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Why network marketing might you ask?

Asking "why network marketing" these days is more than likely a load question. So many people have heard the good and bad and simply want  clear answers.

In this article I don' expect to give you every detail, but I do break down the four biggest arguments (at least the ones most talked about) in a 'pro versus con' format to get you thinking.  

Hopefully, after you learn more about why network marketing from here, you'll stick around for a while and get to know our community. 


Why Network Marketing?

Why Network Marketing: Can be very profitable
Why Not: The pay off usually comes after a small investment

Start up cost are generally low when compared to starting a typical brick and mortar business. Paying little money upfront to buy things or to get started may or may not be very beneficial. It all depends on how fast you want to get started and how hard your willing to work. 

Getting started an average range can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 as a one time payment and usually followed by reoccurring fees.

Most companies set you up out of the gate running with products, supplies, and miscellaneous fees covered for the first few months. The more you pay usually means the more incentives and bonuses you make with products business sales. All in all though, it just depends on your company. Paying more up front is not necessarily a bad thing.

​It's interesting, because every year more and more marketing companies begin to see the value in networking and pyramidal payment structures. There are now well over a couple thousand network marketing companies out there trying to tap into the huge profit margin that already exists.

Why Network marketing: You get to work for yourself
Why Not: It's just you against the world

It's nice to be able to choose which hours you want to work and not have to punch in or out on a clock. As your own boss you have time freedom because you get to work when you want and can even choose not to work when you don't feel like it.

You can also choose to work full time or part time, and who you want to work with you. It all comes down to making as much money as you put in the effort to make.

The con seen by most is you have to work hard. That means building up an audience, credibility and authority. Instead of being told what to do working for a corporate, your busy trying to figure out what to do working as your own boss. That doesn't come easy for most.

Many people are oblivious to the fact that it takes time to build a solid business and many are quick to expect the end result before they've really done any real work. Although it's great to begin with the end in mind you have to prepare your self to make it to that "end." Unfortunately, most do not.

Hopefully, you reach out to your up-line and business group for support, but you have to realize that there may not be support from those you expect it to come from.

Why Network Marketing: Among the highest-quality products
Why Not: Great products usually mean higher prices

Products manufactured by MLM companies usually are the most robust and effective in terms of performance and standards when made and distributed. The products themselves are most likely high quality grade, unique, and have true value in the marketplace.​

You often find people comparing store bought products to network marketing company products, but because network marketing products are so rare it's hard to really compare. However, there are still people who find products and try to compare them, claiming the store brand sells for less.  

Moreover, the business owner in most cases can purchase the company's products at distributor rates and can even sale them lower than the retailed amount if he or she chooses to. 

The truth of the matter comes from asking yourself are you and/or your customer getting what you pay for? The pricing strategy of a credible MLM or network marketing company comes from understanding the basics of price vs. value. 

We ask ourselves, "what can I buy for the lowest price, but comes with the amount of quality I can live with?" This question is essential in our market places today because we all know "we get what we pay for."​

Why Network Marketing: MLMs are legal opportunities
Why Not: They are pyramid scheme scams

You will be surprised by the amount of people that go scurrying for cover every time they hear the word MLM, multi-level marketing, or network marketing. They are not only fearful that you may try and ram a business opportunity down their throat, but you are participating in a pyramid scheme.

Many people have been involved in a MLM get-rich quick or pyramid scheme themselves and therefore have had negative experiences. That or they simply build a business on the hype of having financial freedom, not realizing the dedication and work ethic behind building a business.

If not most of the negative perceptions, then all of them are evolved myths or unfortunate circumstances. Network marketing would have been shut down years ago if they were pyramid schemes because they are illegal.

Pyramid schemes have fake or no products and pay people solely on the addition of people signing up. Network marketing is alive and making around 200 billion dollars in sales, with more self made millionaires than in any other industry. To learn more about this I found a great article you can check out by clicking here

Of course the crux of this issue is the fact that only the people at the top, or those that started in the beginning make most of the money. Again, most marketing companies promote "equality for all," which gives you as a marketer the opportunity to make more money and have as much or more prestige as the executive team responsible for the company. Not forgetting to mention that real pyramid schemes are illegal and most have been shut down by the.

In Final Analysis

I hope you were able to learn a little bit more about network marketing (MLMs). Again, this is not an exhaustive list by any means, but wanted to introduce you to the most controversial topics when it comes to network marketing.  

There are a few more PROs and CONs out there such as arguments of tax benefits, the people you meet and the friends you lose, and one's ability to sell versus promote. 


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