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This is a 7k Metals review with insight on the precious metals giant. It also talks about how gold and silver buyers are stacking wealth without paying out of pocket using marketing machines such as one you may have heard called, "Wealth Autopilot."

If you understand the need to protect yourself against port government decisions and economic collapse, then 7K metals is for you.

They teach you how to understand the offense of strategy of collecting numismatic coins, so if that's you then you are in the right place. 

However, in this article, we've got something even better. You'll learn how a marketing machine known as "wealth autopilot" pays you to collect gold and silver, without building a downline.

And if you think 7K Metals is a scam, think again! I'll tell you why they are the furthest thing from on in the article.



Although I’ve done my 7K Metals research, it’s important you do the same. I am not an official 7K Metals employee. Some of this information may no longer be accurate, and I'm not a financial advisor. 

I can however help you get started on one of the fastest growing 7K teams, under Wealth Autopilot and Stacking Wealth. We have special quick start training, weekly team meetings, the best strategy implementations and top of the line marketing systems for those that join our team only.

Furthermore, you might think this article is biased because I'm a 7K Metals Associate. However, I give a fair and educated review of what I think is an amazing, no-brainer kind of opportunity. Building a downline or not, you still win with 7K Metals!

Finally, be sure to follow up with the 7K Metals Associate who may have already sparked your interest to join 7K! If that's me and my Stacking Wealth team, assuming you got here on your own, then Welcome Aboard!
7k metals review

7K Metals: Wealth Autopilot Team

USE: Multi-level marketing company w/ ability to affiliate market silver & gold
PRICE: Annual $199 (standard)
MY RATING: 14 (stars/15 =
93% A-

Back Office Navigation

Training is in a couple different places

Customer Support

Business hr chat, phone, & email support

Membership Value

High quality w/ a ton of value


  • Competetive pricing for gold and silver - No min or max
  • 85% join to purchase precious metals
  • Store access to rare collectables & custom jewelry 
  • Buyer's Certification & Collectors training
  • Private vault access to store your silver & gold metals 
  • Comp plan is about helping your team, NOT just yourself
  • Cancel whenever you want by sending a quick email
  • Buying and selling platform that protects your inventory
  • Given thousands in savings for everyday purchases
  • Tax-deductible purchases as a business expense
  • Access to rare, low mintage collector's coins in coin drops


7K Metals Review Summary: The 7K Metals membership allows the power of gold and silver buyers (you) to transfer declining debt dollars to real money assets with residual income should you choose to share the membership with someone else. As the economy fluctuates, employment issues arise, or unexpected changes come up in life, 7K Metals provides a way out.

What Is 7K Metals

7K Metals is a multi-level membership or referral marketing company that gives you access to NGC authorized precious metals with exclusive buying privileges.

After my 7K Metals review, I've learned that they help you create a legitimate lifestyle around your ability to not only buy and sell the highest quality gold and silver, but to help others do the same at some of the most competitive and member direct prices. 

Referral marketing means should you decided to share this opportunity to collect precious metals with someone else. By doing so you're able to take advantage of their transparent and easy to understand compensation plan.

However, it's important to understand that you don't have to build a downline directly to make money.

Why 7K Metals

After my 7K Metals review, I've learned that unlike any other time in history it's critical people learn how to transfer declining debt dollars into real money assets.

7K Metals does this by harnessing the power of gold and silver in order to create financial independence, preserve people's money (not currency) and live the lifestyles they desire.

Moreover, they wanted to take every day people like you and I regardless of our financial situation to make buying and selling silver and gold easy and accessible.

7K Metals Reviews Current Purchasing Problems

In my 7K Metals review I learned that there are hundreds of thousands of people that would love to collect Gold and Silver. This includes numismatic and collector's coins.

The problem is they don't because of many unanswered questions such as:

  1. Where should I buy them?
  2. Who should I trust?
  3. What should I buy and for how much?
  4. How do I buy in small quantities?
  5. How do I sell them?

These unanswered questions prevent people from collecting in general no matter what it is. This is all because they don't understand their true value. That or they have no idea what they're looking for.

