In this Four Percent Challenge review you will understand it's a 100% Affiliate Marketing for beginners and veterans alike. It's also housed in an educational ecosystem that's product driven, called the Four Percent Group. It is not opportunity driven like multi-level marketing (MLMs) or sponsoring systems.

Thousands of programs and offers are giving you more and more information that convince you why you need their affiliate marketing course to be successful. However, rarely will they challenge you to attract success as an entrepreneur instead of as a customer like the Four Percent Challenge will. It incorporates specific direction applicable to virtually any business you want. To help you build it with a big enough why to push through the barriers in your life.


2019 Four Percent Group & Challenge Review - Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The Elephant In the Room

Everyone isn't Perfect

four percent group

Let's start with clearing the air in this Four Percent Challenge review.

So, what have heard?

People have heard that 4 Percent Group and/or the Four Percent Challenge is a scam? 

​​What about Vick Strizheus? He's the founder of the 4% FourPercent Group. Is he the scam? Does he rip beginners off in affiliate marketing courses?

Well the truth is...

Everyone has an opinion. That's why there are always three sides to a story: Mine; yours; and the truth.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

Besides Vick or any other affiliate marketing course, there are a lot of people out there that have a lot to say on the internet about someone else or their products. This is especially true among the well-known and famous. They are much easier to target blame even if they're not at fault.

POINT BEING -- Don't believe a story until you know all the chapters. To do that you must reference past and present sources. Listen to the good and bad. Then experience things (when or if possible) that either affirm or deny your story.

Even then -- judge carefully -- because we're just as imperfect as anyone else. Let's not forget to mention all the stories people make up and/or twist. It's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Before I answer those scam questions about Vick and the The Four Percent Group  -- let's learn more about Vick and his previous products.

I identify his past challenges. I also share why some people think he and everything he touches is a scam?

After that, I do a Four Percent Group Review. I discuss his Affiliate Marketing Course (The Success Challenge) designed for Affiliate Marketing Beginners.

Who is Vick Strizheus

Vick Strizheus is a husband, a father of 6, entrepreneur, business strategist, top traffic and marketing expert, and creator of some of the highest converting sales funnels and business training programs on the internet.

He also pick up the nickname, "Traffic King," after coming out with "Internet Traffic Formula," which is not longer available.

Four Percent Challenge Review

Affiliate marketing with beginners has become Vicks "bread and butter." He's worked to turn beginners into  millionaires and even multi-millionaires from over 180 countries.

To date Vick is an 8-figure earner and influencer. He's coached well over over 3 Million students and helped thousands achieve extraordinary levels of success.

Through trial and error Vick was able to find the secret to online marketing at a young age. Which, there's no secret at all once you know the system.

While raising himself from failure to massive success he became a top producer and #1 income earner in every company he's ever promoted as an Independent Affiliate Marketer. 

Vick sounds pretty amazing right? At least through the brief intro I gave him.

However, what about the heartache of all those he didn't help in the process. Moreover, all the people who "felt" scammed. Or maybe even the people that were actually scammed.

Vick was also "convicted" of grand theft. Assuming he was, do we conclude "once a fraud, always fraud?"

Vick Was Convicted of Grand Theft!

According to the media, Vick (Vitaliy) Strizheus was convicted of grand theft through insurance fraud. Those unfamiliar with the term, grand theft is unlawfully taking another person's property or money over a statutorily defined value, determined by the state you live in. Supposedly, in 2006 Vick was making false claims to insurance companies that he was making sales to get commissions. In 2007 he supposedly served 90 days in prison and 5 years of probation.

Is Vick & His Four Percent Group Products a Scam?!

What I Think About Vick's Four Percent Products - NOT A SCAM

In a very comprehensive review of the Four Percent Group and its founder Vick I'm determined that it is not a Scam. Neither is his affiliate marketing for beginners course, the Four Percent Challenge. Nor is his company the Four Percent Group a scam.

In fact, I believe its all the furthest thing from being considered a scam regardless of his convictions or skeletons in his closet.

I don't just say this, because I promote the FourPercent Group. I don't say that because I want you to click on my links.

I say that because in my review of Vick and the Four Percent I can honestly say he has truly changed my life. Over the years I've been following him, I can say I'm a better person.

He's my mentor, teacher, coach, and friend. I've witnessed nothing, but the best intentions as he has evolved the Four Percent Group and Challenge into one of the best, if not the best affiliate marketing courses I've seen online.

