"Determine a Method of Business You'll Sell Products From"

Determine Your Method

What Exactly is a Marketing Method?

If you want to start making money online you must first research and select the business method you'd like to sale products from, (i.e., Affiliate Marketing, MLM, Info Product and/or Course Creation, etc.). This may depend on on the skills, value, or service you already have or can provide. 

For example if I loved writing books I may consider the publishing industry and work as a Kindle Publisher. OR perhaps your a guitar player and love teaching people how to play it. You may want to be an online course creator. And if your worried about learning the skill to do things like that become an Affiliate Marketer to learn ins and outs of internet marketing.

Should You Start as an Advertiser or Publisher?

There are "Advertising" marketing methods and "Publishing" marketing methods.  An Advertiser (also a merchant or retailer), is a website or company that promotes (sells) a product or service online, accepts payments and fulfills orders. Advertisers pay Publishers to promote their products and services in exchange for a commission on either leads or sales made.

Think of Advertisers as the owners or the people that can dictate what the publishers are allowed to do and not do with their products and services. Advertisers usually create and sale info products, online courses, ecommerce products, coaching and consulting. Publishers are the affiliates of these products or they buy non branded products in bulk as resellers. You see a lot of these people involved in Amazon FBA buying products in bulk across seas.

"Publishing" makes the most sense when getting started online, because most people find it easier to promote what Advertisers create. Plus, it’s only natural that people find an interest in using and recommending something before selling something similar themselves. It's for that reason Affiliate Marketing has become so popular.

Find Your Product(s)

Online Retail Products Reach 500 Billion

Some of the latest research shows online retail sales growing over 70% since 2013. Since 2017 it's up 15%. In terms of numbers, that's consumers spending more than 500 billion dollars online.

This means there is a lot of money being spent online and it's growing. All the more reason for you to get involved and tap into this gold mine by selling your own affiliated or personally created products.

Successfully Selling a Product

Once you've determined a business method and you understand the market you'll be in -- you can solidify the product you'd like to build offers around.  In other words, you are to research the products you'll be selling.

Whether this product is yours or not you need to find one you want to promote and build income around. Picking the right product (yours or someone else's) to sell online takes research and if done correctly your road is less traveled. 

It's highly recommended you start as an Affiliate Marketer to help you learn the neccessary skills of selling someone else's products first. It's much easier to find products, research your ideal buyer and crafting everything about your strategy around who they are and what they need.

Attract Affiliate Marketing Income as You Ease Your Way Into Business Without Wondering Where to start