This is a Four Percent Review under the company the "Four Percent Group." In this article you will read the most updated information about the company's vision, why it's not a scam, their renowned training products, and of course the Four Percent Affiliate program.

The Four Percent group reviews a place you can feel like you belong from a value perspective. Moreover, you will take part in the celebration of people's successes inspired by education, tools, resources and a community as it relates to being a modern day entrepreneur. If you're new to the affiliate marketing industry, frustrated with your online business results, or you want to step up your marketing game then you need to read this article.

PLEASE NOTE: There are several outdated and poorly written articles out there on the net giving the Four Percent Group reviews, including the Success Challenge. Rest assured on this article you're reading the latest and most accurate information. 


Four Percent Review: The Most Updated 4% Group Review

Four Percent Reviews: Educational & Product Centric

This Four Percent Review showcases the FourPercent(dot)com, an educational and product-centric business model. ...Also known as the Four Percent Group. The founder and CEO is Vick "Vitaliy" Strizheus.

four percent group review

Vick Strizheus' master plan includes  building out the next Amazon for Online Marketers worldwide through his Four Percent Group. Well over a million people have had their hands on the material inside this 'Group' to make it the multi-million dollar infrastructure that it has become today. .

It continues to be built out into a space (who creates an account) anyone interested in building an online business can find value from free and paid online marketing training that will help you build any online business in the world. This includes their renowned Affiliate Marketing Program.

Now, you may have stumbled here looking for my Four Percent Challenge Review article, Which is the Four Percent's affiliate marketing flagship product.

If you are not yet sure about Vick. And you 'think' you've found some red flags, then read my article, Vick Strizheus learn more about him & his past programs.

Ecosystem of Affiliate Marketing Tools

The 4% Group has almost 300K users on their platform. That means these users have a Four Percent account that they've logged into and have accessed training products. Out of those 300K about 2,000 are Promotional Partners taking advantage of Four Percent Affiliate Program...

The Four Percent Affiliate Program is a complete ecosystem of affiliate marketing tools and products that are recommended by people like you to equip entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. However, to gain complete access to their affiliate program incentives you must be enrolled in the Success Challenge and approved as a "Promotional Partner" through their application process.

Learn more about being an affiliate and/or promotional partner down below.

The best thing about all of this is like Amazon, you can become an affiliate. Becoming an affiliate is what Vick calls a Promotional Partner. As a promotional Partner you gain the rights to promote every product inside the Four Percent Group to earn a significant amount of money from.

The Vision of The Four Percent Group

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Vick Strizheus is an incredible young man! He has created the Four Percent Group to review a certain standard of greatness. A standard so high, that after your Four Percent review you can't help but begin to think like an entrepreneur.

Not convinced? ...Well you don't have to be.

When you come on board -- Vick's overall vision will inspire and empower you to rise above mediocrity and create an exceptional lifestyle for yourself and your family.

You receive the kind of inspiration and empowerment that makes you ask questions like:  What if everything you did was designed around YOU becoming the best version of yourself? Imagine living an ever evolving and open mindset towards your personal development?

Think about how productive and successful you would be... Or how much money you would have. And forget affiliate programs. You'd have your own digital marketing empire. 

Dreams would become realistic destinations of your present reality. 

Becoming Irreplaceable 

Four Percent Affiliate Program

According to Four Percent Group reviews, everything I've learned inside my Four Percent review Vick teaches you how to be irreplaceable. Teaching you how to shift your mental paradigm to become valuable enough to make the money you no longer need to dream of.

Being irreplaceable, along with the need for what you do and your ability to do it are in proportion to the amount of money you will make (the law of compensation). You're not irreplaceable if there is no need for what you do or if you have no ability to do.  

Many people stop at mediocrity and the great's push beyond average. Beyond what Vick calls the 96%. To enter you among the 4% if your "standard of greatness" exists. This is exactly how the name "The Four Percent Group" and their affiliate program came about. 

Vick Strizheus explains that creating the Four Percent Group requires a "standard of greatness." Not just for him, but for anyone that creates a Four (4%) Percent Group account and takes the Four Percent Challenge. 

Click here to learn more about the Four Percent Challenge in another post of mine.

The Four Percent Review: Name and Logo

To understand the 4% as a thorough Four Percent Group review you'll need to understand the 80/20 rule based on the Pareto Principle. The rule states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. 20% represents a 5th of the work done. So,  in terms of income and wealth -- 80% spend the money 20% earn.

