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This is a Four Percent review about the company known as the "Four Percent Group." This company was founded by Vick Strizheus. 

In this article I explain what the Four Percent Group is, including the big picture, whom the product is for, it's features and capabilities, and much more.

I know a lot of people are trying to find a solid and quality training program to teach them how to begin making money online. With all the information out there it's tough to find one company that can actually provide direction in doing it right and from start to finish. 

After my Four Percent review I know this company can teach you how to start an actual business without feeling like you've joined another "make money" scam.

Although I can't speak for the success you will have, I can speak for the celebration of people's successes already inspired by education, tools, resources and a community as it relates to being a modern day entrepreneur inside the Four Percent Group.


UPDATE: The Four Percent Group reveals new back office and product structure! Read more click here!

Four Percent Review

Four Percent Group Review

USE: Educational and product centric internet marketing training hub
PRICE: Varies w/ FREE Option      MY RATING: 14/15 STARS / 93% A

Ease of Use/Interface

Very easy to navigate between elements. 

Customer Support

They have chat, phone, email & snail mail.

Value For Money

You pay monthly, but quality is worth it.


  • Free to join 
  • Not opportunity-centric (recruiting others) or MLM model
  • A zero-resistance point of entry (no pressure)
  • Centered around you (ensuring your independence)
  • Your taught and coached how to build a real business


  • There are programs promoted that are not yet complete
  • Programs are purchased in packages for a monthly fee

Summary: My Four Percent review shows this company is built into a free & paid space where anyone interested in building an online marketing business can create an account and find value. From programs, live streams, videos, webinars and events to name a few, the Four Percent Group reviews hundreds of hours of free and paid marketing training on a weekly basis.

What is the Four Percent Group?

The Four Percent Group by Vick Strizheus is a multi-million dollar, online marketing infrastructure with members from over 120+ countries. It's one of the fastest growing communities for the modern-day entrepreneur receiving educational and product-centric training.

Their training eliminates confusion and overwhelm. The training is conducted through their world-class e-learning coaching built inside a large and content driven online ecosystem with multiple traffic channels and revenue streams. 

Its sole purpose is to deliver real value through excellent editorial standards trusted by Vick and industry experts. We're talking about some of the world's best instructors and actual practitioners with proven track records.

With that said, the Four Percent Group is not multi-level marketing or tier structured. They provide world-class education for the modern day entrepreneur. They do that by follow a blueprint that’s deeply rooted in governing principles of success.

four percent group review

Over a million people have had their hands on the material inside the Four Percent Group, giving the Group it's 4.9 /5 star rating with companies like Trust Pilot and reviewers alike.

The Four Percent Group has around 300K registered accounts on their current platform. Over half that number (150,000) has active accounts.

The Four Percent Group Mission & Vision

What if everything you did was designed around you becoming the best version of yourself? Imagine living an ever evolving and open mindset towards your personal development?

That's what founder and CEO Vick "Vitaliy" Strizheus believes in. In fact, it's the mission behind the Four Percent Group.

He's an incredible man!

He has created the Four Percent Group with a vision to review a certain standard of greatness. A standard so high, that after your own Four Percent review you won't be able to help but begin to think like a world-class entrepreneur.

When you create a free account, you are greeted by Vick after clicking on "getting started." From there he empowers you to rise above mediocrity to create an exceptional lifestyle for yourself and your family.

What the Number 4% Percent Actually Means

Vick's teaching goes on to talk about the laws of success. Moreover, why being among the top 4% is about being irreplaceable.

After your own Four Percent review you'll lean how to shift your mental paradigm to become valuable enough to make the money you no longer need to dream of.

"Being irreplaceable, along with the need for what you do and your ability to do it are in proportion to the amount of money you will make."

That's what Vick calls "the law of compensation." Basically, you're not irreplaceable if there is no need for what you do or if you have no ability to do it.  

Many people stop at mediocrity, but the great's push beyond average. Beyond what Vick calls the 96% if your "standard of greatness" exists. ... To ultimately enter you among the 4%.

