With a business method and products in mind you can now leverage value, credibility, and your newly found brand around quality content that help promote your offers? This is you packaging indoctrinating value as lead magnets and freemium content to begin building an audience.

Never shy away from learning what works, what sells and what you can leverage to become more valuable. Even if you must pay for it. In fact, if you don't pay for any value, to invest back into your business --I'd argue you will continue to lack the ability to scale your business.

You see, everything you learn is an investment, whether you pay or not to get you to the next level in your business. Then, the moment you can teach what you've learned to your audience (to begin attracting attention), well that's the moment you begin to solve those specific needs we’ve talked about in Chapter 2 through keywords.

Keep in mind, someone is always looking to learn from someone else with a duplicable and profitable skill as long as it can earn them money. People earnestly seek this value and giving it to them is essential to building an online business regardless if you make a sale through it immediately, in the future, or establish a great contact (who buys nothing from you).

Below are the latest research articles and below that are the TWO STEPS you need to complete inside the REPORT component... [See RESEARCH Component] ...[See RETAIN Component]



These are the latest marketing creation articles that helps you take what you've researched to market your value, credibility, and most importantly your brand as a rising entrepreneur.

LEAD Creation



Free Video Training Hub

Similar to my articles I guide you towards attracting income marketing online. However, through video in my training hub I take you step-by-step, all in an effort to ease your way into an online business without wondering where to start. I teach from three core components (The "Triple 'R' Method:" Research, Report, & Retain) that are necessary for launching a successful online business from scratch. Within each component are two steps (six total) that you must master to become an attractive online marketer.

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