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In this post I define attraction marketing. More importantly, I talk about what makes marketing attractive and is it neccessary for an online business? You should care if you plan to attract any business and make money online. Otherwise, you may end up quitting before you've even had a chance to get started. 


Ever heard of Attraction Marketing? Looking for more information about it?

I am not necessarily talking about the Law of Attraction (based on the book/film, The Secret - 2006), but Attraction Marketing is definitely related. The law of attraction states that one claims positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness. Don't underestimate the power of your thoughts. Your thinking has a lot to do with the paths you take in life. 

Anyway, when it comes to generating an income on or offline there are two truths one most consider:

  1. Why people hate being sold too
  2. Why people love to buy

With these two truths in mind we'll take a closer look at how online marketing becomes attractive. Although offline marketing is similar the methods differ, so we'll stick to talking about online business for now.

The Definition from an Online Perspective

Attraction Marketing online is a term NOT associated with an actual medium or method of marketing. For example, video, article, social media, SEO, email etc. can all be marketing methods. Instead, Attraction Marketing has simply become a term used to identify a marketing style. A style that anyone in any business should be using to earn an income, if they wish to be successful.

Attraction marketing is an expert authority on a specific subject that attracts an audience. Moreover, being able to produce and communicate free or inexpensive value that entices an audience to want to learn more, follow you, and purchase what you have to offer. This is done through a combination of online marketing tools, resources, and strategies.

Where Attraction Marketing Comes From

The truth is, most think attraction marketing is a fairly new term to describe internet marketing. Although, it helps describe how Internet Marketers operate, at its core,  it's literally a biological or instinctual trigger. It evolved millions of years ago to help keep people alive by allowing them to follow those they trusted to lead them. In turn, the followers created community, and provided a means of support to the leaders they trusted.

We see attraction marketing today in every successful business we walk into or come across. Take McDonald's for example. They've understood attraction marketing since Ray Kroc started back in 1955.  He took notice of the system the McDonald brothers were using.

From there, Ray created a unique selling proposition (USP) to attract customers. This was his reason why he believed his product stood out from his competition. From there McDonalds become a brand that people began to know, like, and trust. Today, McDonald's’ USP consists of low prices, consistency, and cleanliness. As a result, they feed almost 70 million people per day.

Instead of a free report, like most marketers give in what is call a lead magnet in exchange of an email -- McDonald’s lead magnet would be their low priced value menu. Immediately they'd try to upsell you or when you came back to the store they'd cross-sell you in order to make more money and retain your business. Are you familiar with the saying, "do you want fries with that?" ... That's an upsell.

With that said, Attraction marketing is a win-win type of marketing. As you help others, they in turn will help you. Zig Ziglar quotes, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” In a nutshell, that’s attraction marketing.

Why Be Attractive

Earning an income marketing online comes down to the activity of provisioning business (goods and services) on a recurring basis that makes more money than it expenses (profit). To do this you must generate traffic by advertising (marketing) to those most likely to buy from you.

In order to find those most likely to buy you have to be attractive. Remember this is peaking your audience’s interest and curiosity that entices them to want to learn more, follow you, and purchase what you have to offer.

Moreover, you need to get them to recognize they have problem, but more importantly allow them to discover that it's your solution or offer that can satisfy their need, want, or problem.  This way they are doing the selling and/or convincing to make the necessary engagements with you and your products and services.

That's why you want to be attractive. We see the alternative all the time though, which typically involves people spamming their links and business opportunities in your inbox.

The Challenge

The challenge is people today don't care what you know until they know you care. Just like with mentoring youth that I do in my spare time, I know that it is not until you've established a foundation with them can you build upon it and take them where they can experience change for the better.

The question is, how do you lay that foundation in an online business? How do you build a target audience that knows you care about them?

…And not only that, but one that will follow you, listen to you, and more importantly support your business no matter which one you are in.

This is the same reason why there are people making bank (a lot of money) with different online marketing systems, products or offers and others aren't? These systems don't even have to be that good and people can still join and/or promote them and make a fortune.

Just take MLMs for example. There's an alarming failure rate.  It's said that about 90 something percent of people don't make a dime in multi level marketing. Then there are others who are MLM millionaires.  Well, the same goes for all these affiliate marketing systems out there, not just MLM.

Now, obviously the better the program the better chances of you making money from it, but an overwhelming percent of your success comes from learning how to be attractive.

How To Be Attractive to Your Market

Learning how to be attractive isn't something you can master in one day. You need to live and breathe it every day. The best news is the moment you can live and breathe it you immediately become attractive. 

The reason 'not so good' systems still convert for people and for others it doesn't convert so much has a lot to do with who they are as a person. I mean, did you know there is an overwhelming number of prospects who end up joining systems because they believe in the person who told them about it? Makes sense right?

...And in order to become a person who others believe in you have to first believe in yourself. I know that sounds a bit cliche, but it's the truth. 

You see, YOU become the person of moral authority once you believe it who you are and what you want. You become the expert who recommends what others join… The Leader people want to follow... Moreover, the person who attracts success to themselves by chasing after what it is they truly want in life. Only then will people begin to see you as successful.

You see, it's not money that makes a person successful. It's someone who can progressively move towards their dreams by taking action everyday. It's not until after that's in place in a person's life will the money begin to rain down on them.

...But they have to want it as if it's a part of who they are and it shows in how they talk and act. Almost like -- Well, exactly like I'm talking to you. In fact, my story is a perfect example and I would love to share with you in depth sometime if we can work together. You can learn more about working with me by opting in below.

What You Can Do

You need to ask yourself what is it that you truly want? And are you doing everything that you can to get there? That is success… And that's what will attract people to you. ...And that is how you go about in what's known as Attractive Marketing.

And if I may, I believe everything happens for a reason. And YOU are here!!! You have somehow ended up on this article.

You are still taking action!!! Taking action regardless of you making money or not… And because you are still here… Still fighting the fight to be financially free!!! To earn passive income instead of trading your time for hours worked. Income that when you stop working will keep coming…That's what the 4% do as opposed to the remaining 96%.


About the author

Ross Curington is an Online Marketer. He also goes by the Attraction Strategist (AStRaTeGiSt). After several years in the industry of marketing online, he devotes his time helping people obtain what it is they truly want despite being too busy or broke. Moreover, he will help you determine if attracting income marketing online can get you there.


  • Thank for sharing this information. I’m just getting started in network marketing and found this article to be very helpful.

  • Just looking for some real solutions. Enjoying my company with marginal success but looking for soulutions to grow my business faster.

  • This is good advice, Ross. I switched from the traditional “100 person list” type of network marketing to attraction marketing about 8 months ago and I totally LOVE it! Would recommend it to anyone and everyone trying to build a network marketing business.

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