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You're reading my Partner with Anthony review, a "Morrison Publishing" company product. The company founder, Anthony Morrison. 

Maybe you've tried online marketing before and hit a dead end. Perhaps you're brand new and could definitely use more money in your pocket. Either way, the Partner with Anthony has proven to be what people need to get started. You have training; you have a community; you have products to promote; you have done-for-you and done-with-you resources. And best of all, what you learn can be applied to any product or niche.

In this article you'll learn what the Partner with Anthony (PWA) program is all about. This includes, who the product is best for, how you can make money from it, and a look inside its features and capabilities. 

The thing about this Partner with Anthony review is I couldn't help but appreciate how far Anthony has gone to make sure you find a way to succeed. In fact, he's adopted the mantra, "Never Give up" in all his trainings, including those inside the Partner with Anthony course delivered to you on a daily basis to ensure your success.


partner with Anthony review

Partner with Anthony Review

USE: Educational and product centric internet & affiliate marketing training hub
PRICE: $7/Month, $97 one-time      MY RATING: 14/15 STARS / 93% A

Ease of Use/Interface

Very easy to navigate between elements. 

Customer Support

Not the quickest, but easily accessed.

Value For Money

Inexpensive with a ton of value.


  • Cost to join is very inexpensive 
  • Not opportunity-centric (recruiting others) or MLM model
  • A zero-resistance point of entry (no pressure)
  • Your Affiliate programs are promoted automatically
  • You're taught and coached how to build a real business


  • You'll need more than PWA to build your business. There are better/cheaper tools than what's recommended.

Partner with Anthony Review Summary: "Partner with Anthony" is an educational ecosystem teaching beginners or people who haven't been making money to begin building an online marketing business. You learn in daily released sessions (24hrs) comprised of several training and mindset development videos with over-the-shoulder, step-by-step tutorials.

What Is The Partner with Anthony Program?

PWA Anthony Morrison

In this Partner with Anthony review you learn it's an educational ecosystem that a self-taught Internet Marketing Entrepreneur named Anthony Morrison created in 2019. 

Anthony designed the Partner with Anthony program knowing people are desperately seeking alternatives to making money. And not just any kind of money, but the passive income that brings financial freedom.

For only $7 dollars a month or a lifetime price (to own it forever) of $97 and 60 days later you'll come away from his training knowing what it means to build an online business from scratch. This is regardless of the industry or niche you're in or you'd like to pursue. He does this by taking you through over-the-shoulder, video trainings that teach you transferable online business skills as an Affiliate Marketer. 

Anthony has poured over 15 years of online marketing expertise in to what has made the Partner with Anthony program the huge success that it is today. You can learn more about him from my article here.

I highly recommend you learn more about affiliate marketing from my article here if you're not 100% about what it is or how it works. Especially if you're considering joining Partner with Anthony.

30-Days of Tested and Revised "PWA Sessions"

Your Partner with Anthony review will teach you how to build your own online business in 30 daily training sessions. 

Each session has multiple training videos. So, although there are 30 sessions, if each session has on average about 4 training videos. That's over 100 training videos of internet marketing value.

Each session unlocks 24 hours after you complete the previous one. This dramatically increases the chance of success because you advance in increments ensuring you're not taking on "more bite than chew."

Through the training you're learning how to market and generate leads using products created by someone else. What's amazing about Partner with Anthony is that it is an affiliate product itself. That means you can choose to promote it as your product of choice. It's either that or any other affiliate product of your choice.

Again, you don't have to promote anything as an affiliate, but it makes the most sense to begin practicing and putting into practice what you learn from the program. Not forgetting to mention you'll make money from doing it.

The Educational Blueprint of Partner with Anthony

Inside PWA, you will:

  • Learn what it takes to run your own online business (time management and productivity)
  • See why having the right mindset can be the difference between you and your financial freedom
  • Define the different online marketing terms, acronyms, and common practices
  • Understand what Profit Cycle funnels are and how you earn money from them
  • Know the Importance of split testing and tracking your links for funnel optimization
  • Hear about the different ways you can begin generating traffic to your funnel(s)

How You'll Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

Completing your Partner with Anthony review will show you how to make money as an Affiliate Marketing beginner by selling other people's products for commission. 

However, if you don't want to market as an affiliate then you don't have to. You just won't be able to earn any money as you go through Anthony's Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem, which in my opinion was the best part about my Partner with Anthony review.

Again, it's what you learn that matters as it can be applied to any business in the world.

Anthony teaches it because it allows you to work smarter not harder by selling someone else's product(s) before you fumble through trying to sell your own. Not because your own product wouldn't be good enough, but because there are several pieces to the online marketing puzzle that affiliate marketing will help you put together without the steep price tag.

In the next video below check out how Anthony has made over a million dollars as an affiliate. Plus listen in on why he suggests affiliate marketing when getting started online.

Build Your Online Business as an Affiliate Marketer

Note: Know he has made that much money by using the same concepts he teaches you inside the Partner with Anthony Program. Plus, this tool he's earned all that money with is one of the many affiliate products he teaches you how to use and promote inside the Partner with Anthony program. 

To become an affiliate with Partner with Anthony you have to first join the program.

What is the Ambassador Program about?

If you wish to promote all of his other products then you have to join his Ambassador Program. Partner with Anthony is the only program you cannot promote unless you've signed up for it, even if you're a member of his Ambassador program.

To learn more about the Ambassador Program please visit my article I've written about it here.

How the PWA Program Helps You Earn More Money

You're "partnering" with Anthony because while he shows you where to get and how to use each puzzle piece to your online business, you're referring the program to other people.