In Vick's Four Percent review, he goes on to say that the principle applies to that remaining 20% as well. A 5th of them become the top 4% who separate themselves from the grinders. As a result, they go on to achieve the success many can only dream about.

In the same light, we can also say 96% of people share 4% of all the money earned. Or 4% earn 96% of all income earned in any one industry and/or environment. 

Four Percent Challenge Logo

With that said, those searching for a Four Percent Review will find nothing but the best training in terms of quality among some of the most elite entrepreneurs in the world.

The Four Percent logo itself are two arrows with the upper right arrow representing this higher standard. This higher standard is a degree to which not everyone will reach nor is everyone intended to reach it.

...That is unless you represent 4%

This morning you got a precious gift of a brand new day. Make today better than yesterday - learn, grow, and be a good example for others. You’re not typical, you’re a 4%er!

Vick Strizheus

Four Percent Founder

Is Vick's Four Percent Group a Scam?!

The Federal Trade Commission

After my Four Percent Group review, along with Vick's , including anything his lawyers may have to say --- Everything is in compliance and running like it should according to the Federal Trade Commission. This includes the Four Percent's Flagship product I've written on my Four Percent Success Challenge article 

The FTC, like restaurants, have codes and strict standards that officials within have to report on in-order to make sure the governing properties of online businesses are in compliance.

So, just like health inspectors and the USDA enforce healthy practices among the restaurants we eat, the FTC and other coders enforce competitive online business practices. Anticompetitive, practices from coercive monopolies and pyramid schemes are illegal and get shut down by them.

When it comes to these legal matters of operating an online business the Four Percent Group review board understands the illegitimacy of providing commissions to affiliates without the movement of a product or service. This is why Vick moved shifted the Four Percent Group to be product and customer driven without MLM and sponsoring gemicks.

They've worked tirelessly to make sure their "t's are crossed and i's dotted."

What I Know - Not a Scam

From what I know about Vick, his Four Percent Group review, including my Four Percent Challenge review, and these so called "Vick Strizheus scams" are nothing more than scare tactics

In fact, I believe its all the furthest thing away from being considered a scam regardless of his convictions or skeletons in his closet.

I don't just say this, because I promote the Four Percent Group. Or because I want you to click on my links. This article actually supports everyone else looking for content to send their leads too... 

I say this because Vick Strizheus scam or not -- has truly changed my life.

Over the years I've been following him, I've become a better person.

He's my mentor, teacher, coach, and friend. I've witnessed nothing, but the best intentions as he has evolved the Four Percent Group and Challenge. It's literally morphed into one of the best, if not the best affiliate marketing program and courses built within I've seen online.

The Four Percent Group's Products

Every Business Needs Core Products & Tools

Through your Four Percent Review you have to think of the Four Percent Group as marketing tools to help build your business. If you think there's one product or one course when it comes to affiliate marketing to solve all your financial burdens then everywhere you look will feel like misdirection.

People need to understand that they will need several products to make their business work no matter what marketing method they have chosen (affiliate marketing, network marketing, online marketing, etc.).

Vick Strizheus and community just so happens to have picked the core products, tools, and third party programs that they believe are better alternatives. Alternatives to what most online beginners find and use when getting started.

Now, these products will evolve or get replaced, but for now these core products and tools are placed inside the Four Percent Group as options.

But notice how I said options. That means any product you discover outside the Four Percent Group that works better or accomplishes your business goals then by all means use it. Don't feel like you're stuck using only the Four Percent products Vick recommends.

As a matter of fact, feel free to check out the affiliate marketing tools I have listed on my Four Percent Challenge review article.

Core Products by Four Percent

The Four Percent Group's (company owned) reviewed core products are:

  • The Four Percent Success Challenge (Signature Program
  • eStage (Website/Hub WordPress Plugin
  • And eStage Academy (eStage Training
  • Internet Traffic Mastery (Traffic Generation)

Again, you don't need these exact core products, but you'll definitely need their equivalents. For example, I don't use use eStage or need the eStage Academy training that comes with it since I use Thrive Themes as my main website/hub.

Top Recommended Tools by Four Percent

The Four Percent Group recommends these core tools (third party) are:

  • Web Hosting (Installs and manages your website
  • Traffic (Paid Advertisements
  • Funnel Builder (Directing traffic to your offers and list
  • Email Management (Autoresponder)

These are not company owned core products from the Four Percent Group. However, they are the industry's most recommended marketing tools.

