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This is an affiliate marketing for beginners article. It talks about why the Four Percent Success Challenge by Vick Strizheus answers the question: how to start affiliate marketing. It's full of affiliate marketing training, affiliate tools and affiliate products. It is not opportunity driven like multi-level marketing (MLMs) or sponsoring systems. Moreover, it has been rated as one of the highest affiliate marketing programs for beginners by Trustpilot.

Furthermore, thousands of affiliate programs and offers are giving you more and more information that convince you why you need their affiliate marketing course to be successful. However, rarely will they challenge you to attract success as an entrepreneur instead of as a customer like the Four Percent Challenge will. It incorporates specific direction applicable to virtually any business you want. To help you build it with a big enough why to push through the barriers in your life.


Perfect for Affiliate Marketing Beginners: The Four Percent Success Challenge

Affiliate Marketing Success

What doesn't Kill You Makes you Stronger

Have you spent years online trying to make money? Have you lost money paying for programs and courses that get you nowhere? Or have you just simply been struggling to learn how to start affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing for beginners

Before you begin affiliate marketing, disarray typically precedes it.  If it hasn't you're one of the lucky ones.

Either way, I'm here to encourage you as an Affiliate Marketing beginner. What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.

Besides, if earning income online was easy we'd all be millionaires. Not forgetting to mention, failure and utter doom make great recipes for success should you stay the course.

Whatever you do, don't blame someone else. Even when it's easy to blame, blaming removes the motivation we need to push through. No matter what, keep moving forward. That's the only way we win!

Publisher vs Advertiser

With the right business model and coaching -- starting out can be both fun and profitable. 

That is why you have to take a look at the Four Percent Success Challenge by Vick Strizhues' Four Percent Group. It's one of the highest rated affiliate marketing training programs I've seen -- full of affiliate products and tools. Check out their reviews on Trustpilot.

Vick has understood that a Publisher makes more sense to start in rather than as an Advertiser and hopes to help anyone get started. Most likely as an affiliate marketing beginner.

An Affiliate is anyone that publishes (promotes, recommends or resells) an Advertiser’s product or service. In layman’s terms you are trying to sell something created by someone else. They advertise through us as publishers to sell their affiliate product(s). You can publish these affiliate products on a blog, social, media, funnels. OR you can recommend them through live calls, and webinars. 

You can create your own products.  It's just as a Publisher: start up costs; people skills; and the tech skills; are all very low. This makes the average income per year earned as a Publisher at an all time high. Those odds couldn't be any better for you in 2019!

Everything is Difficult Before it's Easy

I'm not saying affiliate marketing for beginners is easy.  In fact, everything is difficult before it's easy. Instead of complaining or quitting, we need to use our time as an investment spent cashing in on the things we find challenging. That is the only way to get the most success out of things we do in this world. Affiliate marketing is no different.

Where people get tied down is finding the right affiliate marketing training and tools to make sales.

With that said, I'd like to introduce you to a challenge: Vick's Four Percent Success Challenge. It's an affiliate marketing training and product driven ecosystem full of affiliate products and tools.

Should you decide to take the challenge, you will learn how to go from zero to $10,000+ in sales, selling other people's products, starting from scratch. It's built out with some of the highest rated affiliate products and teaches you how to build a passive income producing business.

It's called the Four Percent Success Challenge. But first let's talk about why the Four Percent Success Challenge makes sense when choosing it as an affiliate product to promote. 

Choosing Affiliate Products

The 5 things that make any opportunity or offer you promote worth your investment

  • Mass Market Appeal - There needs to be a mass market appeal about and around the affiliate products you promote.  What's the buzz around the product? Does it get people excited? Are their specific and realistic outcomes (end results) that appeals to a large audience?  
  • Moral Authority - Is the affiliate product or offer a part of a program or company who's vision you believe in? Did you actually buy the affiliate products and become a testimonial of them? Could you look at your best friend, mom or dad and say, "go get this product. It will change your life" 
  • Product Suites - The product's company should be big enough to have product suites. That means is there an ecosystem of affiliate marketing tools around the product you’ve chosen? Like Apple, they don't just make money from iPhones. This sets you up for multiple streams of income.
  • Future and Scalability - Will your affiliate products be around in the long-run? You may ask, where is the company going? Will they cap out anytime soon? How many people have bought into the program and will people continue to buy it?
  • Compensation Plan - You want to find out if the affiliate product pays out on at least 30% commissions. Do they have residual or recurring commissions? If they pay out on first and second tiers consider that a huge plus.