The Pareto Principle

Vick uses the 80/20 rule based on the Pareto Principle. The rule states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. 20% represents 1/5th of the work done. 

So, in terms of income and wealth -- 80% spend the money 20% earn.

Vick goes on to say that the principle applies to that remaining 20% as well. A 5th of 20 is the 4% who "separate themselves from the grinders." As a result, they go on to achieve the success many can only dream about.

Four Percent Challenge Logo

In the same light, we can also say 96% of people share 4% of all the money earned. Or 4% earn 96% of all income earned in any one industry and/or environment. 

This is exactly how the name "Four Percent Group" came about. The Four Percent logo itself are two arrows with the upper right arrow representing this higher standard. This higher standard is a degree to which not everyone will reach nor is everyone intended to reach.

This morning you got a precious gift of a brand new day. Make today better than yesterday - learn, grow, and be a good example for others. You’re not typical, you’re a 4%er!

Vick Strizheus

Four Percent Founder

Who the Four Percent Group Serves Best

After my Four Percent review, I believe it best serves anyone interested in building an online business as an Internet Marketer. Someone who is a long-term collaborator. 

These long-term collaborations include concepts from things like:

  • Leadership
  • Influence
  • Persuasion
  • Mindset Development
  • And much more...

As you can see learning these things reinforce how to build something long-term. Because if you're looking to find a quick and easy way to make money (short-term) then the Four Percent Group is not for you.

That leaves everyone else hoping to build their brand. To make their own ripple effect.

NEW: The Four Percent Group Simplifies Everything

Anyone interested in building an online business as an Internet Marketer can succeed because with the Four Percent Group it doesn't matter. In just 3 steps you're on the 'principle of the path,' meaning all you need to do is follow the path and sooner or later you'll cross the finish line. 

The Four Percent Group Reviews these 4 steps:

  1. Brand new or experienced veteran you choose the coaching level package that suits you best.
  2. You follow a proven plan built around the '7-Steps to Freedom' video guide that shows you what to do step-by-step
  3. ***You have the option to join a (No brainer) "Wealth on Autopilot" investment system, generating 100's of dollars/wk automatically
  4. You then get results that allow you to rinse and repeat to grow a lucrative online business as you advance from level to level

*** Wealth on Autopilot (Investment System)

wealth on autopilot

Before you check out the new coaching levels below wait until you see 'Wealth on Autopilot' team!

"Wealth on Autopilot" is becoming one of the biggest multi-level team launches since Vick's Big Idea Mastermind (BIM)! If you didn't know, in just 3 months Vick and his team became the number one income earners inside BIM only a few years ago.

Now, not only will this NOT BE his first rodeo (nor second or third), but it's with a company that makes 100% business sense. It's also in complete alignment with the Four Percent Group dealing with investing to create long-term wealth for you and your family.

Join 7K Metals - Network Marketing Company

The company is called 7K Metals. They are a network marketing company and their investment product is Gold and Silver.

If you are interested to come on board with Vick Strizheus' team, the time is now. Vick has already started placing active members inside the Four Percent Community on his team. He is doing so in phases for the next couple of months. He's already placed his biggest stakeholders including family and Four Percent Diamond level members.

If you are not a Gold or Platinum member inside the Four Percent Group and looking to get placed inside 7K Metals as soon as possible, then contact me and let me know. That or read my latest article about it here.

The 4 Different Coaching Levels

After my latest Four Percent Review you can get everything you need depending on the level you're in (basic, silver, gold, or platinum). 

There is actually talk about 5th coaching level, known as Diamond.

However, 'Diamond', its only accessible by the most elite masterminds. The Diamond Level is projected to cost $35,000 a year once made available by special invite only.

It's important to know that at any particular coaching level (basic, silver, gold, or platinum) you pay a subscription (month-to-month or yearly) to access a number of products, programs and features. Pay for the full year and you save 3-months worth.

This is instead of paying one time for each product, a big change the Four Percent Group put into place late 2020.

Down below, you'll learn that each level has its own theme and intended outcome. Each level also has the access of the previous level and more.