The good thing about 7K is that they do their research for you and I. Not only that, but they help you accumulate real wealth through their coin of the month (Auto Saver) program.

Creates a Hedge of Protection

Gold and silver buyers are smart because it protects them from governments who tell you your currency is no longer worth it's face value. 

For example, the USSR in the early 90's or when cash was worthless in Germany after the first World War. Or even in Venezuela, when its citizens threw their currency in the street.

What would you do if tomorrow your government told you had 24hrs to exchange your currency to something else? For example, the dollar would no longer be the standard currency in America.

To be honest, does something like that seem unlikely? Especially now that stimulus checks are getting pumped into the economy. We're talking about trillions of dollars here affecting every part of the world.

We haven't even begun to see the fall of this on our economy.

But there are however, people who know about this hedge of protection against poor government decisions. Guess who? The Government themselves. They know very well what may be coming, along with wealthy financial institutions.

7K Metal's review has proven this to be true. That government and financial institutions have been the largest holders of silver and gold for years to protect their wealth.

How Do You Join 7K Metals

7K Metals allows you to join as an annual paying member. You can also purchase gold and silver through a current 7K member.

Although it's not necessary you know, converse and get trained by your 7K sponsor or team, I believe it can play a significant role in your 7K journey and overall development as a new or veteran gold and silver enthusiast.

Moreover, it's important that you join a sponsor or a team who has gold and silver,  marketing skill, and most importantly, the mindset for what it takes to build wealth.

7K Metals Membership Cost

Think of 7K Metals as an Amazon membership for gold and silver buyers. You can get started with 7K for as low as $199/year.

However, it's recommended you come in at the premium level for $499/year to receive over $1500+ in value. You get more silver, and you avoid paying a small monthly if you wish to maximize the amount of money you can make.

Now, what if you had the ability to sell Amazon memberships to other people and make $250 - $500 dollar commissions per week doing it?

With 7K Metals, like other MLMs and affiliate marketing practices --you can do exactly that. Only this time, you can expect to earn much more than $250 a week.

How does even $1,000 every week sound for only referring two people and teaching them to do the same thing. I did this same thing for a few months, and now I'm earning on average $1500 a month.

My mentor Vick Strizheus did it in a week, reaching the Gold rank in just two weeks! That has qualified him to earn up to $7000 a week.

Check out 7K Metals compensation plan PDF.

What I Accomplished For My Mom

I may not be a Vick, but I was able to take several accounts under me to their Associate rank. I got my family started first right under me.

Take a look at what I was able to do for my mom since joining her in Dec of 2020. Since then, I've gotten her to earn over $16,000. That averages $1000 every month!

Our Team: Stacking Wealth

Our team that represents my position and down, in the 7K genealogy, goes by "Stacking Wealth." We're a team of elite entrepreneurs, online marketers, and 7K builders on a mission to spread 7K Metals around the world as they open in more and more countries.

Facts About The 7K Metals Company 

7K Metals has expanded relationships --to give you access to precious metals at competitive prices. Or in other words through 'dealer direct pricing.' They do this by cutting out the middle men who traditionally each take a cut. 

Instead, 7K Metals acts as their own broker, wholesaler, and dealer. That means your silver and gold isn't passed around with marked up prices before it gets to you. This includes no minimums or maximums ever.

Here is a little more information about the 7K Metals membership marketing company:

  • In business since November 2016
  • Located in Idaho Falls, ID USA
  • Offers membership to those in these countries: United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, England, New Zealand, and Ireland
  • Founders, Josh Anderson, Zach Davis, Roger Ball, and Richard Hansen have prior network marketing experience
  • Have experience in multiple industries
  • 100+ years of successful business experience, including multi-level marketing
  • Debt free company
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Membership Cost to join includes their $199 standard and their $499 premium. Each plan puts silver in your hands.

The 7K Advantage Program

In my 7K Metals review, I've also learned that they are all about supporting the lifestyle you live day to day. If you like good deals and love to travel then the 7K Advantage Program is an amazing benefit.