Commission Percentages

However, you get a whopping 50% commissions in the process. That's only $3.50, but it's recurring and it adds up. You can also make $48.50 if the person you refer PWA pays the lifetime price of $97 dollars.

With that said, you're not actually partnering with him in the general sense of working with a partner. You are partnering with him in the sense that he has created the training that you can learn from in exchange for promoting it, but making 50% commissions in the process.

Front End Sales!

There are three essential tools, among many others inside and outside the Partner with Anthony Program. You're taught how to use these tools and why you need them inside PWA.

How You Make Money Using PWA's Linking Technology

Partner with Anthony review

Now, what happens next is one of the most amazing things linking technology and working with Anthony can do for you...

Back End Sales

Let's say you got someone to join the Partner with Anthony course and you received your 50% commission. Well, there is much more money to be earned as this is only the beginning.

When the person you referred clicks and signs up for any one of the essential tools or other programs that Anthony teaches them how to use from inside any one training session you will have just gotten paid again.

So, not only will you get paid each time you referred someone to the Partner with Anthony Course. You will continue to make money every time that same someone joins a program or signs up for a tool from within the Partner with Anthony Program.

This is one of the biggest benefits to using affiliate ecosystem vs standard affiliate products from places like Click Bank or JVZoo. You learn more about affiliate marketing ecosystems from my article here.

You will see Anthony refer to is as his "Business Building Commission Eco-System."

PWA Eliminates The 3 Major Reasons People Fail at Affiliate Marketing

What the Partner With Anthony Program is Not

The Partner With Anthony program is not a Ponzi scheme, MLM, or tired structured. That means PWA isn't illegal and you are not paid on different levels.

It's also not a business in a box. That means you either use the training to help you build your own business. If you don't already have your own business then use PWA to learn how to market, generate leads, and sales as an Affiliate Marketer. You can even choose not to promote PWA and just use the training to learn how it's done so you can promote whatever you like.

I don't believe "business in boxes" exist, so if you hear that term run away. With Partner with Anthony you will need to purchase different tools to help you best optimize what it is you're learning. Or like I said applying the skills to a business you may already have up and running.

Check out the tools I use below to build an income with not only the Partner with Anthony program, but with the last two business I started online.

The 3 Essential Tools PWA Teaches You How to Use

These are the three essential tools Partner With Anthony reviews his teachings on. I agree with all three tools wholeheartedly. However, it's important to understand within each tool that you have options on which one you buy.

  • Landing page builder
  • Email List Manager 
  • Link Tracker

For example, Anthony teaches you how to use Clickfunnels ($97 per month) as your landing page builder. However, I show you how to use your WordPress website as your landing page builder and full-blown website for much less. 

You can learn the more about the exact tools I use and highly recommend in a another article I have posted here.

I also show you how to use and install all three tools for only $70 bucks a month inside my free training hub that you can access by clicking that link.

Clarifying The Partner With Anthony Bonuses

There are a few bonuses that Anthony gives you for joining the PWA Program. This is regardless of who's link you use to sign up for it. You can find these "bonuses" on his sales page here

I also want to point out the fact that the Partner with Anthony Program sales page is not clear. I hope to clear up any confusion right here.


For starters, from his sales page Anthony talks about gaining instant access to the "PWA Live" event that he originally planned to do every week for everyone who signed up.

This isn't actually listed as a bonus, but unfortunately it no longer exists. I'm not sure it ever did. If so I'm not sure if or when he plans to start it back up again. 

Anthony's Favorite Online Business?

Anthony has created many funnels. Even more, he gives most of them away. With bonus #1 it's difficult to find the specific funnel he says he uses as his "favorite Online Business" that he is telling us we can have as a bonus ($97 Value).

Full Access to Weekly Training on the Success Connection

Anthony Morrison Review

The Success Connection, also referred to as the SC is not directly related to the Partner with Anthony program. They are separate products. However, you'll learn that the training, in both programs overlap.

Like he's written on his sale's page, the Success Connection is live, weekly training on where he builds businesses and gives them to you completely free. You just need to pay for the 3 essential tools that anyone building an online business needs. I go into detail on those 3 tools in anther article I have posted here.

The trainings go hand-in-hand with the Facebook Group, also called the Success Connection.

It's also important to know that The Success Connection can be accessed for free without buying PWA. With that said, the Success Connection isn't really a bonus to PWA in and of itself. However, it's an amazing free program that Anthony offers to anyone interested in learning.

You can learn more about the Success Connection from my article here.

Who Should Enroll in Partner with Anthony

My Partner with Anthony review has shown me that his program is best suited for two kinds of people.

  1. Really, any online marketing beginner who wants to start their first online business or at least begin making money online.
  2. Online Marketers who maybe struggling or wish to create more income marketing online.

If you aren't one of these two types of people then I don't recommend you join PWA.

However, if one of those kind fit, then this just might be the most rigorous and cost-effective program available on the internet right now. I know, because I've been marketing on it for over 10 years.

PWA Morrison Education

After you've sign up with the Partner with Anthony Program you'll be taken to PWA Morrison Education. Morrison Education is the portal that houses all of Anthony's programs. 

If you already have access to Morrison Education then make sure when signing up for anything more of his that you use the same email address.

How Others Are Earning From Partner With Anthony


About the author

Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, he will help you determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.

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    • Thank you for your comment. And I appreciate the heads-up on the parked domain. I did a 7-8 video segment on building a website from scratch, and I was planning on redoing them all and putting it into a 9-week transformation program. I can send you the original 7-8 video segment. But yeah, things have changed. I’m now revamping that as my business is picking up speed and shifting directions. But If there is anything you are looking to do or learn more about, let me know how I can help you or get you those resources.

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