The Four Percent Success Challenge meets all 5 criteria should you choose to promote it as your Affiliate Product

Click the Four Percent Challenge to review this product and why it's one of the best to promote.

Quick Note
Those 5 things that make a product you promote worth your investment don't matter if you can't do this one thing:

Produce and communicate free or inexpensive value that entices an audience to want to learn more, follow you, and purchase what you have to offer. The Four Percent Success Challenge teaches you how to do this.

Recommended Networks

The Four Percent Group

The Next Amazon For Online Affiliate Marketers

Vick Strizheus is currently building out the next Amazon for Online Marketers worldwide through his latest company called the Four Percent Group. Well over a million people have had their hands on the material inside this 'Group' to make it the multi-million dollar infrastructure that it has become today.

the four percent group

Anyone everywhere (who creates an account) will learn a tremendous amount of value from free and paid affiliate marketing training that will help them build any online business in the world.

The Group includes affiliate marketing training that people can access through both free and paid courses. Not forgetting to mention affiliate marketing tools and products that will equip them to be better marketers no matter what their promoting.

Hundreds of Attached Affiliated Products

Like Amazon -- Affiliate Marketing for beginners will have access to hundreds of affiliate products inside the Four Percent Group's affiliate program. There is no special sign up to join the Four Percent's affiliate program. After you create your account next to each product you'll find a product referral link. Just give that to yoru traffic (without needing to own the product) and you can bring in an unlimited amount of commissions.

For every product you recommend and refer as a sale you make 30% commissions with the chance to earn more as you accrue sales.

Automated Affiliate Marketing Promotion (MSI Ecosystem)

What's unlike other programs is that for every affiliate product inside the Four Percent Group are more several more affiliate marketing tools that you can earn multiple streams of income from.

Let me explain...

If I purchased an affiliate marketing training course that you recommend to me from the Four Percent Group, then you'll make 30% commission. 

Now, let's say as I'm going through affiliate marketing training course  and in a video Vick recommends I get ClickFunnels. Now, this isn't just a verbal recommendation, but inside the Four Percent Group is linking technology. Vick would actually have your link underneath that training video where I would click it to go by ClickFunnels.

This is possible because I purchased the Affiliate marketing training course from your link

Moreover, with these attached affiliate marketing tools built inside each product and course -- you make 100% of the commissions. So, ClickFunnels' would pay you 40% if I joined Clickfunnels from inside my Four Percent account.

High Quality Affiliate Products

Now, these are not just any kind of product the Four Percent promotes. They are all products presented as some of the best in terms of functionality and price. This includes their staple affiliate marketing training course, the Four Percent Success Challenge.

affiliate products beginners

They are also not just affiliate marketing tools used by beginner affiliate marketers, but used by some of the most influential leaders in the industry today. They use them everyday to sell offers and scale their business as fast and as efficiently as possible.

With the continual build out of several hundred attached affiliate products you will have an experience like never before to earn some serious commissions.

Now, if that doesn't make Affiliate Marketing beginners excited then the fact that this experience is FREE to anyone who creates a Four Percent Group account ought to do the trick.

Look out everyone!

Affiliate marketing for beginners is making a statement inside the make money niche.

If you are ready to start promoting these affiliate products and receive FREE affiliate marketing training then check out this article: Four Percent Review.

Recommended Training

The Four Percent Challenge

The Four Percent Success Challenge Re-Launched in November 2018

four percent challenge review

Vick recently redesigned the Four Percent Success Challenge. He's made it to be the most comprehensive, affiliate marketing training course available. It's step-by-step, video guided, and comes with excellent daily coaching by Vick himself.