The 7K Advantage program helps you live the life you create. This includes over 800,000 ways to travel, exclusive offers on travel, local restaurant deals wherever you are, every day services you already use, and deals on the largest name brands.

7K Metals added this huge member benefit to help you save where you have to spend, so you can spend more where you want.

7k advantage

Gold and Silver Buyers

We work more and more, but our dollars are worth less and less. The sad part about that is people are actually burning themselves out trying to keep up. They're not building their own business and they're not using things like gold and silver as a hedge of protection.

If you are interested in learning how my team and I can help you secure real Gold and Silver without paying out of pocket, then you have to watch my presentation here. We teach you how to run your own business by helping you qualify to earn a minimum of $250 a week.

Without this education we provide government and financial institutions will continue to be the largest holders of silver and gold. It's almost like they trained us to not know or understand the true power of precious metals.

chocolate or silver

For example, people would rather take a bar of chocolate over a 100oz bar of silver. The going rate per ounce of silver right now is about $25 dollars. That's just crazy to me. 

You can watch that video on our Stacking Wealth home page here that you are free to promote when you join our team.

7K Metals bridges the gap of ignorance to how Silver and Gold and change your life. Team up with me and the Stacking Wealth Team and get started today!

Buying Gold and Silver from 7K

If you are buying precious metals through another member's site, you will have to pay a premium.

So it's best you just join.

Currency vs Money

First you need to learn the difference between currency and money.

I told you earlier that 7K Metals was created to create a hedge of protection against what our government tells us what our currency is worth. Unfortunately, over time it's inevitable that the dollar will collapse. The question is when.

Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 the dollar has lost about 95% of its original value. That means technically it's down to a few pennies.

You see, gold and silver buyers understand what it means to have a valuable and sound transactional asset. It's why 7K Metals uses the term 'sound money.' Sound as an adjective meaning reliable or free from flaw.

Currency on the other hand is paper (fiat). It's backed by nothing except government promises. When it comes down to paper bills that's all it really is —just paper.

Is An Economic Collapse Possible?

With more and more currency (dollars) being pumped into the economy how much longer before people start losing confidence in it? Is an economic collapse coming? If so will you be prepared is the more important question.

You have to understand the difference between real money (silver and gold), which has actually increased in value over time. Fiat currency on the other hand continues to decrease over time.

That being said it makes 100% sense to diversify your investment portfolio with something such as precious metals. The problem is something we talked about already above: More people than not just don't know how to get started. 

My 7K Metals review shows they help solve that problem.

Buyer Certification Program

To become the best gold and silver buyers I highly recommend 7K's Buyer Certification Program.

Knowing what precious metals fit you best and the history of why they have remained so valuable is critical to understanding how to begin diversifying your portfolio with them.

The Buyers Certification will help answer your questions about:

  1. How the wealthy have always bought and sold silver and gold for their gain.
  2. How to protect your personal finances in any economy
  3. What is coin collecting all about and the different types
  4. Why governments and large institutions are the largest buyers of gold and silver
sell silver and gold

When gold and silver buyers are considering different options it is important they think about what's most important. Asking questions such as these can help:

  1. Are you interested in coins from a historical or collecting perspective? 
  2. Searching for a way to invest for your future?
  3. Or has your countries inflation and currency depreciation drawn you in?

Either way, what I love about 7K Metals is that there is a 'piece of the pie' for everyone. You may already be the coin educator, the aspiring collector, or someone confused about where to get stared.

In fact, many 7K members purchased their membership because they were interested in buying precious metals at dealer direct pricing as well as the opportunity to better understand precious metals. They do that by completing 7K Metal's propriety buyers certification program.

Buy Back Program

In order to take advantage of 7K metals buy back program you need to email their support, until further notice. You need to do this, along with any photos you might have, so they can check if the coins you have are a part of the buy back program.

If they are a part of their buy back program the actual price is determined when the coin(s) arrive at their office.

Also, because the buyback pricing changes often, and they don't list prices on the coins in the shopping cart.

It's important to realize that in the world of precious metals pricing changes often. Because of this they don't list buy back values on the coins in the shopping cart or in your product store.

