This is the most updated Four Percent Challenge review you'll find on the web (Updated April 2019). The Four Percent Success Challenge founder is Vick Strizheus. He's designed the Four Percent Challenge knowing people want options, including financial freedom. He also knows they want to be part of a vision: something greater than themselves...

With these things in mind, Vick has evolved the Four Percent Success Challenge into a collation of tested and revised marketing information. This includes over a million people who have had their hands on this material inside the Four Percent Group to make it the multi-million dollar infrastructure it has become today.

Moreover, the 2019 Four Percent Challenge is not intrusive and can be easily consumed by anyone. It's a proven model that offers the best structure and level of education available in today's market. In fact, there are over 1300 reviews on Trustpilot claim that currently "no other program in existence will change your life the way Success Challenge will."


Four Percent Challenge Review: An Income Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem

Four Percent Challenge Review

"The Four Percent Success Challenge is hands down, the most powerful training program on earth that shows you how to start and build a 'rock-solid' business as an affiliate entrepreneur, step-by-step." --Vick Strizheus

The Four Percent Success Challenge is the Four Percent Group's signature product owned by The Four Percent Group, LLC. The group is built on an educational ecosystem designed to train anyone with access to the internet how to build any business in the world.

Beware: Other Four Percent Challenge Reviews

It's important to know that there are many article variations claiming an honest Four Percent Challenge Review... Or "100% exposed." ...Or is it a scam? Well, they are all OUTDATED. The Four Percent as a company has gone through several changes, including the Four Percent Succeess Challenge.

Most articles on the web written before January 2019 that claim to review the Four Percent are most likely not relevant and can be ignored. In fact, because the Four Percent Group has changed and continues to evolve on a weekly basis I wouldn't trust information from other sites.

To learn all the latest information about the parent company (Four Percent Group), read my article, the Four Percent Review. Otherwise, continue reading this article on specific information related to the Four Percent Success Challenge.

Simply Designed to Get you Results

four percent challenge review

The Four Percent Success Challenge is built with simplicity and results!

With these two things in mind the Found and CEO, Vick Strizheus will teach you how to earn your first $10K dollars in sales starting from scratch. He'll do that in comprehensive over the shoulder, step-by-step videos that teach you how to build your own business selling other people's products. 

Selling other people's products like this is known as affiliate marketing. Why Affiliate marketing? Because it's highly rated as one of the best ways to begin making money online. Check out my article: Affiliate marketing beginners

However, if you thought the Four Percent Challenge was just about making money you'd be mistaken...

After Vick's Four Percent Challenge review of late 2018 he rebranded the "challenge" to ensure the word "Success" came before it. It's now officially known as the Four Percent Success Challenge.

Furthermore, this success isn't about how much money you make. Instead, it's about your ability to attract success by doing the things you love. Only then can the money and income follow and last a lifetime.

Vick makes this process simple by developing your mindset to get you results.

If you'd like to know more about Vick Strizheus or confirm or deny anything you may have heard about him, then please check out my article here. There you'll learn about his past programs and I why I believe after my Four Percent Challenge review there are no scams.

Developing Your Mindset

In all the years I spent trying to find success online, it was the Four Percent Success Challenge that helped train my mind on executing the income producing strategies necessary for me to succeed.

I paid the lifetime price and no further than a week into the training sessions I felt like I already had my money's worth. I found focus to acquire everything I needed to build the online business I always wanted. 

How did I do this? And more importantly how will you do this? ... Two things

  • Becoming Your Best Self
  • Being Unconsciously Competent 

Becoming your Best Self

In my Four Percent Challenge review -- Hands down, the best part about it is...

Vick Strizheus' ability to focus on developing the best version of 'YOU.' After all, if you don't believe you can succeed then the Four Percent Challenge can't help you and you won't attract success. It's really that simple.

Four percent group review

Your best self is a highly successful, distinct and motivated individual who lives in their full potential. Someone living an ever evolving and open mindset to towards personal development.

It's for this reason that Vick refers to the Four Percent Success Challenge as his "Legacy Project." Something that his kids' kids will grow up learning. For generations to come, his vision of becoming 'the best version of you' will help many people shift their mental paradigm to become valuable enough to make the money they've only dreamed of up until this point. 

