The 5 Things That Make Any Opportunity or Offer You Promote Worth Your Investment

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Mass Market Appeal

There needs to be a mass market appeal about and around the product you promote.  So, what's the buzz around the product? Does it get people excited? Moreover, are their specific and realistic outcomes (end results) that the product or company can showcase.



Moral Authority

Is the product or offer a part of a program or company who's vision you believe in? Did you actually buy the offer and become a testimonial of it? Could you look at your best friend, mom or dad and say, "go get this product." This way you'll have moral authority. Basically, if you don't buy don't expect someone else to buy it.



Product Suites

The program and/or company should be big enough to have product suites. That means is there an ecosystem of multiple products around the offer you’ve chosen? Like Apple, they don't just make money from iPhones. This sets you up for multiple streams of income (MSI). This should include low and high-priced ticket offers.



Future and Scalability

Is there a good future and scalability in sight for the product or offer you promote? You may ask, where is the company going? Will they cap out anytime soon? Do their products have a strong retention rate? How many people have bought into the program and at what rate?



The Compensation Plan

Finally,  the company or product you promote must have a good compensation plan. Although this shouldn't be the focus of your business it's important to understand. You want to find out if the product pays out on at least 40% commissions. Do they pay on 2nd or even 3rd tiers. And Do they have residual or recurring commissions?

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