The Four Percent Group not only reviews them inside the Group, but they automatically promote them for you as a Promotional Partner. Scroll down to the automatic promotion section to learn more about how that works.

Four Percent's Other Products 

The Four Percent group reviews all their products, making sure they are nothing but the best. At the same time they determine which products to build as their own and which one's to oursource. Either way, reputable coaches or marketers who have proven experience are teaching you.

From success mindset products to list building training, 4%ers all over the world have access to a large range of products. 40-50% of them are 100% free. 

 Some of these free products include, but are not limited to:

  • Instagram Secrets  
  • E-COM Secrets 
  • FB Fan Page Domination 
  • Taxes & Business Structures 
  • List Building Strategies

These are just a sample of what all the Four Percent Group currently offers. Create a free account to check out everything and expect many more products to come through 2019. 

Four Percent Group

The Four Percent Affiliate Program

Open Loop Native Marketing System

The Four Percent Affiliate Program provides income opportunities giving entrepreneurs access to what will soon be hundreds of affiliate products, tools and resources.

If you wish to gain complete access to their affiliate program incentives you must be enrolled in the Success Challenge and approved as a "Promotional Partner" through their application process. 

If you have some extra time on your hands check out the video below done by Vick on the 4% Group from March 2019.

He spends most of the video talking about why they are doing what they are doing within the 4% ecosystem and how you can start building income.

Finally, Vick wraps up with non negotiables:

  1.  He states the first thing you must do as a Promotional Partner is go through the success challenge
  2. Increase your value in the market. Everything else is a reward for your services rendered.
  3. Beef up your moral power (invisible force) of core beliefs and internal convictions (be a product of the product).

Four Percent Affiliates 

Four percent affiliate programs

The standard Four Percent Affiliate Program is free and there is no purchase of any product required. However, you must first apply by going here and creating a username and password to activate your affiliate links. Once approved you can start promoting their products by using the supplied referral links found by clicking the "link" icon next to each  product as shown in the image below.

To find these products go to the Four Percent dashboard and look on the left using a desktop. You should see a menu. Go to "programs," then "all programs." On the next screen you will see that every program has a little red circle with a logo of a chain on it.

When you click that logo it will give you the link to promote that program. Then when someone buys using that link you will get a 30% commission.

Four Percent Reviews New Payment Processor: Tipalti

In their own Four Percent Group Review Tipalti, a world-class payment system recently reviewed and approved them, measuring their compliance standards as an affiliate marketing network. 

This may mean 'Promotional Partners' can begin getting their commissions weekly instead of monthly. They can also be paid in multiple ways including ACH, Wire, Paypal, Check, and others.

The only thing you have to ensure is that the commissions meet the money back guarantee threshold.

Before you can get paid via Four Percent's affiliate program (promotional partner) the following conditions must be met with Four Percent:

  • Have an Eligible Paypal Account - To receive payment
  • Pass the 30-day Money Back Guarantee - To account for any returns 
  • Have Accumulated $100  or More - A threshold to limit transactions and fees 

Once you've met those three conditions your commission payouts get processed on the 15th of every month. Following a two day period to review each payout you should be paid on the 17th or Monday following every month.

Four Percent Promotional Partner Benefits 

As a Promotional Partner you unlock several benefits, perks, and bonuses

However, to be a Promotional Partner you need to be enrolled in the Success Challenge. Once you're a Promotional Partner you unlock the incentives that standard affiliate marketers are unable to get.

This includes sales on all products, because when someone joins the Four Percent Ecosystem they are attached to you for life. So just about everything they inside the Four Percent ecosystem you will make a commission. This is instead of receiving commissions from only products you  directly promote as a standard affiliate.

Four Percent Affiliate Program

You also get 3rd party MSI commissions from people that join you inside your integrated affiliate tools.  So, when Vick promotes your attached affiliate marketing tools built inside each product and course -- you make a percent as well. For example, ClickFunnels' pays 40% if I joined Clickfunnels from inside your Four Percent account. 

Finally, you will get access to Four Percent's Automated Selling Machines. Those are bridge pages designed to help you make sells.

Ecosystem Commissions

As a standard affiliate you don't get commissions from the ecosystem, but only from the Four Percent products you directly referred.