NOTE: The MS70 Silver Eagles are not currently included in their buyback program. However, they can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund. 

Stack and Sell

Now you can list your coins, stack them, get them inspected, and sell them privately on the all new Stack and Sell website. 

Coin Collecting

Most of our Stacking Wealth team take up the hobby of collecting things. I found an interest in coin collecting when I was a teenager. A good friend of mine showed me his collection that got passed down to him from his grandfather. I'm talking about coins that were worth thousands. 

From that moment on I started collecting coins, but until 7K Metals' I was never sure where to buy and sell silver.

7K Metal's Collector's Certification Training

Buyer's Certification

Information coming soon...

The Auto Saver Program

The 7K Metals has determined that if every month you purchased one MS70 Silver Eagle since 1986 it would have cost you about $45K. Today that same collection would be worth 1.2 million dollars.

Collect Silver

This is why the company created their auto saver program. That and to give people an easy way to collect coins with rarity and story every month.

Moreover, you're not limited to Silver Eagles. You get a total of 3 diverse options.

  1. Silver Eagles + State Collector's Set / The most popular collectable coin.
  2. State Animal Silver + State Collector's Set
  3. State Animal Gold + State Collector's Set (low mintage, fractional gold)
  4. 7 Pillars - Gold Notes + Tom Holdman's Original Collector's Set 

These coins are hand selected from a team of experts and get sent to your door step every month. 

With that said, the auto saver program is designed to give you peace of mind by owning a tangible asset that has held its value for thousands of years.

This was the main reason I created the Stacking Wealth team. I wanted to set up my team and family with sound money and an 'easier' way to earn income.

The Silver Eagles (Auto-Saver) Coins Are Not Worth That Much

Although the MS70 auto-saver for basic and variety options APPEAR to cost more than the coins themselves do, for those of you you who already searched Ebay, do not fret.

So yes, the average 2021 American Silver eagle for example is about $40 dollars. However, 7K doesn't give you average coins!

7K provides all coins in:

  1. In graded MS 69 or 70 condition by NGC (see Sheldon grading scale below)
  2. Encapsulated (never hand touched)
  3. Coins come with a limited population
  4. They are included in a state label series (set)
  5. There is monetary value built into 7K coins to pay commission
  6. The coins will continue to increase in value

Those three things alone make the Autosaver worth every penny!

What Does MS70 Mean?

The MS simply stands for mint state. "Mint" is the name given to a coin factory. Mint condition is the condition a coin is when it leaves the mint. 

MS70 stands for a perfect coin. In other words it was struck perfect, and it has no visible marks or scratches under magnification. Only 5% -10% of coins qualify as an MS70 (perfect condition).

You can learn more by visiting NGC's coin grading scale. NGC uses what's called an accepted Sheldon grading scale form 1-70 dating back to the late 1940's. Then in once adopted by the NGC it became the industry standard.

Now, the NGC is the word's largest third-party coin grading service. It stands for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. It's privately owned and based in Sarasota, Florida 

NOTE: When you join 7K as a premium member you get sent an MS70 coin among several other things that you can see listed here.

Sound Money Wallet w/ Private Vault Access

After my 7K Metals review, I realized that they are one of the first to use what they call, Sound Money wallet' like they do. It's packed with powerful features and technology to send and receive precious metals and money.

The best part about it, you can purchase bullion for just a one dollar, if that was all you had to get started.

More importantly, it's also backed by gold and silver.

So you can take your cash and buy silver and gold directly within your Sound Money Wallet. This includes using the cash stored in your sound money wallet to buy your auto saver coin every month or precious metals from your product store.

After buying silver and gold, 7K Metals can put it in a private vault space kept safe for you at a very low discounted rate. If it's a qualifying coin, I'm pretty sure you can store it for free.

Their private vaults include, but are not limited to:

  • Insurance
  • Military grade security
  • Inventory management
  • Electronic Visibility
  • Movement Tracking

You can always request to have it sent to your home or transferred back to cash. Then in a couple clicks have it deposited into your connected bank account. 