In marketing online for over a decade now, I've seen plenty of scammers out there that wish to do nothing more than take your money. Vick isn't one of them.

His Affiliate Marketing courses for beginners is aimed at helping you become the best version of yourself. I know, because He's helped me believe in a greater purpose beyond just myself.

Moreover, allowing me to feel like I've graduated from an affiliate marketing beginner to a true Attraction Marketer

To me, mastering self to be a better leader is the furthest thing a person can be from a scam. Any credible review of Vick Strizheus would tell you he prides himself in becoming a better person and helping others do the same.

...A better person for his family and friends and a better coach through his affiliate marketing for beginners.

Multiple Ways to Swing a Decision

If you were about to dine in at a restaurant you never been before, but then read some bad reviews about it before your visit would you still go? 

You might say it depends?

It depends on how long have they been in service or in business. How many negative reviews they have against their positive ones. Or is it under the same management? Or you may question what's actually negative about the review; the food, ambiance, service, etc.? 

Fair enough right?

Now, what if someone you trusted with your life told you to go eat there. Wherever "there" was would you? Would you go despite the negative reviews you read?

The point I'm trying to make is that...

"There are multiple ways you can swing a decision in life depending on what it is you want out of your experience and who you trust telling you to go indulge in one."

So, although we just met I'm telling you to go indulge in one with Vick. Create your own Four Percent Challenge review. Then let me know what you think of his affiliate marketing course.

Assuming you've already referenced past and present sources (while considering the good and bad) your experience is the only way you'll be positive about the opportunities. Opportunities that may just change your life, like they have mine. You must do this if you're an affiliate marketing beginner or if you want the best Four Percent Challenge Review.

Just keep this in mind. No matter what you read, hear or watch, the only one who really knows what is going on with Vick Strizheus, is of course Vick Strizheus, his wife and possibly attorneys

Vick's Damaged Reputation

My Testimony Doesn't Mean Vick's a Saint

I'm not saying everyone who thinks Vick is a scam is wrong. Their entitled to their opinions just like I am. I'm saying their experience as an affiliate marketing beginner simply didn't meet their expectations and feeling scammed is a perfectly logical thing to feel.

Those feelings were (and still are in some cases) theirs.  There is also a good reason behind the way these people felt and still feel. Cases we'll never really know how much of Vick was truly at fault.

With that said, I've identified (in my opinion) the three biggest problems Vick's created in his past affiliate marketing courses for beginners that have damaged his reputation...

He Over Promises and Under Delivers
Vick gets in over his head sometimes. This creates a lot of hype that affiliate marketing beginners buy into. This hype leads Vick to overpromise and underdeliver in the short run. This is instead of keeping things simple and over delivering every time the first time. 

BETTER - This seems to remain an issue, but he's gotten much better.

His Past Programs Were Shut Down
Although, in my opinion he's always had good intentions -- Vick's past programs shut down. They shut down before some of his product promises were delivered. If there are past programs still up and running I don't know about them.

GOOD - After my Four Percent Challenge review I've heard it's designed as a "Legacy (forever) Project." This means Vick wants this product to out last his kids. Moreover, that his affiliate marketing course, becomes a game changer to online marketers everywhere.

He Sells Unfinished Affiliate Marketing Courses & Programs
Launching a program or course before it's complete isn't unheard of. However, when they're not told it's incomplete is the problem. It's even worse to never finish a product, which Vick has done before.

SAME - The Four Percent Challenge has three levels. The first level -- the $10K Success Challenge is not complete. He's building it out as people go. The $100K, and $1Million Challenge are not complete, but it's not even released yet.

Whether or not these problems with Vick's past and present affiliate marketing beginners courses were out of his control or not, they still damaged his reputation. I attempt to source many of theses feelings below through some of Vick's past products and programs in the next section. 

He's a Better Man

With that said, you'd be proud to know he's making his biggest review with his latest company, the Four Percent Group.

Moreover, the Four Percent Success Challenge (inside the Four Percent Group) is now unlike any product Vick has created. It's his affiliate marketing course for beginners that launched in November 2018 for the third time.

It has changed to be more aligned as an educational ecosystem of products instead of a business opportunity or sponsoring (MLM) style.

You'll read more about the Four Percent Challenge review below. 

