "knocking on wood," but in this very moment you may get a phishing email, impressionable call, taken advantage of, and God knows what else. 

Instead, how can we acknowledge the people who are doing what they can to make things right and help them learn from their mistakes?


That way we can fix what we can, and move forward. That's the only way we improve and grow.

So, the value Vick Strizheus continues to teach and give -- I continue to pour into my own business. My own products and into my own company. 

After all, I'm the only person I can judge.

I also feel 100% comfortable with someone who can admit his wrongs and works to make things right. 

Tell Vick How You Really Feel

As a matter of fact, since joining the Four Percent Group, Vick Strizheus has come on live Zoom calls in front of hundreds of people. These are large online/virtual meetings. During these meetings Vick allows anyone to unmute themself to share their heart. They can ask any question they have about him and his products.

Take a look at this video below. In it was a recording Vick did with Four Percent Challenge members who made it to their first mile stone in the course. It was recorded November 2018.

The video gives strong support for why Vick Strizheus scams are NOT likely. You will also see how Vick addresses questions and how anyone who has an issue or question can speak up or forever hold their peace.

I absolutely love these virtual Zoom meetings, because there are no other marketing gurus out there that I know of that do this.

Take a look... Pay special attention to what he says around the 1:30 marker through 4:00 minutes.

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Ross Curington
Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, will determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.
  • Vick Ferriss says:

    This is a great post Mr Ross, I was so happy to come across Vick Streizeus and his program: The four percent challenge..this is one of the lifechanging opportunities that one can’t come across frequently.
    I have met members who went from zero to their first million dollars online doing nothing but following Vick’s teachings.

    • Vick!!! You are absolutely right! I’ve been following Vick for a while. Haters will be haters. However, without the haters, he wouldn’t be someone as valuable as he is rigth? I mean if we don’t have our fair share of people hating on us, it means we’re not taking enough chances with our business, or as entrepreneurs, or anything else we’re doing really. We also use our haters to grow and push ourselves to even greater extents. Let em hate!!!

  • Mason says:

    Thank you Ross, great review. I have recently enrolled in 4 percent challenge program and your honest review here fired me up to keep moving forward.

  • Robert says:

    Great review Ross. I’ve been a member of the Challenge since Jan 2018. The challenge has indeed changed my life and they say “old dogs don’t learn new tricks”. I’m 63 and on that video above front and center wearing the camouflage T-shirt. Glad to see your great post.

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