Not forgetting to mention it's acquired over 200,000 contributors over the lifetime of its existence. Furthermore, these contributors tested and revised its affiliate marketing training for over a decade. 

Inside the 4 Four Percent Group, the first of three core affiliate marketing products is the Four Percent Success Challenge.

Any Four Percent Success Challenge review will tell you that this affiliate marketing training course comes with a ton of value. As a result, affiliate marketing beginners all over the world benefit. Any person off the street who decides to take the Four Percent Success Challenge and apply the concepts can find success.

Affiliate marketing training because Vick Strizheus has identified it as one of the easiest and most profitable industry to start earning passive income from. He coaches you all the way through the program. He also gives you direct access to him on live web meetings should you want to speak to him directly.

See my Four Percent Challenge review here.

My Four Percent Success Challenge Success

I was able to make over $3500 dollars in sales after going the Success Challenge's affiliate marketing training. That's close to $1100 in commissions I made. And was all from my inner circle with no paid advertising. 

I came in 24th out of a couple hundred people or more promoting the Four Percent Success Challenge back in the Spring of 2018. This is when we got paid through Clickbank, which is the affiliate marketing program that paid Four Percent Group Affiliates.

four percent challenge review

If you are ready to start learning how to go from $0 to $10k in just 30 days from scratch then you have to read my Four Percent Challenge reviewOr you can go directly to the Success Challenge by clicking here.

The Authority Site (coming soon)

Affiliate Marketing Tools

You really only need to be prepared to spend at least $200 - $250 dollars a month in setup.

If you are able to go all out and spend money setting up the affiliate marketing tools that Vick recommends then you need to be prepared to spend over $300 a month. Plus, one time payments totaling close to $1500 . If you can do it great!

Otherwise, I recommend you use the alternative affiliate marketing tools that I've written out below.

No matter what affiliate marketing tools you use affiliate marketing beginners need them. Like any brick and mortar business expenses pays rent, utilities, inventory, misc tools, etc. -- they are inevitable.

Beginning affiliate marketers must learn to recognize that without these extra expenses your business is likely to fail or never reach the potential it can. It's an investment and requires you to invest in certain affiliate marketing tools. 

Above all, no one said it was going to be easy and if they did they lied to you. You just need to make the commitment to follow through.

The Product

There will soon be several hundred affiliate products inside the Four Percent Group by this time next year. If you are an affiliate marketing beginner this is very good news.

Some of these affiliate marketing tools and products cost and some are free.

Promoting Vick's Four Percent Challenge (Vick's core affiliate product) is a perfect product to promote. I would definitely go through it first yourself. It's $49 a month. You can also pay a lifetime price of $497 available only after you start your Four Percent Challenge.

Your Website/Hub

A place where people can learn more about you, your affiliate products, offers, and just about anything else. In short, Vick suggests eStage (Vick's core product) for affiliate marketing beginners.

It's important you understand that eStage is not a total website package. You'll need WordPress regardless, along with a hosting company that installs WordPress for you, which is a separate cost (see below). eStage is just a theme and a somewhat limited theme if you ask me.

I've always used Thrive Themes as my most prized affiliate marketing tool. The value you'll get from using Thrive Themes Membership is 10Xs the value of eStage. Thrive Themes membership is $228 every year

Last time I checked eStage was only $297, but only when purchased inside the Success Challenge. Otherwise, it's $497. You will also need to purchase the training called eStage Academy for $297.

On the other hand, Thrive Themes will train you for free using their University Program.

Without WordPress you can always use website  2.0 platforms (comes with free hosting) like Tumblr, Wix, or blogger to name a few. They all have free options. However, you'll eventually want your own self-hosted platform.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the best self-hosted platforms out there. The hosting company you choose will install WordPress for you. For my self-hosted site I like Bluehost. You can can get it for less than $3/month.

Since using Bluehost I have upgraded to a differ company. I now get free malware scans, backups, high speed cloud CDN service, DDoS protection and more from WPX hosting.