Before you do, I'd like to first review some of his challenges so you can learn more about Vick and this reputation I spoke of. I give the man credit for moving forward. He's definitely changed what he could leading up to his latest affiliate marketing course despite these challenges (below).

I don't obviously list all his earlier product involvements, such as "Global Success Club," "48hour Machine," or even "Project Breakthrough." However, these all led up to his Big Idea Mastermind. 
big idea mastermind

Big Idea Mastermind - TERMINATED

Big Idea Mastermind (BIM) was a affiliate marketing course or training hub. It launched March 2013.

It was designed to help people build their online business using Empower Network (EN). The two were joined at the hip.

Although Vic didn't own Empower Network he created BIM to further incentivizes people to join Empower Network. Since Empower Network was a blogging platform it made since for Vick to make sure the two work simultaneously with one another. 

The First Issue... 

A few people allegedly said Vick intentionally switched out his affiliates' links for his own links. Switching these links would mean Vick was supposedly receiving the commissions other people were generating.

Although this would be pretty stupid for a veteran marketer like Vick to make, it doesn't mean he didn't do it. However, I nor anywhere else I've looked into has been able to prove this. Not forgetting to mention the difficulty in believing one of the three sides to a story.

The Second More Prominent Issue... 

Vick seemed to have ongoing issues since his grand theft "conviction" in South Dakota. So much that, "he was asked to refrain from promoting Big Idea Mastermind” in South Dakota.

Vick went back and forth on trying to prove that EN wasn't a business opportunity. At the same time he talked about making BIM a private endeavour. However, it appears he was terminated from EN without his knowledge.

internet traffic formula

Internet Traffic Formula - CLOSED

The first product I owned from Vick was Internet Traffic Formula (ITF). It launched in April 2014.

It was a $997 dollar product that also got shut down.

It was a course designed to teach marketers everything they needed to know about traffic generation techniques and strategies. Affiliate marketing for beginners to experts, ecommerce, MLM, etc. You name it. This course gave you a plethora of traffic generating secrets. 

I never did go through every ITF module. I'm not even sure every module was finished. I just remember I tried to log into it after several months went by of inactivity only to find out I couldn't.

The First Issue... 

It wasn't complete when I purchased it and a high probability that is wasn't complete when it got shut down.

The Second More Prominent Issue... 

Unfortunately, Vick's ITF product was built into Empower Network's platform (EN). I won't go into EN, but when EN went bankrupt everything else linked to it got shut down, including ITF.

So, between BIM, ITF, and EN many factors were involved in their demise.

high traffic academy

High Traffic Academy Version 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0- SHUT DOWN

Vick first launched High Traffic Academy (HTA) Version 2.0 before Big Idea Mastermind (BIM). Then used what he learned from his HTA affiliate marketing course to launch Big Idea Mastermind (BIM).

Generating over $700K in just 30 days help rise him to fame. It's also how he soon picked up the nickname, "Traffic Generation and Conversion King." Version 2.0 and 3.0 came out after Internet Traffic Formula. It lasted through late 2016.

High Traffic Academy was a video training course that taught people how to get high converting paid traffic to their affiliate offers. My thought is after Internet Traffic Formula got shut down HTA Version 2.0 was Vick's way to get his traffic training back up and earning an income.

The Main Issue... 

It's my understanding that some people had an "elite membership" that again got cancelled. Although these individuals were given a replacement course, many were upset the course wasn't what they originally paid for. Some were out of pocket in the thousands.

Why it shut down? Who really knows, but Vick and his attorneys.

A Remaining Issue... 

With High Traffic Academy came the same technical debate about Vick "switching affiliate links" for his own. Either that or bitter individuals from BIM kept a target on Vick's back. Many who most likely refused to take action and never found success through his programs.

Which, speaking of those that fail to make a living online -- over 90% fit the "bill."

The product and courses inside HTA were vastly overpriced.  For the price there wasn't a strong community of support nor updated trainings.


Tecademics - SHUT DOWN

The Four 4% Percent Group, owned by Vick Strizheus opened its doors just as HTA shut down in 2016. The Four 4% Percent Group was initially created as a sales funnel for affiliate marketing beginners promoting an "internet marketing college" program called Tecademics.

Tecademics was owned by Chris Record. It was affiliate marketing structured and formerly known as "Internet Marketing College." It was birth from some of the same people Vick knew in Empower Network.

