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This is a Four Percent Challenge ($10K Success Challenge) review. It's now a part of the Affiliate Marketing Academy (AMA). This product was created by Vick Strizheus.

If you're looking for review information about the Four Percent Group as a whole then you can click here.

In this article, you'll learn what the Four Percent Success Challenge is, including the programs that come with it, who the Success Challenge is for, it's features and capabilities, and much more.

As someone new to online marketing I know you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed when it comes to finding a quality course and training system you can tap into. Something that gives you options and a clear vision to become something greater than yourself.

Overall, the Success Challenge inside of Affiliate Marketing Academy is a "mindset power house" that equips you with the vision and inner-success before you even get started.


Beware of Other Four Percent Challenge Reviews

It's important to know that there are many article variations on the Internet about a Four Percent Challenge Review being "100% exposed" or how it's some kind of scam. 

First of all, most of them are outdated by several months. In some cases years.  This is due to the Four Percent Group  frequently changing and updating their programs. 

This includes changes to the Four Percent Success Challenge, now marketed inside Affiliate Marketing Academy.

Finally, I'm confident the Success Challenge is not a scam.

You can learn more about the founder, Vick Strizheus or his Four Percent Group from those linked articles.

four percent challenge review

Success Challenge ($10K Level) Review

USE: Affiliate marketing over the shoulder training program
PRICE: $997    MY RATING: 13/15 STARS / 86% B

Ease of Use/Interface

Very easy to navigate between elements. 

Customer Support

They have chat, phone, emial & snail mail.

Value For Money

Delays in training updates.


  • Step-by-step over the shoulder video training
  • Taught how to earn multiple streams of income
  • Dedicated webinars for extra support
  • Powerful mindset developement practices
  • Given multiple affiliate program choices to choose from


  • Step-by-step training gets outdated quickly
  • Sessions get released daily instead of all at once
  • You'll need to invest in additional tools (to build business)

SUMMARY: The Success Challenge ($10K Level) inside Affiliate Marketing Academy teaches you how to build an Affiliate Marketing business from scratch. Despite outdated trainings from time to time, the mindset training, development, mastermind webinars, and "Affiliate Offers Marketplace" make it worth your purchase. No other marketing professional delivers this type of packaged training inside one course.

*This is an advanced (2-hour) life changing training, not some 20-min fluff session.

What is the Four Percent Success Challenge?

The Four Percent Success Challenge, created by Vick Strizheus is The Four Percent Group's original signature product. The group is built on an educational ecosystem designed to train anyone with access to the internet how to build any business in the world.

four percent challenge review

The Success Challenge, teaches you how to get started from scratch as an affiliate marketer through comprehensive over the shoulder, step-by-step video sessions.

Vick designed the Four Percent Challenge and Affiliate Marketing Academy knowing people want options, including financial freedom. He also knows they want to be part of a vision: something greater than themselves.

With these things in mind, Vick has evolved the Four Percent Success Challenge into a collation of tested and revised marketing sessions.

Keep in mind, you can be involved in any type of business. If you don't want to be an affiliate marketer you still benefit the same way anyone else would from the success challenge. It's what you learn that matters as it can be applied to any business in the world.

Designed in three different challenge levels

The Four Percent Success Challenge is designed in three different challenge level programs. Each level is an extension or continuation of the previous one. They teach you how to go from zero to, $100K, to eventually over $1Million dollars in sales by the time you complete the 3rd level.

Right now, the Success Challenge is only built out through the $10K thousand dollar level (the first level).

NOTE: Success Challenge "Charter Members" (Spring 2019 and Earlier)

It was said that anyone who purchased the Success Challenge as a "Charter Member" (before spring 2019) was suppose to get free access to level 2 and level 3 Success Challenges once they became available. However, instead Vick coined these individuals as Success Challenge founding members who got free access to Affiliate Marketing Academy when it launched summer of 2020.

The Success Pill (Your Daily Dose)

These Four Percent Challenge sessions are not intrusive and can be easily consumed by anyone. Each one of these sessions are also know as a "success pill" for you to complete each day.

Four Percent Success Pill

The "success pill" metaphorically describes each session to taking a daily pill such as a vitamin, medication, or other supplementation

Vick was able to craft the ingredients of the Success Challenge to help people become extraordinarily successful. This way, it's consumed in the form of a one-per-day training.