I actually love being able to transfer money to other 7K Metals' members. What I mean is you can send these assets in precious metals or cash to other 7K Associates.

What's really cool is 7K Metals reviews all your transactions in case you need to refer back to any sound money wallet transaction.

7K Metals: A "Membership Marketing" Company 

Let's talk about 7K Metals being a 'membership marketing' or 'network marketing' company. By the way, those terms mean multi-level marketing (MLM). However, membership marketing has the best connotation and is being used by more and more multi-level marketing companies.

Multi-Level marketing is about you distributing your supplier’s products to other people (business builders) you bring on board (hence the word distributorship). In other words, you are simply a distribution center or contractor for your MLM company when you bring on new builders.

You see, your MLM company (supplier) will only always be the vehicle we use to get to where we are going as entrepreneurs in this industry. You’ll realize you don't sell products and/or services as a Multi-level Marketer, you sell your system, which are the tools and resources built upon by your team. 

I appreciate 7K Metals not hiding the fact that they are an MLM, but why does the term carry such a bad rap? There are several reasons, but most of them are subjective. Below are the biggest reasons people have against MLM.

You Have to Pay to Play

I grew up learning that you have to pay to play. Our Stacking Wealth team member's know you have to have some skin in the game.

What contracting business do you know of where the contractor pays for the supplies? They don't. The customer does. Except this time the customer will be quipped with your system to complete future jobs him or herself should they want to.

Keep in mind multi-level marketers are not employees of their supplying company. You can't endorse a check with the name of that company on it. That means you're buying your own distributor producing system.

NOTE: When Signing Up

When joining 7K metals with our Stacking Wealth team it's strongly recommended you join as a premium member vs standard. Keep in mind these memberships are renewed annually.

Also, I've had team members try to upgrade shortly after joining and found out you pay the full price, but you get an extra year out of it.

If you're serious about turning this into a business then the premium plan is still the way to go. You'll get hit with fees later if you start earning paychecks as anything but a premium member.

When you join our Stacking Wealth team expect to earn paychecks. Whether you help work the business side of things or not, if you join 7K Metals on our team you will earn paychecks. With you working it you'll not only earn more checks but higher paid ones.

Emphasis is Placed on the Recruitment of Members

What contractor do you know of that doesn't build a bigger business by recruiting employees? None.

Does it make sense for my contracting business to be about the employees or about the results we can provide the customers? The results of course!

Do some employees get it twisted and misrepresent the company? Yes they do. Doesn't mean the contracting business is bad.

The So-Called Pyramid Scheme

Finally, the "notorious" pyramid scheme stigma. These types of schemes, pyramid or Ponzi are illegal because people pay money for position, title, or rank without any products. These get shut down by the Federal Trade Commission.

Second, untrained individuals get sponsored into MLMs believing hype about financial freedom. Unfortunately, these people never know what to do next. Thus, never make any money.

Whom do they blame? The person at the top of the pyramid. When are leaders not blamed? It comes with the territory.

Finally, it doesn't take a genius to know that every company in corporate America is pyramidal in structure. 

Who makes all the money in a corporate business? The CEO right? Is he or she at the top? Yes they are. Who gets blamed when something goes wrong? The CEO.

7K Metals Compensation Plan

Coming off that last section, about pyramidal structures... One of the reasons I joined 7K Metals was because of their unique pyramidal structure. Moreover, they've been able to help the average person make an above average income.

According to my 7K Metals review and what I've learned so far...  Yes, people are still placed in your downline, but it's how those people are placed in your downline that makes all the difference.

With 7K Metals you get to take advantage of your upline building out your downline for you.

Crazy I know...

It's Not About Sponsoring As Many People As You Can

It's no longer advantageous for someone to sponsor a bunch of people only to leave their downline empty-handed. Not forgetting to mention that most if not all of them in the downline don't have the marketing skill nor charisma to sell anything if their life depended on it.

This means that as your sponsor I don't benefit unless I help you build your downline. And then you don't benefit unless you help your downline benefit and so forth. 

