STEP 2: PRODUCT Selection

Your marketing product is literally the bread and butter of your business. After buying or making it, your product is what you have to show for the time and resources you’ve put into your business.

Now whether it’s enough bread and butter to live off of is another question. To make sure your product can keep you in business your research continues with things like, keyword research to see if there’s enough demand for it in relation to the marketplace it’s in.

For example, the “Hair loss” market is a 4-billion-dollar industry with over 56 million people losing hair in the US alone. There are several profitable keywords and great competitive products on Google related to hair.

The problem is when it comes to Kindle publishing (a business method) there isn’t a strong enough demand for hair loss. People just aren’t buying Kindle ebooks about it. At least not enough to be assured you are not wasting your time.

A person could easily lose money if they were just getting started in the hair loss niche with a Kindle publishing business. However, they could very well make a small fortune as an affiliate marketer selling digital products about it.

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