As a result, inspired Four Percent Challenge reviews are making bigger statements as people continue to report amazing, life changing outcomes. You can read more about Vick and some these testimonial life changes on Trustpilot.

As long as you can become your best self, the Four Percent Group and Four Percent Success challenge is the training to get you your first $10K.

Being Unconsciously Competent

What does your best self look like?

In the Success Challenge, Vick talks about how every person needs to figure out for themselves. Moreover, I've learned its a matter of asking yourself what it is you really want and who do you need to become inorder to get it!?

Once you figure that out, it's then a matter of impressing what you want into your subconscious mind over and over and over again until you are unconsciously competent in getting what you desire.

Hierarchy of Competence

This reflects the model, Hierarchy of Competence by Noel Burch in the 1970s. The Four Percent Challenge reviews the stages we go through as we learn to believe the reality of making $10k dollars.

It mentions that we all go through this Hierarchy as we learn new things, but the time it takes for us to advance through each competent stage varies depending on our experiences.

The Four Percent Challenge reviews several of these factors that include, but are not limited to the experiences we already have, learning methods we use, who we learn from, available resources, etc.

The Four Percent Goal Card

This is so sad to me...

Someone was talking about their Four Percent Challenge review and said they found that Vick barely told him what to do in my first few sessions.

He goes on to say, "instead he told me lots of ideas about how I must believe..." and set goals. "He then told me to make a goal card, but he didn’t take any actions that can help me reach my goals.

I wish I could get this guy to read what I wrote about developing one's mindset in the section above this. If you can't develop yourself you'll never develop the success to attract the lifestyle and income you want. PERIOD!

Why The Four Percent Goal Card?

Goals are amazing tools to help you reach your destination. Writing them down is like a map or GPS, without it you can only drive hoping you reach your destination.

The problem is people don't like writing things down. It takes too much work or people think the thought of it alone will suffice. 

Well, I'm to tell you that the act of thinking about a goal is good, but you can increase the effectiveness by writing them down.

Moreover, the Four Percent Success Challenge takes the task of writing down goals very seriously. 

You create your goal card early on in the Challenge by writing it down on the template provided. You are then tasked to keep this card with you at all times. 

This way you will be reminded of it all the time. When you want to give up or you're facing tough times your goal card can be the very thing that pushes you through.

Moreover, it makes it easier to separate the important tasks from the unimportant ones. The only thing you become interested in is the information and options that drive you closer to your goal.

The Four Percent Success Challenge has you write down your goal(s) because Vick knows it will do the following things:

  • Prevent distractions so you can stay focused
  • Visualize your objectives so you can define what you do next
  • Makes them tangible so they become real to you (see, fee, smell, etc.) 
Four Percent Goal Card

The Success Pill (Your Daily Dose)

Inside each step (also known as a session or "success pill") of your Four Percent Challenge review, you'll notice the coaching is comprised of specific and precise directions for you to complete each day. 

The success pill metaphorically describes each session to taking a daily pill such as a vitamin, medication, or supplementation. A daily dose is all you need as if you were taking one capsule a day.

After looking over decades of research with over a million different people and testing to see what works and what doesn't the Four Percent Group found out what kept people from succeeding.

Four Percent Success Pill

From there Vick came up with the idea of a pill. A success pill that would help people become extraordinarily successful, so that it would be consumed in the form of a one per day (daily) training. 

As a result, the Four Percent Success Challenge was built.

At first I had hoped to speed through each session knowing that I'm somewhat experienced. However, doing too much too fast would prevent me from getting the benefit of every ingredient inside each session. 

Besides, doing everything with half the effort and focus is just as as bad as not doing it all. Don't let that happen to you.

The Ingredients

The success pill has 5 critical 'success ingredients' including:

Four Percent Success Pill
  • MIC - Motivation / Inspiration / Creativity - Unleashes maximum creativity
  • D&G - Direction and Goal Setting - Keeps you on Task and Focused  
  • ASME - Automatic Success Mechanism Enhancer - Mind Reprogramming
  • MGA - Marketing Genius Activator - Grow your Know, Like & Trust Factor
  • SSMAB - Strategically Specific Massive Action Booster - Calls you to act
  • Other Ingredients - Positive attitude enhancer, mental focus booster, and high performance boost extract.

If you try to take away any one of these ingredients the formula won't be as effective effective.  The action steps every single day are strategically designed to put those critical ingredients to work.