The Success Pill Ingredients

The success pill has 5 critical 'success ingredients' including:

Four Percent Success Pill
  • MIC - Motivation / Inspiration / Creativity - Unleashes maximum creativity
  • D&G - Direction and Goal Setting - Keeps you on Task and Focused
  • ASME - Automatic Success Mechanism Enhancer - Mind Reprogramming
  • MGA - Marketing Genius Activator - Grow your Know, Like & Trust Factor
  • SSMAB - Strategically Specific Massive Action Booster - Calls you to act
  • SSMAB - Strategically Specific Massive Action Booster - Calls you to act
  • Other Ingredients - Positive attitude enhancer, mental focus booster, and high performance boost extract.

To be clear, inside each session are multiple training videos designed around the "success pill" ingredients. So, although there are 30 sessions, if each session has on average about 4 training videos.

That's over 100 training videos you'd be getting access to in the Success Challenge.

If you take away any one ingredient the formula isn't as effective effective. The action steps you take every single day are strategically designed to put those critical ingredients to work as you build your online affiliate marketing business.

The Success Challenge is Not a Ponzi Scheme?

All Four Percent programs are product-centric. The Success Challenge's sole purpose is to deliver a consumable product. This is done by developing fundamental aspects of your business, by including theory, personal development, marketing tools, and implementation support to get you results.

That being said, it's not a Ponzi Scheme.

Ponzi Scheme's is fraud (illegal) based on nonexistent products fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first customers from money invested by later customers.

It's Not MLM or Tiered Structured Either?

MLMs or multi-level networks often get criticized for being ponzi schemes. I can tell you many of them run a very fine line between being one, but the Four Percent Success Challenge isn't an MLM either.

MLMs are paid on multi-levels. That means when someone buys your recommend product you get a commission. Then when the person who bought from you sells to someone you make a percent off of it. This happens on multiple levels. Some to even infinite levels. 

Although, that sounds good in terms of your ability to make money MLMs make it easy to lose interest in the actual product based on who can build the biggest team. You are basically just buying into the compensation plan.

Even two or three tier payment structures walk the line of moving money rather than a product.

Those businesses and companies get scrutinized by the FTC for one. Two, they are not stand alone or open loop models like Four Percent Products are.

Who The 4% Success Challenge ($10K) Serves Best

If you have little to no experience, high stress, are unemployed, at risk of losing a job, need money to pay off some big emergency, etc. Then you most likely will not do well with the Four Percent Success Challenge inside Affiliate Marketing Acadmey.

You will end up quiting before you even had a chance to get started."

On the other hand, if you seek success --regardless of your current situation. Know that true success comes by doing the things you love. Only then can the money and income follow..

If You're In It For The Long Haul

The Success Challenge serves those who are willing to begin building a business the right way. To do it correctly is to build into a life-long skill. This is a career path of being patient and doing the daily tasks that will produce results in the future.

The money you earn from the $10K level should be invested in learning more skills, purchasing tools and placing advertisements. This way you can be better positioned to make $100K thousand dollars. Then eventually, scoring your first million!

That being said, anyone willing to be taught how to own, brand and operate their own online business should consider taking the $10K Success Challenge. 

Those Who Can Afford It

If you are bickering and complaining about how you can't afford the Success Challenge, then it may not be for you.

If you can't see your self reaping the long-term benefits from one of the best structured training and product centric affiliate marketing programs of it's time then stick with a JOB.

However, don't be mistaken or fooled into thinking you can't afford something you need. Yeah, there's a realistic point in time you may literally not have enough money to pay for something.

However, if you need or want something bad enough you can always do what you can to work towards eventually paying for it. Otherwise, if you're not working towards what you want in life, then my guess is you'll never afford Affiliate Marketing Academy.

A Look Inside the Success Challenge's Features

My Success Challenge Journey

Mindset Development

In all the years I spent trying to find success online, it was Affiliate Marketing Academy that helped train my mind on executing the income producing strategies necessary for me to succeed.

Throughout my review of each Success Challenge training session Vick helped me focus on changing my thinking to make better decisions.

