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Last Updated08/05/2021


This is a Mass Traffic Blueprint review (MTB). The Mass Traffic Blueprint course and PDF download were created by Vick Strizheus inside his Four Percent Group.

In this article, you'll learn what Mass Traffic Blueprint is all about. This includes giving you access to the Mass Traffic Blueprint PDF download and how to access the Mass Traffic Blueprint Course for free.

In addition to several blueprint concepts, you'll learn about the three levels of Traffic Vick speaks of inside the PDF download and course.

I also teach why most marketers get traffic wrong and how you can make sure you're generating it the right way. Although a lot of people hope to produce mass traffic blueprints in their business, without doing this one trick, you're screwed before you even get started.

Only until you can qualify your traffic will you be ready for everything this Mass Traffic Blueprint has to offer.


Mass Traffic Blueprint

Mass Traffic Blueprint Course Review

USE: Internet traffic generation course to get more leads and sales to your landing pages.
PRICE: $97 Currently FREE     MY RATING: 13/15 STARS / 87% B+

Ease of use

Details are left out on advanced trainings 

Customer Support

They have chat, phone, emial & snail mail

Value For Money

More than enough training to start with


  • The course is currently free
  • Shown exactly how to implement in your business
  • Given specific traffic sources (websites)
  • Strategies to get up to 100,000 target visitors per day  
  • Earn more money with out spending more 
  • Create confidence and power in your marketing


  • Advanced levels of traffic arn't given as much detail
  • Prompt to get Internet Traffic Academy for more training
  • You need products or offers already in place

Mass Traffic Blueprint Review Summary: For the value you're getting an incredible deal considering how much detail and step-by-step traffic generation information. I have yet to find a traffic training course that reveals as much as this course does for the price. After your download you will be presented with an opportunity to buy the course following the second step.

About This Mass Traffic Blueprint Review

This Mass Traffic Blueprint review showcases another Four Percent product by Vick Strizheus. This time it's all about traffic. In marketing terms traffic means the number of visitors a landing page receives.

If you want to be successful marketing online, then you need traffic driven to your products and offers from multiple sources. Not only that, but this traffic must be people interested in the value and results they gain from your products and offers.

In order to drive this kind of traffic to your landing pages you have to qualify it. Without first qualifying traffic you can kiss conversions and profitability goodbye. 

That's where the Mass Traffic Blueprint comes into the picture.

Mass Traffic Blueprint is a no fluff "crash course" that teaches you how to get more leads, sales, and sign ups to your products and offers. This includes how to capture leads, retarget leads, and building a list of leads to dominate in any company, market, or industry.

Who the Mass Traffic Blueprint Course is Best For

Mass Traffic Blueprint Review

The Mass Traffic Blueprint review proves the course is best for anyone needing traffic. Even if you don't need mass amounts of traffic, my Mass Traffic Blueprint review proves that Vick's level one traffic can benefit you.

Vick's level one traffic speeds up the amount of time it takes to build an audience and drive traffic to what I call your "paid session" in my Insightful Traffic Formula Ebook.

Then as you build and grow your business, Vick's level one and level two traffic strategies show you how to get mass amounts of it. 

The Majority of Online Marketers Get It Wrong

The problem is the majority of online marketers are getting wrong.

Marketers get it wrong because they build their business first, thinking traffic comes second. When in actuality it's more of a synchronous process.

If you get traffic second, then how do you know your products will convert? If you get traffic first, what product or service are you sending it to?

Marketing online works best when you can get started with small amounts of synchronous traffic.

The trick is learning how to get started with very little traffic so that you can qualify it when you need mass amounts of it.

A Look Inside The Mass Traffic Blueprint Review

The Course


About the author

Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, he will help you determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.


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