...Pushing you in the direction that you need to go to in order to achieve maximum levels of success.

The Four Percent Success Challenge Levels

The Four Percent Success Challenge is comprised of three extensive challenge level programs. Each level is an extension of the previous one, teaching you how to go from zero to eventually over $1Million dollars in sales.

Reaching $10K in sales is your first level. Then once you complete the first level you enter what's called, "Implementation Mastermind" designed to help you reach $10K dollars in sales if you haven't already.

Once you've made $10K in sales you will have officially graduated from Level 1 and given access to enroll in the$100K Success Challenge. Similarly, once you complete level two you enter a different mastermind that continues to work with you to ensure you meet your$100K dollar challenge. 

Finally, once you've made $1Million dollars in sales you will have successfully completed all three challenge levels.

Each level may seem like a steep number. Plus, I cannot legally or ethically guarantee you anything, because I don't know your work ethic. However, I can tell you its possible.

Earning Our First $10K

I've been able to complete level 1 by reaching over $10k dollars in sales spread across different affiliated streams of income. And not only by me but by several members in our Facebook Community. If you can reach level 1 it's only a matter of scaling to continue. Ultimately,  reaching levels 2, 3 and beyond.

The more you can see yourself reaching these levels the more unconsciously competent you become. Moreover, re programming the way you think to attract the success to bring you these sales.

Let's take a closer look at each level...

$10K Challenge - Level 1 (Now Available)

We start from scratch and build up from here. Making your first dollar online as an independent affiliate marketer is the hardest part. If you can do that then you can scale to any amount.

So your initial goal is to go from where you are now. You may be brand new to this business or perhaps you've made a few bucks. Either way, your Four Percent Challenge review is key to your exponential and rapid growth. Furthermore, providing you a solid and clear path to follow!

In level one you're taught everything you would need to own, brand and operate your own online business from anywhere in the world in 30 sessions. Each session is comprised of the 5 critical ingredients in the metaphorical success pill as your daily training. This means each session will have at least 5 different videos, action steps and/or tasks to complete.

Level 1's results include, but are not limited to:

  • ​Seeing yourself as a success story
  • Finding great products that are in high demand 
  • Promoting yourself as irreplaceable
  • Positioning yourself uniquely in today's marketplace  
  • Creating a core message that's clear, concise, specific
  • Targeting visitors who want to buy from you
  • Implementing automated multiple streams of income
  • Developing your central hub/website
10K Success Challenge

Please get back with the person who sent you here if you'd like to become a 4%'er. If you don't have someone who led you to this article then scroll down or click here to gain access to your Four Percent "$10,000" Dollar Success Challenge. 

$100K Challenge - Level 2 (Not Yet Available)

After graduating to level 2 your primary focus is to take control of your positioning in the marketplace. This way you can stack a few more key skills to multiply your results. This way you're scaling everything you've done from level 1 to push pass $100,000 thousand dollars faster than you made your first $10k.

Level 2 stackable skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing your know, like, and trust factor
  • Learning how to become influential and persuasive 
  • Stacking a syndicated of commissionable products
  • Optimizing mass promotion strategies  
  • Customizing systems and leverage what already works
  • Growing seeds to dominate your niche
100K Success Challenge

$1M Challenge - Level 3 (Not Yet Available)

If you've already made more than $100,000K you mean serious business. I'd love to meet you. This means you understand how to become an independent entrepreneur. You can literally write your own paychecks on demand  in life no matter what the economy is doing right you'll be independent

I know I'll be there soon. It's just a matter of time. =)

If you dare to go for this final level - get ready, because once you step through these doors, your life will never be the same again.
This level will be available to you, but only the brave, daring, and committed will experience it.

Level 3 life changing skills will include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up recurring revenue infrastructures
  • Scaling systems at a more strategic and effective rate 
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns
  • Initiating public figure status  

From what I know about millionaires there really isn't a feeling to explain their level of success, because they felt the same way before they got started: Motivated and determined to change the world. If anything they are truly unconsciously competent and have established the confidence that other people lack.

1M Success Challenge

If you can live and breathe your success starting right now. ... Believing in your cause and doing the things you value most half the battle is already won! #nevergiveup #fourpercent

Implementation Mastermind

The Implementation Mastermind will become a community of people geared towards helping you reach your level's challenge.