Sure enough, as soon as I made the choice to review the Success Challenge I felt like I already had my money's worth after watching the first few sessions. I found focus to acquire everything I needed to build the online business I always wanted

If you think that sounds a bit hyped up or cliche then you're spot on, because that's what I first thougth when Vick told me that's what would happen.

This found focus came from me learning how to...

  • Become My Best Possible Self
  • Being Unconsciously Competent 

Becoming My Best Self

In my Four Percent Challenge review -- Hands down, the best part about it is...

Vick Strizheus' ability to focus on developing the best version of 'YOU.' After all, if you don't believe you can succeed then the Four Percent Challenge can't help you and you won't attract success. It's really that simple.

Your best self is a highly successful, distinct and motivated individual who lives in their full potential. Someone living an ever evolving and open mindset towards personal development!

Vick Strizheus

Four Percent Founder

For generations to come, Vick's vision of becoming 'the best version of you' through Affiliate Marketing Academy will help many people shift their mental paradigm. This allows them to see themeselves as valuable enough to make the money they've always dreamed of.

It's for this reason that Vick refers to the Four Percent Success Challenge as his "Legacy Project." ...Something that his kids' kids will grow up learning about.

Four percent group review

As a result, inspired Four Percent Challenge reviews are making more and more headlines as people continue to report amazing, life changing outcomes.

You need to commit to become your best self. Only then can the Four Percent Group help you make your first $10K in sales as an online affiliate marketer.

Being Unconsciously Competent

What does your best self look like?

In the Success Challenge, Vick talks about how every person needs to figure out what their best self looks like for themselves.

Moreover, I've learned it's a matter of asking myself what it is that I really want and who do I need to become in order to get it!?

Once I figured that out, it was a matter of impressing that (what I wanted) into my subconscious mind over and over again until I was unconsciously competent in getting what I desired.

Hierarchy of Competence

What I'm talking about was reflected in the Hierarchy of Competence Model by Noel Burch created in the 1970s.

Making $10K dollars in sales at the bottom stage (red) may not only seem impossible for some, but their not even thinking about it.

Then in the next stage (yellow) we at least start to think about it, but we don't yet know how to get it..

Next, we learn how to make $10K dollars in sales (green), until it becomes second nature to us (blue).

I believe we all go through this Hierarchy as we learn new things. However, the time it takes for us to advance through each stage varies depending on our experiences.

Stinkin' Thinkin'

I don't have to tell you that there is always someone out there that has something negative to say about Affiliate Marketing Academy and it's Success Challenge. When I do it I at least try to be constructive about it, but some of these comments and conversations I've had over the years are straight up ridiculous.

  • "There are hidden costs"
  • "Only the seed generation makes money"
  •  "Vick will get richer"
  • "You're only taught how to promote the challenge"

"There are Hidden Costs"

To take your own Four Percent Challenge review you'll need to cover the cost to get access to it. 

That'll get you a lifetime of training that could easily have up to a $2497 price tag on when you include everything you get from Affiliate Marketing Academy as a whole.

To promote the Success Challenge or any other product it's 100% free.  Check out my Four Percent Group review article to learn more about their affiliate program.

There are only hidden costs if you don't know how to build a business. If you don't first think of the Four Percent Group as tool(s) to help build your business then you're screwed either way you look at this.

Like other brick and mortar business, you don't just learn how to conduct business without paying for things like rent, utilities, inventory, misc tools, supplies, fees, and etc. Those arn't hidden costs, more than they're neccessary.

Vick recommends some of "business tools" within the Four Percent Group and even within the Success Challenge. However, you don't have to buy them. Go buy your own if you beilieve there are tools that suit you better than the ones Vick recommmends.

It's a matter of being resourceful and being willing to look for what you need.

"Only the Seed Generation Makes Money"

There are also those who will tell you that only "the seed generation," who get in first, succeed.

They'll add that the second generation may see some good results, but not like the seeds. And then everyone else gets little to nothing.

People who think this way are somewhat stuck in the MLM or Pyramid scheme mentality. Their thought is the only way to make it big is to be at the top of this pyramid. 

..."To be the creator at command" 

..."To keep adding more products for sale," and "to keep changing and raising  prices altogether" To be at the top, because you control who makes money and how much. 

Vick calls this "stinkin' thinkin'" and adds that this kind of thinking makes it very hard for a person to find success.