Just like Big Idea Mastermind was created to support Vicks Empower Network efforts. He was doing the exact same thing with The FourPercent Group for Tecademics. 

A Remaining Issue... 

Once Chris went his separate ways after announcing Co-founder conflict Vick was forced to yet again let more people down. Which isn't entirely Vick's fault.

However, this time, Vick had a bit more control of the situation. Instead of shutting down Tecademics he rebranded the affiliate marketing course as the Four Percent Success Challenge, under the same company name, "The Four Percent Group."

It was then when Vick decided it was time to focus on his own products. This gave way to first three core products promoted inside the Four 4% Percent Group. These products were version 1 of The Four Percent Challenge Course, Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM), and eStage.

The Bigger Picture

Focus On a Deeper Purpose

It's not all this talk about the poor choices Vick's made in life as if you and I are perfect. Nor is it about how a beginner's affiliate marketing course he represented changed or no longer exists.

four percent challenge course

There are too many undefined variables to determine who was at fault and why. Was it a browser error, human error, a teammate of his, or Vick himself at fault?

Even if all that talk about being convicted and people without products or commissions were true it wouldn't matter.

You never put your your faith in a person that can fail you or you'll be disappointed every time.

What matters is what are you learning and how are you applying that to reach your life goals. Fulfilling your why.

Developing your deeper purpose to get to where you're going.

Determining who you are, what your business represents and who you are serving in the process?

Focusing on anything else is a waste of time.

What Building a Business is Really About

Why waste time trying to prove someone was in the wrong? I always feel crappy when I do.

This energy and time would be better spent trying to uncover the scammers out there who mean to scam you right now. I mean "knocking on wood," but in this very moment you may get a phishing email, impressionable call, taken advantage of, and God knows what else. 

Instead, how can we acknowledge the people who are doing what they can to make things right and help them learn from their mistakes?


That way we can fix what we can, and move forward. That's the only way we improve and grow. So, the value Vick continues to teach and give -- I continue to pour into my own business. My own products and into my own company. 

After all, I'm the only person I can judge and be held responsible for.

I also feel 100% comfortable with someone who can admit his wrongs and works to make things right. 

Tell Vick How You Really Feel

As a matter of fact, since joining and my Four Percent Challenge review as an affiliate marketing beginner Vick has come on live Zoom calls in front of hundreds of people. These are large online/virtual meetings.

During these meetings Vick allows anyone to unmute themself to share their heart. They can ask any question they have about him, his affiliate marketing course or about their Four Percent Challenge review.

Take a look at this video below. In it was a recording Vick did with Four Percent Challenge members who made it to their first mile stone in the course.

It was recorded November 2018. It was originally a 2 hour call, but I've cut out things to honor Vick and members currently taking The Four Percent "Success" Challenge. Moreover, it's privileged knowledge for paying members. However, the integrity of the video is still intact.

The video shows just how real Vick is. You will also see how Vick address questions and how anyone who has an issue or questions can speak up or forever hold their peace.

I absolutely love these virtual Zoom meetings, because there are no other marketing gurus out there that I know of that do this.

Take a look... Pay special attention to what he says around the 1:30 marker through 4:00 minutes.

The FourPercent Group

the four percent group

The Best Version of Yourself

The Company: Four Percent Group
Owner: Vick Strizheus

What if everything you did as an affiliate marketing beginner was designed around YOU becoming the best version of yourself?

Living an ever evolving and open mindset to towards your personal development?

Think about how productive and successful you would be? Or what about how much money you would have?

What dreams would be realistic destinations of your present reality? 

According to Vick and everything I've learned over the past several years from him, he hopes to do nothing less with his review of the Four Percent Group. This is a company he's calling his "Legacy Project" built on an educational ecosystem designed to train you to build any business in the world.

For generations to come this vision will help anyone shift their mental paradigm to become valuable enough to make the money they've only dreamed of. Money obtained as an online business builder and/or as an affiliate of the FourPercent group.

That's becoming the best version of yourself as a Four Percenter.

The Top 4% is a Standard of Greatness

Vick explains that creating a FourPercent 4% Group account requires a "standard of greatness."  Without this standard becoming the best version of yourself is impossible.

This standard is to... "Inspire and empower individuals to rise above mediocrity and create an exceptional lifestyle for themselves and their families."