So, after you complete each level's sessions (30 per level) "Implementation Mastermind" will be designed to ensure your goal of generating at least $10K dollars in sales or whatever level of the challenge you are currently in. This is key because direction without follow through or implementation is useless.

The Cost - Plus a Full Refund

The Challenge Retails for $2,497

Since March 29th 2019 there is no longer "Charter Membership." That means no more $49 dollars a month or a one time price of $497 for automatic enrollment into each level of the challenge (Level 1,2, and 3). This automatic enrollment included free access to the newly created (still in production) "Implementation Mastermind (IM)." 

You will begin your own Four Percent Challenge review with level 1. Now, you will pay will pay at least $497 to gain lifetime access to Level One's, $10K Success Challenge only. 

Shortly the price will go to $997 dollars there after.

Keep in mind level one's challenge retails now retails at $2,497. It's a very potent and powerfully packed system according to industry standards and pricing. Either way, nothing is better than now being the best time to get involved.

Level 2's, Four Percent's $100K Success Challenge is advertised to cost anywhere from $997 dollars to $1,997 dollars. Level 3 will cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 dollars.

Don't Think You Can't Afford This

Don't be mistaken or fooled into thinking you can't afford something you need.  Yeah, there's a realistic point in time you may literally not have enough money to pay for something. However, if you need or want something bad enough you can always do what you can to work towards eventually getting it. 

Am I right?

Otherwise, if you are bickering and complaining about how you can't afford the Success Challenge then I'll be real with you -- It's not for you.

You, unfortunately don't so the long-term benefits you're getting from one of the best structured training and product centric affiliate marketing programs of it's time. 

However, if you're thinking about all the things you can do to get or work towards what you want. ...Towards the things that will change your life. Then in time go for the Challenge.

In the meantime, I recommend you continue working at your job and doing what you can do to make ends meet. Only then can you begin to progress towards the training inside the Four Percent Success Challenge.

Please visit my Four Percent Review post to learn more about 4%'s Affiliate Program, Refund Policy, Customer Support, Facebook Community and much more.

Myth Busting

"It's a Ponzi Scheme or MLM"

In my Four Percent Challenge review you should be proud to know that it's customer driven. That means it's not a Ponzi Scheme, which is a form of fraud based on nonexistent products fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first customers from money invested by later customers.

Those are illegal.

MLMs or multi-level networks often get criticized for being ponzi schemes. I can tell you many of them run a very fine line between being one. 

Why Four Percent is the Better Alternative

In contrast, the Four Percent isn't an MLM either.

MLMs are paid on multi-levels. That means when someone buys your recommend product you get a commission. Then when the person who bought from you sells to someone you make a percent off of it. This happens on multiple levels in MLM. Some to even infinite levels.  

Although, that sounds good in terms of your ability to make money it's no longer about the product anymore. It's becomes a model based on who can build the biggest team. You are basically just buying into the compensation plan.

In fact, just ask yourself this question: Would you buy into an MLM's business products if it wasn't for the  compensation plan. If not then stay away from it.

...That is a big red flag!

The Four Percent is now a 100% strictly product driven. You can go right now and create a free account. It's a clean, black and white business.

Even two or three tier payment structures walk the line of moving money rather than a product. Those businesses and companies get scrutinized by the FTC for one. Two, they are not stand alone or open loop models. 

Check out some of the myths people make based on Ponzi, MLM, and pyramid schemes below.

"Only the Seed Generation Makes Money"

There are also those who will tell you that the only people who succeed at the Four Percent are the ones who are the "seed generation."

What they mean by this "seed generation" is that the people who get in first are the the only ones that succeed. They'll add that the second generation may see some good results, but not like the seeds. And then everyone else gets little to nothing.

People who think this way are somewhat stuck in the MLM or Pyramid scheme mentality. Their thought is the only way to make it big is to be at the top of this pyramid. ..."To be the creator at command" ..."To keep adding more products for sale," and "to keep changing and raising  prices altogether" To be at the top or in command, because you control who makes money and how much. 

This is Stinkin' Thinkin'

First of all, if you think this way -- it will be very hard for you to find success. Period.

Second, with the legal matters of operating the Four Percent Group -- Vick and company understand the illegitimacy of providing commissions to affiliates who only move money (with no focus on a product or lack thereof).