This means as Promotional Partner anyone you refer into the Four Percent Group who buys anything you will get 30% commissions. You'll get these commissions for life because you will be hard coded by your referrals email address when they signed up. 

Think about that for a second...

All you have to do is tell a friend who wants to learn how to build a business online to go and create a free account inside the Four Percent Group. Then from hundreds of products you'll have the humongous benefit of raking in 30% commissions on everything they buy.

3rd Party Affiliate Commissions

As a standard affiliate you also don't get multiple streams of income (MSI) commissions when your customers pick up 3rd party tools that Vick and other business leaders recommend inside the Four Percent Group.

What's amazing and by far one of the best features of the Four Percent Group is their ability to automatically promote these 3rd party tools for you using their 'integration technology.'

Although, these are not Four Percent directly owned products you are linked into the Four Percent system with them when you enter your affiliate links into the MSI system you see to the right or down below.

These MSIs are tools like Clickfunnels, Autoresponders, Clickmagick, etc. who all have their own affiliate program.

So, what you'll do is -- as soon as you become a Promotional Partner and begin your Success Challenge you will have the ability to integrate MSIs across what will soon be over a hundred different third party platforms. 

The commissionable percentage you're paid on all 3rd party tools are based on each company.

Four Percent Affiliate Tools
Automatic MSI Promotion on Autopilot
Four percent affiliate tools

To see how this automation works imagine you've recommended the Four Percent Group to a friend. First, this friend creates a free account. Then they consume some of the free courses and products and absolutely loves you for it!

Finally, while going through a course they notice a link on their screen underneath that particular video training to the course he or she is going through. 

While listening to that particular video training the instructor mentions why your friend would need a particular (third party) tool. This tool may be Clickfunnels, a tool every industry uses to make money online. That is if they don't already have a funnel builder.

As a result, when your friend clicks on that link from their screen to sign up for ClickFunnels guess who gets the commission? You do, as long as you've added your affiliate links into the MSI ecosystem (affiliate integrator).

Four Percent's affiliate program makes this possible!

Automated Selling Machines

Automated Selling Machines

As a standard affiliate you also don't get access to the Four Percent Group's Automated Selling Machines (ASM).

These Automated Selling Machines, when released (TBD) will be designed as marketing bridge pages to help you sell your products. 

This changes the game for you because it helps you avoid direct selling and will brand you instantly. This includes having your picture, contact info, testimonials, and other related links to help guide your customers to a buying decision.

ASM was originally inspired when vick created similar systems from past products to bring in several million dollars through his affiliate marketing business. He believed that if he could create something similar it would be a huge boost for current Promotional Partners.

These ASMs will first be designed for Four Percent Products, including the Success Challenge, Internet Traffic Academy, eStage, etc. Then soon Vick hopes to use these ASMs for 3rd party tools such as things like Clickfunnels, clickmagick, and autoresponders.

Private Offers Marketplace

private offers marketplace

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, Private Offers marketplace is only available to "Promotional Partners" in the Success Challenge.

By Vick adding a huge bonus called the Private Offers Marketplace inside the Four Percent Group people won't feel like they have to promote the Success Challenge to make any money. Instead they get private access to promote the best products and offers.

These offers will be vetted and hand-selected companies from well known industries in order for those just getting started to have the most leverage, credibility and momentum of other amazing companies. This also means the chance for you to earn big commissions!

35% - 65% Performance Bonus Commissions

As standard affiliate you don't get performance bonuses.

However, as a "Promotional Partner" you have the opportunity to earn up to 65% with performance bonuses based on the number of sales you make.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, performance bonuses is only available to "Promotional Partners" in the Success Challenge.

In other words, the more people you help, by referring them to the Four Percent Success Challenge, the more money you will make in performance bonuses.

Every month, based on the number of sales you get -- qualifies you towards a "Partner Rank." Currently, there are 7 different partner ranks and each one is associated with your performance bonus in total commissions. Unfortunately, at the 1st of every month your monthly amount of sales will reset. This puts you back at the 30% baseline in commissions. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully Vick creates some kind of incentive, preventing a complete reset back to 30% for those that reach a high enough Partner Rank. For example, if someone reaches Platinum then maybe every month from then on they rest to Ambassador.

Your monthly performance bonus will be paid out to you on net-30 basis after the refund period has ended for qualified sales. You can see your earnings and performance bonus reporting in "My Earnings" section.