Moreover, to help affiliate marketing beginners like you and I become irreplaceable.

Being irreplaceable, along with the need for what you do and your ability to do it are in proportion to the amount of money you will make (the law of compensation). You're not irreplaceable if there is no need for what you do or if you have no ability to do.  

Many people stop at mediocrity and the great's push beyond average. Beyond what Vick calls the 96%. To enter you among the 4% if your "standard of greatness" exists. This is exactly how the name "The Four Percent Group" came about. 

Pareto Principle 80/20

Vick explains this through the 80/20 rule based on the Pareto Principle. It states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. So, in terms of income and wealth 80% spend the money the 20% earn.

Well in his review, Vick goes on to say that the principle applies to that remaining 20% as well. There are 4% out of that 20% who separate themselves from the grinders. As a result, they go on to achieve the success they've dreamed about.

In the same light, we can also say 96% of people share 4% of all the money being earned. Or 4% earn 96% of all the income being earned in any one industry and/or environment.

The Next Amazon Shopping Experience

Vick is currently building out the next Amazon for Online Marketers worldwide through his latest company called the Four Percent Group. Well over a million people have had their hands on the material inside this 'Group' to make it the multi-million dollar infrastructure that it has become today.

online marketing store

Anyone everywhere (who creates an account) will learn a tremendous amount of value from free and paid purchases that will help them build any online business in the world.

This includes a place Affiliate Marketing Beginners can learn the industry and recommend hundreds of products at the same time. 

The Four Percent Group is product and customer driven. That means it's not an MLM or about who's team you're on or what business opportunity you're joining.

It's 100% about the vast array of products along with the millions of customers that purchase them.

Many other systems out there, like get rich quick programs, MLMs, and short sell products make you dependent upon their own programs. Relying on "their system" keeps you inside their box.

This means doing things their way instead of ways that allow, for example an affiliate marketing beginner to truly apply what they're learning to any business in the world.

WIthout marketing outside "this box" people end up opportunity hopping before finding any success worth building upon.

With the Four Percent Group you won't feel that way because any marketing beginner will tell you Vick teaches you that living outside your box is what challenges you to change in the some of the best ways possible.

Click here to create a free account and explore the Four Percent Group.

The Four Percent Core Products

The Four Percent Group has a set of core products for Affiliate Marketing beginners. Vick believes without them one's business may never have a chance. Now, you don't need these exact core products, but he says you'll definitely need their equivalents.

These core products are:

Now, before you go and say, "See, I told you the FourPercent Group was a scam." Or "That's how he gets you."

...Getting you to think you have to buy all products."

Wait just a minute!

If you don't first think of the Four Percent Group as a set of tools to help build your business then you're screwed either way you look at this.

You have to first identify what kind of business you want to run and how you want to run it. Otherwise, everywhere you look will feel like misdirection or a scam.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners need to understand that they will need several products to make their affiliate marketing business work. Vick just so happens to have picked the best ones and placed them inside the the Four Percent Group as options. I know because I'm doing something similar with my own recommend products.

It's important to note that Vick says it over and over that you don't have to use and/or purchase anything he suggests. However he mentions them, because they are his products and honestly some of the best. 

If you don't purchase them at least you'll know what you need or what you can research further to get through an affiliate marketing course.

As far as the Four Percent Challenge goes, I've been around the block long enough to know of some alternative (cheaper) products. Just scroll down to the Four Percent Challenge Review where it says calculating your costs.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Like Amazon -- Affiliate Marketing for beginners and experts alike will have access to hundreds of products inside the Four Percent Group. With a simple product referral link to someone (without needing to own the product) you can bring in an unlimited amount of commissions.

For every product you recommend and refer as a sale you make 30% commissions.

And get this...

Just about every product or course taught by the Four Percent Group will have multiple affiliated products recommended inside of that original product or course.

Hundreds of Attached Affiliated Products

Now, these are not just any kind of product the Four Percent promotes. They are all products presented, because they are some of the best in terms of functionality and price. This includes the Four Percent Success Challenge.

They are also not just tools used by affiliate marketing beginners, but by some of the most influential leaders in the industry today. They use them everyday to sell offers and scale their business as fast and as efficiently as possible.

So, if I purchased a course you recommended to me from within the Four Percent Group you'll make 30% commission.

affiliate products beginners

Now, let's say as I'm going through that course Vick recommends I get ClickFunnels. So I buy it.