A Funnel Builder

I actually use my website as my funnel building affiliate marketing tool to save money. It's a perfect ClickFunnels alternative, but it's more advance. This means the funnel builder I love and recommend is also Thrive Themes.

With the membership it's only $19/month, but if you haven't noticed already your getting several conversion focused plugins and themes included in your membership. Affiliate Marketing for beginners may want to stick with Clickfunnels (CF) since the learning curve isn't as big as setting up Thrive themes on a WordPress site. Clickfunnels is recognized as an industry standard for $97 a month.

Either way, without a funnel to direct traffic to and from your affiliate products - earning an income is difficult. You should still sign up for Clickfunnels here as an affiliate for free, so you can take advantage of The Four Percent's MSI ecosystem. That is if you choose to use Thrive Themes to build your funnels.

After that, I would purchase Clickfunnels down the road, because of its ease when building more complex funnels and/or having affiliate products for sell.

An Email Autoresponder

After directing traffic to and from your funnel you'll need a "holding tank." This is critical for affiliate marketing beginners, because you begin to build your "list" of email contacts.

In addition, this is your most important affiliate marketing tool. You collect leads that you can market to whenever you want. "They say," the money is in your list. I've only ever used Getresponse (GR) for $12 bucks a month (per year).

You can get Getresponse for 30 days free. Although, I'm strongly considering ConvertKit, since Vick recommends it. Consequently, it's more expensive, but "it's said" they have better deliverability rates.

Traffic Generation

Getting unlimited amounts of laser-targeted traffic to your affiliate products and offers is critical. Vick refers to this Internet Traffic Mastery (Vick's Core Product) as the "go-to program for entrepreneurs who want to become traffic masters."

This sells for $1,997, but through the Four Percent  Challenge it's discounted for only $997.

Solo ads from Udimi are a great Internet Traffic Mastery alternative for only .30-.50 cents a click.

Affiliate marketing beginners love using Udimi, because it provides a very fast, safe, and convenient way to get on demand traffic. Whereas Internet Traffic Mastery is an affiliate marketing training product that teaches you everything you'd need to know about traffic generation.

Udimi comes with a discount when you use this link. However, you'll definitely still want to get Internet Traffic Mastery as soon as you can afford. You definitely learn everything you would ever need to know about driving traffic to your affiliate products.

Link Tracking

Link tracking is the affiliate marketing tool that makes the four figure plus difference in one's business.

Think about it. If you started to make a little bit of money here. Some more there. Then you pick up a sale from somewhere else.

Well, in each of those difference places if you could not track where the sale came from then you wouldn't be able to zero in on the most productive and most money producing area of your business. You'd be guessing.

Vick recommends you use ClickMagick to eliminate guessing, track your links, and record your clicks.

Now, affiliate marketing for beginners don't need Clickmagick to start making sales. However, they'll need it if they wish to scale and grow down the road. It's really one of the best link tracking tools around.

With that said, a tool like Rebrandly works perfectly fine until you're ready to pay for something like ClickMagick. ClickMagick isn't even all that expensive, but with all the tools you'll be using, the monthly fees definitely add up.

The good thing about Rebrandly is it has similar, but less features from ClickMagick, but for an unbeatable price. Free. 

Affiliate Marketing Tools Cost too Much

Vick Strizheus' affiliate marketing training and products were not randomly selected. They were selected, because they are products used by most influencers in the affiliate marketing industry. As a result, these influences have recognized these products to have the best price, functionality, and affiliated commissions.

With that said, there may be several affiliate products that beginning affiliate marketers can't afford. 

This is understandable. What I don't understand are all the people that give up because of it.

Put rather simply, it wasn't until I began investing in affiliate marketing tools did I find the success I was looking. Whereas before, I was subconsciously putting up a wall that I thought I couldn't get past.

If you really want to get over those walls, you can! You just have to concentrate on what you want and why you want it. Then you'll somehow find a solution to your problem.  

People always do. So, stay the course! It will be worth it.


About the author

Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, he will help you determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.


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