Four Percent Performance Ranks

My Success As A Promotional Partner

I was able to make over $3500 dollars in sales after going through Four Percent's Flagship product called the Success Challenge. That's close to $1100 in commissions I made. And was all from my inner circle with no paid advertising.

The Success Challenge is affiliate marketing training that you can not only use for value yourself, but you can also promote it and earn commissions at the same time. You can learn more by reading my Four Percent Challenge Review article.

Promoting the Success Challenge in spring of 2018 I came in 24th out of a couple hundred people or more promoting it.

four percent challenge clickbank
four percent challenge review

Customer & Community Support 

The Four Percent Support Desk has one of the best support desks I've seen and I 've been around awhile. Their unparalleled support is set up through instant messaging and once you're logged into your Four Percent account you'll find a green support button that opens up the chat queue. 

The instant messaging feature is available to  24/7. Furthermore, you'll receive a complete transcript of your chat with Four Percent's support. This comes in handy if you need to reference something they said.

Plus, if you can't get inside your account for some reason you can always send them an email to:

During my Four Percent Group Review I've made numerous support tickets. These include requests, questions, favors, and suggestions. In just a few minutes or less they usually respond and if they don't, due to needing more information they always followed up with me.

Without a doubt, you are backed by a Four Percent Group that has some of the fastest feedback rates in the market.

The Facebook Group 

Four Percent has a private invite-only Four Percent Facebook Group and community. The groups stand alone focus is to uplift, motivate, inspire, and help each other "become the most dominant entrepreneurs on the internet." This includes keeping it's members up-to-date with important announcements and updates.

They don't allow:

  • Promoting
  • Spamming
  • Inviting To Join Groups/ Pages
  • Inviting To Private Message
  • Harassment/ Hate
  • Swearing
  • Complaining

The group has been super helpful and you will be immediately engaged should you need to post a question or ask for feedback. 

The thing I love most about the their Facebook group is all their testimonials and commission posts. They keep me going and they keep me inspired. 


Four Percent Facebook testimonial

Getting Four Percent Product Refunds

The Four Percent Group is committed to providing each customer with exceptional service. They do this to ensure you to feel comfortable about transacting business with them. However, because their business provides you with immediate access to their products there is a strict 30-days refund policy, which begins on the date of purchase.

This 30 days refund policy is relevant to programs only -- should you not be 100% satisfied with any of them -- you'll get a full refund and no questions asked. Just contact support as mentioned in the section above.

It's also important that you know some of their subscription or event based products are non-refundable. This does not include the Four Percent Challenge, but others like the Summit and/or event tickets are non-refundable. 

Why The Four Percent Group?

After my Four Percent review I've included some of the biggest reasons why I fully support the Four Percent Group and their products, and the Four Percent's Affiliate Program.

  • They don't compete with what other companies are doing.
  • You get FREE membership to join, promote and earn an income.
  • The programs are created by instructors from within the community.
  • It's NOT an "opportunity-centric" or MLM model (recruiting others).
  • A zero-resistance point of entry (no pressure, high conversions).
  • An extremely simple, easy, and fits with a "natural default behavior." 
  • Multiple streams of active and passive income all flowing to you.
  • It's centered around YOU, promoting and ensuring your independence.
  • There is a rock-solid foundation, setup, and structure (in it for the long haul).
  • You are taught/coached how build a rock-solid, real business.
  • You can earn up to 65% commissions with no less than 30%

You've Heard the Good... Any Bad?

Like with any product or system there are some negatives. These are the most consistent one's I could find so far:

  • There are courses modules promoted that are not yet complete.
  • Things often seem to be a work in progress delaying or pausing trainings or new releases.
  • Without at least $50 in your threshold you won't get paid as a "Promotional Partner".
  • You have to buy the Success Challenge before getting 100% access to perks and bonuses 

In conclusion, this Four Percent Group review highlights several aspects of the company, including their Four Percent Affiliate Program. Moreover, if you have anything to add please feel free to comment down below.

Otherwise, I do hope you found this article helpful.

Join the Four Percent Group

If you are ready to learn more about affiliate marketing inside the Four Percent Group for FREE, then please refer to the person who sent you to this article. Otherwise, become a member when you go here and click join. Once there, enter your name, email, and a password and Voila!

If you're looking to start your Success Challenge you can click here.

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Ross Curington
Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, will determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.

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Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, will determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.

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