Moreover, Vick and company understand the illegitimacy of providing commissions to affiliates who only move money (with no focus on a product or lack thereof).

This is exactly why the Four Percent Success Challenge is a stand alone or open loop model. ...Because you're not dependent on a team, multi-level, or tier. People who wish to start their own Four Percent Success Challenge Review have just as much of an opportunity to make the same amount of money or more than someone who started in this so called "seed generation." 

Otherwise, the ridiculous claim these people are suggesting is that there isn't money to be made in affiliate marketing unless it's your company or product. And that's just crazy.

"...Vick Will Get Richer"

'Vick getting richer' is a very poor way of thinking about building an online business.

People creating this myth believe 4%'ers are only making Vick richer and as a result they become poorer.

The following comment came from an blog I found, which was outdated at the time and inaccurate

four percent bad comment

Moreover, the author of the blog was trying to market another program he was an affiliate for.

"Well Daniel, I'd like you to know that's what affiliate marketing is all about. If you had your own product and let people sell it, you'd get richer as well.

...Second, "a month" is not enough time to learn how to become a better marketer, let alone build an online business. I've been at it for over a decade and still not where I want to be.

Without putting in the time, your dibbling and dabbling. These kind of people jump to the next so called "opportunity" only to find more excuses of why that program couldn't or didnt' deliever.

I think Vick sums it up well in this video by saying, we have to change the way we think.

You're Only Taught How to Promote the Challenge

The best way to learn how to do something is to watch, hear, see, and practice doing it in real life.

In Vick's Four Percent Challenge review he's clear about one thing...

That's understanding how everything he does inside the Four Percent Success Challenge can be applied to any business in the world that we wish to promote. We watch as he promotes the very training platform he uses to teach us, the Success Challenge.

If you ask me that's genius!

What better way to promote a course as an Affiliate Marketer than one we've already been through or currently going through. In turn, we we earn while we only to begin selling our own products some day.

With my Four Percent Challenge review I've never felt like I was in a box or that its only about the Success Challenge. In fact, Vick teaches you to live outside your box, because that's the very thing that challenges us to be better.

affiliate marketing academy

To over emphasize this point, Affiliate Marketing Academy does away with this issue anyway, becuase of "Affiliate Offers Marketplace." That is where you can find some of the best hand picked products and offers you can promote and sell. 

This way people won't feel obligated to promote Vick's training program. Instead they can promote anything they way using what the Success Challenge teaches.

Affiliate Marketing Academy Success Stories

I mean I'm not here to sell you if you're not alredy sold. I guess in the end you'll find whatever it is you're looking for if you look hard enough. A good review... A bad review... Someone somewhere always has an opinion.

However, I'm a straight shooter. I give the good, bad, and the ugly as you can see from what others have had to say over the years.

On the much larger side of things there is an overwhelming number of postive affirmations, reviews, and success stories. 

Below, I'm just sharing a video and some screen shots, but you can find even more credible reviews on Trustpilot

There are over 2,500 -- 4.9/5 star reviews on Trustpilot claim that currently "no other program in existence will change your life the way Affiliate Marketing Academy will."

4% success stories

Success Challenge Review Summary

After years of marketing, I can write this Four Percent Challenge review by saying it is one of the best structures and level of education around. It's built with simplicity and results.

It's more than just another training or affiliate product. Selling affiliate products is only the beginning.

It's an Entrepreneur's lifestyle of building a brand. A brand built on teaching you how to invest in an audience that will come to know, like and trust you no matter what your doing.

Discover Who You've Been Created to Be

If you dare take the challenge inside Affiliate Marketing Academy, you will move towards what it is you truly want in life. Things will become that much easier for you as you discover who you've truly been created to be.

Without these discoveries your subconscious mind remains stuck and invaluable. Consequently, since your money is a direct reflection of the value you bring to the market place you remain broke.

Having gone through the Four Percent Challenge twice now I can tell you it teaches you how to break free from that remaining broke mentality. You will break free in a way that eliminates overwhelm, confusion and frustration, so that you can get results you've always wanted.

I strongly suggest you go through it and create your own Four Percent Challenge review. You have a real shot... A real opportunity... to rise head and shoulders above everybody else in your space, multiply your results and become UNSTOPPABLE.


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