Well, because you signed up for all the attached affiliated products (multiple streams of income or MSIs) including ClickFunnels you also make 100% of the commission on my ClickFunnels purchase. ClickFunnels' pays 40%.

With the continual build out of several hundred attached affiliated products Affiliate Marketing for beginners to veterans alike will have an experience like never before to earn some serious commissions.

Now, if that doesn't make Affiliate Marketing beginners excited then the fact that this experience is FREE to anyone who creates a Four Percent Group account ought to do the trick.

Look out everyone!

Affiliate marketing for beginners just found a new home inside the make money niche. It's the FourPercent Group led by Vick Strizheus himself.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

After reviewing the Four Percent Group himself, everything is in compliance and running like it should according to the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC, like restaurants, have codes and strict standards that officials within have to report on in-order to make sure the governing properties of online businesses are in compliance.

So, just like health inspectors and the USDA enforce healthy practices among the restaurants we eat, the FTC and other coders enforce competitive online business practices. Anticompetitive, practices from coercive monopolies and pyramid schemes are illegal and get shut down by them.

When it comes to these legal matters of operating an online business the Four Percent Group understands the illegitimacy of providing commissions to affiliates without the movement of a product or service. They've worked tirelessly to make sure their "t's are crossed and i's dotted."

Four Percent Challenge Review

four percent challenge review

$10K Success Challenge

The Four Percent Success Challenge Re-Launches November 2018

Inside the Four Percent 4% Group review -- the first of three core products -- is the Four Percent Challenge. It's an affiliate marketing course for beginners known as the $10K Success Challenge.

Any Four Percent Challenge review reveals its packed content with tons of value to help affiliate marketing beginners to veterans alike succeed. Any person off the street who decides to review the four Percent Challenge and apply the concepts can find success.

Affiliate Marketing because Vick has identified it as one of the easiest and most profitable industry to start earning passive income from.

You can get access by creating a free account inside the Four Percent Group. Then select the "Challenge," also known as the $10K Success Challenge. It's an affiliate marketing course for beginners and veterans alike who are coached directly by Vick Strizheus, founder of The Four Percent Group.

Vick's recently redesigned the $10K Success Challenge. He's made it to be the most comprehensive, step-by-step video guided daily coaching program. One with a collation of tested and revised marketing information that's been in the making for over a decade. 

Not forgetting to mention it's acquired over over 200,000 contributors over the lifetime of its existence.

The Four Percent Success Pill

Affiliate marketing for beginners

In three different levels ($10K, $100K, and $1M dollar success challenges) you're taught everything you would need to own, brand and operate your own online business from anywhere in the world.

Each level is an extension of the previous one. They are designed to teach Affiliate Marketing beginners how to go from zero to $10K... $100K... or even $1Million in sales. You learn how to do this by selling other people's and other companies' products as an Independent Affiliate Marketer starting from scratch.

Vick shares that these levels are the secret ingredient to providing the best structure to his affiliate marketing course. That is, within each level ($10K, $100K, and $1M dollar success challenges) there is specific and detailed training presented as a metaphorical success pill.

However, it's not just training information. Vick makes the point that we don't need more information. There's too much of that. Instead, he says we need direction.

So, each success pill is taken with specific and precise directions (using over the shoulder videos) for you to complete each day. As the days build upon each other it becomes a clear path that anyone can follow! 

Calculating Your Costs

You Don't Need to Buy Everything

Under the "Four Percent Core Products" I mentioned you have to first identify what kind of business you want to run and how you want to run it. Otherwise, as an affiliate marketing beginner -- everywhere you look will feel like misdirection or a scam.

Four Percent Core Products

Well in your review of the Four Percent Challenge you'll learn it's in the affiliate marketing business. Like any business you will most likely need several tools/products to make it work successfully.

This isn't Vick trying to trick you or scam you by any means. Vick just so happens to have picked the best ones. This includes his own core products and has placed them inside the the Four Percent Group as options. 

However, you don't have to use and/or purchase everything he suggests. If you don't purchase something at least you'll know what you need or what you can research further to get started. 

For example, if you don't want Clickfunnels, that's great. You'll need a program that can build funnels though. 

If you don't want core products like Internet Traffic Mastery, that's great. You should be going somewhere else to get trained on traffic generation though.