Basic Level Review

So first is the basic level. Anyone can come in for free at this level and get introduced to:

  • The '7-Steps of Freedom'
  • The top 4% way of thinking (success mindset)
  • Basic frameworks for marketing (Marketing 101)
  • Access to the Facebook community
  • Wealth Autopilot - 7K Metals Investment System
  • And More

Silver Level Review

The 'Silver' Level is a simple progression where people can go all the way to the 'Diamond Level.' The theme for those on the 'Silver Level' is taking control. Otherwise, you are always in the mercy of someone that does.

'Silver Level' costs $25/month or $225 a year.

For the 'Silver Level" you get everything the 'Basic Level' get plus:

  • Mass Traffic Blueprint
  • Interviews with top CEOs
  • A vault of Tools and Resources
  • The New Four Percent Interactive Community
  • And More

Gold Level Review

Next is the 'Gold Level.' The 'Gold Level' completely eliminates your overwhelm and need of buying other trainings and eventually tools. In other words, Gold gives you everything you need to build the business of your dreams and never look back.

It's at the 'Gold Level' you get access to "The Hub." Vick says without it you're homeless. Meaning, you can't invite, host, and deepen your know, like, and trust factor with your potential leads and customers.

Basically, your hub is your home on the internet, your website or front-end branding sort-of-speak. The Four Percent Group refers to the hub that you'll have access to as 'E-Stage Gold.' Moreover, it's technology that will help you build your website and/or brand with "custom PHP," included designs and templates.

'Gold Level' costs $250/month or $2,250 a year.

For 'Gold Level' you get everything the 'Silver Level' gets plus E-Stage and pretty much every premium product the Four Percent Group has created. This includes, but to limited to:

  • E-Stage Gold
  • Internet Traffic Mastery
  • List Building Mastery
  • Copywriting Mastery
  • Conversion Mastery
  • Tribe Building Mastery
  • Affiliate Mrkt Academy
  • And much more
  • Platinum Level Review

    Then there is a 'Platinum' for people that are already building their business. Platinum members are taking their business to the next level.

    Not only do they get the front end hub (website branding), but Platinum unlocks a back office with capabilities to create programs, host products, deliver courses and much more. The Four Percent Group Reviews this as 'E-Stage Platinum,' a very prestigious benefit.

    In addition to 'E-Stage Platinum,' another very prestigious upgrade you get 'Product Licensing." This means you will be able to sell 'done-for-you products as your own and keep 100%!

    This is huge!

    You control everything as a partner to the entire Four Percent Group ecosystem. You provide your leads and customers with the education, technology, guidance and everything else through 'E-Stage Platinum'. 

    'Platinum Level' costs $1000/month or $9000 a year.

    For the 'Platinum Level' you get everything 'Gold Members' get plus:

    • Product Licensing Network
    • Proprietary Apps
    • Four Percent Fitness
    • $1000 Per Day Challenge
    • Platinum ONLY Group Mastermind

    Four Percent Review of Their New Ecosystem

    Video coming soon...

    How I've Used the Four Percent Group

    Me Taking the Success Challenge

    four percent affiliate program results

    Earlier I told you that a lot of people are trying to find a solid and quality training program to teach them how to begin making money online.

    With all the information out there its tough to find one company that can actually provide directions in doing it right and from start to finish. 

    I believe the "over the shoulder" direction Vick provides throughout the training made it easy for me to follow along within a step-by-step fashion.

    This is much different from trying to digest more information.

    Moreover, when I got started with the Four Percent Group a couple of years ago I came in through the Success Challenge, now called Affiliate Marketing Academy.

    four percent affiliate program

    As a result, I made over $3,500 dollars in sales within 3 months. That was close to $1100 in commissions. 

    Essentially, the Success Challenge training was teaching me how to build an affiliate marketing business. I was simply using the training to promote the challenge itself, earning commissions at the same time.

    Promoting the Success Challenge in spring of 2018 I came 24th out of a couple of hundred people or more. You can see this from my screenshots above.

    If you'd like to learn more about promoting Four Percent products then please check out my Four Percent Affiliate Marketing Article here.