This is exactly why the Four Percent Success Challenge is a stand alone or open loop model. ...Because you're not dependent on a team, multi-level, or tier. People who wish to start their own Four Percent Success Challenge Review have just as much of an opportunity to make the same amount of money or more than someone who started in this "seed generation." 

Otherwise, the ridiculous claim these people are suggesting is that there isn't money to be made in affiliate marketing unless it's your company or product. And that's just crazy.

Moreover, I believe Promotional Partners with the Four Percent affiliate program can make much more money by accumulating customers instead of "team members."  This is made possible because the Four Percent Challenge reviews "product centric" programs not "team member" programs.

"...Vick Will Get Richer"

'Vick getting richer' is a very poor way of thinking about building an online business.

People creating this myth believe 4%'ers are only making Vick richer and as a result they become poorer.

The following comment came from a blog I found, which was outdated and inaccurate. 

four percent bad comment

Moreover, the author of the blog was trying to market another program he was an affiliate for.

"Well Daniel, I'd like you to know that's what affiliate marketing is all about. If you had your own product and let people sell it, you'd get richer.

...Second a month is not enough time to learn how to become a better marketer. You have to learn how to dive in head first and then be willing to spend the researched funds. 

Otherwise, your dibbling and dabbling. You'll  jump to the next opportunity only to find more excuses.

But let's be real here... Vick has dreams too... He also has bills, which means he needs money...

So, is he getting "richer?" 

I guess you can look at it like that, but you're doing yourself a disservice when you look at it like that.

Vick's success is 'our' success - we're in it together people!!!

If you can't afford the tools and means neccessary to support your online business maybe it's not for you.

I think Vick sums it up well in this video by saying, we have to change the way we think.

You're Only Taught How to Promote the Challenge

The best way to learn how to do something is to watch, hear, see, and practice doing it in real life.

In Vick's Four Percent Challenge review he's clear about one thing and that's understanding how everything he does in side the Four Percent Success Challenge can be applied to any business in the world that we wish to promote. We watch as he promotes the very training platform he using to teach us.

If you ask me that's genius!

What better way to promote a course as an affiliate than one we've already been through or currently going through. So that in turn, we learn how to make money to begin selling our own products.

With my Four Percent Challenge review I've never felt like I was in a box or that its only about the Challenge. In fact, Vick teaches you to live outside your box, because that's the very thing that challenges us to be better.

Promoting the Four Percent Challenge isn't the end goal Pursuing the very thing that makes you successful is.

"Vick Strizheus is a Scam"

I have a lot to say here. So much that I had to create completely separate article called, "Vick Strizheus Scam." Check it out when you get a chance.

The only thing I'll say here and I say this on that article as well is that we all need to judge carefully.

Most of us know that nobody's perfect. In fact our imperfections make us who we are.

Vick isn't a saint by any means, but the man works incredibly hard. He's had many issues, problems, trials and tribulations. As a result, he's stronger than ever before. 

Take a look at everything hes been through on that article.

"There are Hidden Costs"

...Only if you Don't Know How to Build a Business

To take your own Four Percent Challenge review you'll need $497 bucks. That'll get you a lifetime of training that could easily have a $1997 price tag. To promote the Success Challenge or any other product it's 100% free.  Check out my Four Percent Group review article to learn more about their affiliate program.

Now, everyone else that thinks the Four Percent Challenge has hidden costs don't know much about building an online business. If you don't first think of the Four Percent Group as a set of tools to help build your business then you're screwed either way you look at this.

Like any brick and mortar business expenses you pay rent, utilities, inventory, misc tools, etc. They are inevitable.

However, you have to first identify what kind of business you want to run, how you want to run it, and what all it takes. Otherwise, everywhere you look will feel like misdirection or a scam.

Also, don't be too quick to brag about a program that can do it all. Those programs keep you in their box -- giving you no help to expand and take full control of your business like the Four Percent Challenge does.

Beginners need to understand that they will need several products and/or tools to make their affiliate marketing business work. Vick has just been intentional and smart to create these same tools and products as his own to market inside the Group.

Now are they the best products? Not necessarily. I mean it depends on your definition of good.  But will they get the job done? Absolutely! Can you use product alternatives? Of course! I recommend it. I've included them down below for your convenience as a matter of fact.

