Right now you’re a stranger to the world, and before you can become someone to be reckoned with you need to research a need or gap in one of three core markets, health, wealth, or relationships that you have or find enough value in to make a difference. From there you identify a submarket and then a niche to settle into.

For example, you could operate out of the "relationship" market. Your submarket could be "parenting," and your niche could be "homeschooling."

If you're struggling to find a niche in a submarket, like parenting, just ask yourself what other "vehicles" are people trying to use to have a better relationship with their kids inside the parenting submarket.

Our Market

For myself and those working with me, we operate out of the "wealth" market. Our submarket is "marketing" and I use 'internet' marketing as my niche to help people increase their wealth.

Our Method and Products

After settling into a niche you need to research a business method you feel most comfortable with (i.e., affiliate, network marketing, or video marketing) and a product that has enough demand and healthy competition. 

Once again, here we specialize in affiliate and network marketing as our primary business methods. 

Don’t underestimate research before getting started. It’s imperative that you do the proper research on a METHOD and PRODUCT before getting started.

Below are "RESEARCH Component" articles. These are just simple articles that help you understand everything involved when it comes to research.

Below that are the first TWO STEPS (Method and Product Selection) one must go through when building an online business. You can read that step's articles or watch that step's video training series.

METHOD Selection


These are the latest method selection articles to help you identify the type of business (i.e., affiliate, multi-level, or video marketing) that you'd like to showcase your value in.

PRODUCT Selection


These are the latest product selection articles to help you define the products (your own or someone else's) you'll eventually sell through your selected business method.