What's amazing about the 7K Metal's compensation plan is that your benefits don't stop with the people you help directly below you. You benefit with EVERYONE that comes after you (through infinite levels).

For example, like a pyramid I sponsored someone on my left and someone on my right. That qualifies me as an Associate, the first paid rank in the 7K Metals compensation plan. 

A Point System

I can't get paid according to the 7K Metals compensation plan unless I help my direct enrollees build out their business. They, too, will need to rank as an associate in order for me to continue to advance in rank (Cooper, Bronze, Silver, etc).

However, it would serve me best to build out a strong left and right team, at least three levels deep to ensure I can cycle 250 or 500 points on a weekly basis as an "Associate Rank."

You get points from:

  1. Each sponsorship depending on the package picked at the time of sign up
  2. The auto-saver program
  3. Purchased in your online store, by you or someone else.

Here's what's great about all this...

It may not be your immediate upline, but one that's experienced and has online marketing experience such as myself. Whoever this person is, it's in their best interest to build out their downline in order for them to continue to advance in rank and grow their paychecks.

And guess what? You're in their downline!

Pay Leg vs Strong Leg

Because we benefit through infinite levels one side will typically always be larger in points than the other side because of your upline.

The 7K compensation plan calls this your "strong leg". The weaker leg or one with fewer points they call your pay leg. As soon as you reach 500 points on both sides you will cycle on Sunday at 2am ET time.

Depending on certain conditions, your pay leg goes to zero and your strong leg is deducted by 500. If you have leadership points your weak leg won't go to zero after you cycle.

In order to understand why you accumulate points on your strong leg you cannot think like a pyramid, or it will drive you crazy trying to figure it out.

Basically, if my upline directly enrolls Paul to their outer right leg --Paul will show up in my downline even though I haven't sponsored anyone directly yet. This happens because I started before Paul did and because I'm also in that same outer right leg as my upline.

So when Paul shows up in my downline I get his points too because of the "first come, first served" concept. It's this reason why most people generate a stronger leg. The left leg is the 'break' and begins a new pyramid sort-of-speak by beginning to build your left side.

Inactive vs Active Status

As far as 7K's business model is concerned (I assume) there is money built into to the Autosaver purchase to pass commissions to your team. But like I said above, even if this "passing commissions" is not true, the Autosaver is still worth every penny to me!

I know on the other hand it's one of two ways to remain active in 7K's compensation plan. The other way to remain active is to sponsor someone directly.

Although 7K Metals presents a phenomenal opportunity, the world of metals is not a quick return investment deal. Think of these precious metals as an asset.

An insurance policy against fiat collapse. 7K coins are the highest grade in existence. 

7K Metals Review Summary

With that said, it's important to understand that with 7K Metals you are not really buying anything. You are simply transferring wealth from a declining currency to appreciating assets.

After my 7K Metals review I've learned that they help you create a legitimate lifestyle around your ability to not only buy and sell valuable silver and gold, but to help others do the same.


About the author

Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, he will help you determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.


  • AWESOME article! I joined 7K metals over 5 years. Left joined Mint Builders just to come back to see a “new and improved” 7K 1 I joined a leader that is helping all our team members to establish their own marketing brand online.

  • Ross, I’ve read a lot of 7k material, and I want to compliment you on a beautiful job of putting it all together in an enjoyable and understandable read. I am a writer of sorts, and I enjoyed your style.
    Two questions I haven’t been able to have answered.
    1. Do you know who the insurance carrier is for 7k Metals? Their stock and our vaulted assets?
    2. If you don’t mind offering some advice on building business: I am that person without family to enlist, or friends and co-workers to rally. I am outgoing and certainly put in the time, but nine months in and still an Associate is not what I had envisioned. Please don’t say to talk to my sponsor/team leader/,etc. I like what YOU wrote, and am interested in YOUR thoughts. I’m sure you may some follow up questions, so fire away at your pleasure. I admire the 7k company and its ethics, and I believe in the products.

    Thank you.

  • Just started reading “My Journey”. I believe there is a ton of incredible advice and value right there. Thanks again.

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