It's a matter of being resourceful and being willing to look for what you need. Now, because you're here I've included cheaper alternative tools to what Vick suggests in his Four Percent Success Challenge.

These are tools that I've been using for years and are perfect substitutes. The costs are much cheaper and can help you get through the Four Percent Challenge.

What You'll Need to Get Started

Like I've said for any business, you'll need tools/products. Below I've listed out the following ESSENTIAL products and their costs to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch. This includes products you'll need when you start the 4% Four Percent $10K Success Challenge.

You really only need to be prepared to spend at least $200 dollars a month. I've done it with that amount and did it well in the last iteration of the challenge. 

I came in 24th out of a couple hundred people or more promoting the Four Percent Challenge back in the Spring of 2018. This is when we got paid through Clickbank.

four percent challenge review

If you are able to go all out and spend money setting up only what Vick recommends you need to be prepared to spend over $300 a month. This doesn't include the one time payments totaling close to $1500 that you'll need to pay. If you can do it great!

They're all really good products.

Check out the graph down below...

  • There are expected to be several hundred products inside the Four Percent Group by this time next year. Some cost and some are free. Promoting Vick's Four Percent Challenge (Vick's core product) is a perfect product to promote. I would definitely go through it first yourself. It's $49 a month. You can also just pay a lifetime price of $497 available after you start your Four Percent Challenge review.
  •  A place where people can go and review you, your Four Percent products and anything else. Vick suggests eStage (Vick's core product). It's important you understand that eStage is not a total website package. You'll need WordPress regardless, along with a hosting company that installs WordPress for you. eStage is just a theme and a somewhat limited theme if you ask me. I've always used Thrive Themes. The value you'll get from using Thrive Themes Membership is 10Xs the value of eStage.
  • However, if you start your Four Percent Challenge eStage is discounted. Last time I checked it was only $297 when purchased inside the Challenge. Otherwise, it's $497. You will also need to purchase the training called eStage Academy for $297. You are trained with Thrive Themes for free using their University program.
  • Without WordPress you can always use website  2.0 platforms (provided hosting) like Tumblr, Wix, or blogger to name a few. They all have free options. However you'll eventually want your own self-hosted platform. WordPress is one of the best, which your hosting company will install for you. For my self-hosted site I liked Bluehost for less than $3/month. Then I upgraded. I now get free malware scans, backups, high speed cloud CDN service, DDoS protection and more from WPX hosting.
  • I actually use my website as my funnel builder to save money. It's a perfect ClickFunnels alternative. This means the funnel builder I love and recommend is also Thrive Themes. With the membership it's only $19/month, but if you haven't noticed already your getting several conversion focused plugins and themes. For more advance funnel building, for example when receiving payment Clickfunnels (CF) is the industry standard for $97 a month.
  • Either way, without a funnel to direct traffic to and from your products - earning an income is difficult. You should still sign up for Clickfunnels here as an affiliate (free) so you can take advantage of The Four Percent's MSI ecosystem. That is if you choose to use Thrive Themes to build your funnels. Then purchase Clickfunnels down the road, because of its ease when building more complex funnels and/or having products for sell.
  • After directing traffic to and from your funnel you'll need a "holding tank." This is also known as your "list" of email contacts. You collect leads that you can market to whenever you want. "They say," the money is in your list. I've only ever used Getresponse (GR) for $12 bucks a month (per year).
  • You can get Getresponse for 30 days free. Although, I'm strongly considering ConvertKit, since Vick recommends it. It's more expensive, but it's said they have better deliverability rates.
  • Getting unlimited amounts of laser-targeted traffic to your products and offers is critical. Vick refers to this Internet Traffic Mastery (Vick's Core Product) as the "go-to program for entrepreneurs who want to become traffic masters." This sells for $1,997, but through the challenge it's discounted for only $997.
  • Solo ads from Udimi are a great ITM alternative for only .30-.50 cents a click. Udimi provides a very fast, safe, and convenient way to get on demand traffic. Whereas Internet Traffic Mastery is an educational product that teaches you everything you'd need t know about traffic generation. Udimi comes with a discount when you use my link. However, you'll definitely still want to get Internet Traffic Mastery as soon as you can to learn some of the best underground traffic strategies.
  • Link tracking is one of those things that make the difference in someone's business. Think about it. If you started to make a little bit of money here. Some more there. Then you pick up a sale from somewhere else. In each of those difference places if you you could not track where the sale came from then you wouldn't be able to zero in on the most productive and money producing area of your business. You'd be guessing.
  • Vick recommends you use ClickMagick to eliminate guessing. Now as good as ClickMagick is you don't need it to start making sales. However, you'll need it if you wish to scale and grow down the road. It's really one of the best Link tracking tools around.
  • With that said, a tool like Rebrandly works perfectly fine until you're ready to pay for something like ClickMagick. ClickMagick isn't even all that expensive, but with all the tools you'll be using, the monthly fees definitely add up. The good thing about Rebrandly is it has similar, but less features from ClickMagick, but for an unbeatable price. Free. 
Standard Price (Vick's Recommended Essential Products)