    Four Percent Reviews From Others

    Vick Strizheus has spent the last two years evolving the Four Percent Group into a rock solid Company.

    With all the adversity that Vick has been through his lawyers along with the  Federal Trade Commission continue to cross-check the Four Percent Group. With that said, "everything is in compliance and running like it should. 

    As a matter of fact, because the Four Percent Group is product centric and this is Vick's "legacy project." ... Something he hopes to pass down to his kids, makes absolutely no sense at all for someone to believe Vick is a scam.

    The Federal Trade Commission

    So you know, the FTC, like restaurants, have codes and strict standards that officials have to report on in-order to make sure the governing properties of online businesses are in compliance.

    So, just like health inspectors and the USDA enforce healthy practices among the restaurants we eat at, the FTC and other coders enforce competitive online business practices. Anticompetitive, practices from coercive monopolies and pyramid schemes are illegal and get shut down by them.

    When it comes to these legal matters of operating an online business the Four Percent Group review board understands the illegitimacy of providing commissions to affiliates without the movement of a product or service.

    It's why after their own extensive Four Percent Group review they are now educational and product driven. They have moved from a "join my team," or "opportunistic" type of company, to the rock solid company they are today. Which by the way, even then was never illegal.

    The Four Percent Facebook Group

    Four Percent has a private invite-only Four Percent Facebook group and community.

    The group's stand alone focus is to uplift, motivate, inspire, and help each other "become the most dominant entrepreneurs on the internet." This includes keeping it's members up-to-date with important announcements and updates.

    They don't allow:

    • Promoting
    • Spamming
    • Inviting To Join Groups/ Pages
    • Inviting To Private Message
    • Harassment/ Hate
    • Swearing
    • Complaining

    The 4% FB group is super helpful when you need support from someone like you going through its various programs. I'm typically answered immediately after asking a question inside their Facebook group.

    The thing I love most about their Facebook group is all their testimonials and commission posts. They're motivational for those just getting started and making their first commission checks.



    Four Percent Group Alternative Programs

    Coming soon...

    Four Percent Review Summary

    My Four Percent Group Review Shows It's Not a Scam

    The only reason I've added this section is because there are a handful of people out there that think Vick and everything associated with him are scams.

    So called "Vick Strizheus scams," about the Four Percent Group and his associated products have all come back void for me.

    If you want to learn more about Vick as a person then you have to read the article about his side of the story.

    I say all this because I've been following Vick for over 10 years now and I must say -- He has truly changed my life for the better.

    He's my mentor, teacher, coach, and friend. I've witnessed nothing, but the best intentions as he evolves the Four Percent Group. This Group of his has literally morphed into an exceptional all around marketing training ecosystem that I'm proud to be a member of.

    Closing Thougths

    Overall, my Four Percent Group reviews have been a pleasure experiencing. Again, I don't buy on impulse. That may get you in trouble with the Four Percent Group, because Vick always seems to be upgrading or changing something, especially his more recent products.

    With that said, make sure the products you do buy are his more streamlined products.

    As of right now only Affiliate Marketing Academy seems to be the latest product undergoing changes so avoid that one until the later part of 2020.

    I'll add that "always changing" isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    In one fashion Vick is always changing things because he has to stay up to date with the latest and most current information. This is particularly because they call him the "King of Online Traffic." To maintain that sort of reputation you have to always be in the know with the latest marketing strategies.

    In another light, people get frustrated when products change or get updated frequently. It makes it hard for newbies to find and maintain momentum.

    Just make sure as you grow your business never rely on another business or person to build it for you. If you can't build a self-sustaining business then you don't have a business.


    About the author

    Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, he will help you determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.


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    • No you do not need CB. However, Four Percent Group has gotten rid of their affiliate program as of Jan 1st. Instead, we are using the Wealth Autopilot system as our vehicle to earn money. And may I say, I think this is 100X better than just affiliate marketing. You have the opportunity to earn weekly checks and collect gold and silver. You can learn more by watching Vick’s latest webinar. Just opt-in in and it will take you to the video:

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