..."Don't Buy His Products Then"

Vick says it over and over that you don't have to use and/or purchase his products and tools he suggests from inside the Challenge. However, if you don't purchase them at least you'll know what you need or what you can research further to be sure you have alternatives.

Otherwise, building your affiliate marketing business is very difficult, if not impossible without these tools that many mistake as hidden costs.

For example, if you don't want Clickfunnels, that's great. You'll need a program that can build funnels though. 

If you don't want core products like Internet Traffic Mastery, that's great. You should be going somewhere else to get trained on traffic generation though.

It's a matter of being resourceful and being willing to look for what you need.

Now, I found cheaper alternatives to use (just below this section), but they required a steeper learning curve and/or work around. Either way, we have to be willing to do whatever we can in order to move towards what it is we really want.

That's how we find success!

Vick's Recommended Core Products

These are Vicks' products he recommends inside his Four Percent Challenge review. Some people have been conflicted and run away when they see them. However, you now know that tools come with the business and cheaper alternatives exist. They are right below Vicks recommendations.

*Please refer to the person who sent you here or sign up in your Four Percent Back Office should you be interested in any of the follow products...




Affiliate Product


WordPress Hosting




WordPress Theme 


+ $197/Once

Traffic Training

Traffic Generation

Internet Traffic Master (ITM)*

Using what you learn from ITM

+ Avg $120/Month Buying Traffic

Funnel Builder


Link Tracking


Total $261/Month + $1,988/Once
(Includes $120/month buying traffic)

My Cheaper Product Alternatives

As far as my Four Percent Challenge review goes, I've been able to find some cheaper alternative products. These are tools that I've been using for years and are perfect substitutes to help you reach your first $10K in sales.

*Please refer to the person who sent you here should you be interested in any of the follow products...




Affiliate Product


WordPress Hosting

Until you can afford WPX





WordPress Theme


Traffic Generation

Traffic Training

Udimi Solo Ads

Until you can get ITM


$997 inside Success Challenge

Funnel Builder

Included w/ Theme

Link Tracking

Until you can afford ClickMagick



Total $154/Month + $497/Once 
(Includes traffic w/ little training from Udimi)

How Fast Can You Make Money?

Taking the Four Percent Challenge is not a fast thing. If you have little to no experience, high stress, are unemployed, at risk of losing a job, need money to pay off some big emergency, etc. you most likely will not do well. In fact, statistics say, "you'll more than likely quit before you even had a chance."

With the Success Challenge you are being taught how to build a business the right way. To do it correctly is to build into a life-long skill. This is a career path of being patient and doing the daily boring tasks that will produce results in the future.

There is no deadline set in stone anywhere. The money will be invested in learning skills and placing advertisements. It's also used to pay for the tools and services you'll need in order to be positioned to make money in the future.

People have been trying to build a online business for years now. The good ones stuck it out and is the reason they can build what seems like a faster business. ...But little do you know the blood, sweat, and tears it took to acquire their speed.

The reason they know they can turn around and make money in 30 days is because they have developed a proven track record. You need to do that for yourself as well. You need to show yourself you can build an audience online by having content created, people joining your email list, people following your social media, clicking your advertisements, etc.

All that said, there is no timetable on when you can make money, but by taking action with what you learn it becomes possible.

After My Four Percent Challenge Review

After years of marketing, I can write this Four Percent Challenge review by saying it is one of the best structures and level of education around. Above all, I'm confident that it will be for the next several years to come.

It's more than just another training or affiliate product. It's an Entrepreneur's lifestyle of building a brand. A brand built on teaching you how to invest in an audience that will come to know, like and trust you no matter what your doing. Selling affiliate products is only the beginning

If you dare take the challenge, you will progressively move towards what it is you truly want in life. Furthermore, making it much easier for you to discover who you've truly been created to be.

Without these discoveries your subconscious mind remains stuck and invaluable. Consequently, since your money is a direct reflection of the value you bring to the market place you remain broke.

Having gone through the Four Percent Challenge twice now I can tell you it teaches you how to break free from that remaining broke mentality. You will break free in a way that eliminates overwhelm, confusion and frustration, so that you can get results you've always wanted.

I strongly suggest you go through it and create your own Four Percent Challenge review.

You have a real shot...

A real opportunity...

To rise head and shoulders above everybody else in your space, multiply your results and become UNSTOPPABLE.

Start Your Challenge


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