Affiliate Product


WordPress Hosting




WordPress Theme


+ $197/Once

Traffic Training

Traffic Generation

Internet Traffic Mastery

Training Implementation

+ Avg $120/Month Buying Traffic

Funnel Builder


Link Tracking


Total $310/Month + $1,491/Once (Includes $120/Month buying traffic)

Minimum Price (Cheaper Essential Alternatives)




Affiliate Product


WordPress Hosting




WordPress Theme


Traffic Generation

Traffic Training

Udimi Solo Ads

Minimal Training



Funnel Builder

Included w/ Theme

Link Tracking



Total $203/Month (Includes traffic w/ minimal training & no one time payments)

Expenses Come with the Territory

In your review of the Four Percent Challenge review you'll learn of expenses you'll need. Like any brick and mortar business expenses like rent, utilities, inventory, misc tools, etc. are inevitable.

The point is, as an affiliate marketing beginner you must learn to recognize that without these extra expenses your business is likely to fail or never reach the potential it can. It's an investment and requires you to invest in certain tools.

No one said it was going to be easy and if they did they lied to you. You just need to make the commitment to follow through.

If You Quit You Fail

In my review of the Four Percent Challenge I talked about how the affiliated products aren't just any kind of product. They are products used by most influencers in the industry, because of their price, functionality, and affiliated commissions.

With that said, there may be several products that you just simply can't afford as an affiliate marketing beginner. You'll notice these products as you review the Four Percent Challenge sessions or any course for that matter.

This is understandable. What I don't understand are all the people that give up because of it.

Put rather simply, it wasn't until I began investing in online tools did I find the success I was looking. Whereas before, I was subconsciously putting up a wall that I thought I couldn't get past.

If you really want to get over those walls, know you can find a way! You just have to concentrate on what you want and why you want it. Then you'll somehow find a solution to your problem.  

People always do. So can you!

If you quit you fail! Stay the course! It will be worth it.

My Personal Testament 

After years of marketing, I can write this Four Percent Challenge review by saying it is one of the best structures and level of education. I'm confident that it will be for the next several years.

It's more than just an affiliate marketing course for beginners, but an Entrepreneur's lifestyle of building a brand. A brand built on teaching you how to invest in an audience that will come to know, like and trust you no matter what your doing.

I know this investment in an audience works because I've been shown exactly how to change who I am. In doing so, progressively moving towards what it is I truly want in life. 

This way made it much easier for me to discover who I was truly created to be.

Without these changes or paradigm shifts I believe your subconscious mind remains stuck and invaluable. Moreover, since your money is a direct reflection of the value you bring to the market place you remain broke.

Having gone through the Four Percent Challenge twice now I can tell you it teaches you how to break free from that. Break free in a way that eliminates overwhelm, confusion and frustration, so that you can focus on getting results.

I strongly suggest you go through it and create your own Four Percent Challenge review.

Getting What you Desire

As long as you can become or obtain what you think about (the strangest secret), the Four Percent challenge is the vehicle to get you there.

But where is there? What does success look like?

Well, that's what Vick says every person needs to figure out for themselves. What do you really want and who do you need to become to get it!?

Once you figure that out, it's then a matter of impressing what you want into your subconscious mind over and over and over again until you are unconsciously competent in getting what you desire.

In all these years trying to find success online, it was the Four Percent Success Challenge that became my tipping point.

Moreover, its affiliate marketing course for beginners helped me finally focus and acquire everything I needed to build the online business I always wanted. 

Thanks for reading my Four Percent Challenge review.

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Ross Curington
Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, will determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.
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