So, You Want to Learn Internet Marketing

...I Don't Blame You

More than 4,900 stores are expected to close in 2019. Family Dollar, Abercrombie & Fitch and Chico’s recently announced nearly 800 store closures. Gap, JCPennys and Victoria Secret announced more than 300 stores being closed. Payless has said it plans to close all of its 2,500 stores in what could be the largest retail liquidation in HISTORY.

Think About This...

The largest transportation provider in the U.S. doesn't own a single car (Uber). The new largest accomodations company in the world doesn't own any real estate (Airbnb). Amazon just passed Wal-Mart as the nation's biggest retailer (and, much more valuable) & they don't own a single store. Oh, and McDonald's this time next year will have over half of their stores fully automated. Already happening in NYC.

So Ask Yourself...

Are you positioned to win ... no matter what happens to your job or the economy your in? Don't have a loyalty to something just because you've been educated in it or have been doing it for a long time. I get it. It's pretty daunting to jump into something like Internet Marketing, but without it how else are you positioned to win? ...Positioned to learn the rules of money sweeping the globe?

Why Internet Marketing...

Internet Marketing is synonymous with online marketing. It's utilizing the World Wide Web to communicate knowledge and value to a particular market or niche. You can do this by creating your own products or leveraging someone else's products. As a result, a type of service or offer is exchanged that results in producing sales from customers all over the world. 

How I Can Help...

Internet Marketing has been my way of moving with the time so I don't end up stuck wishing I would have tried something when everyone else was. Becoming known as 'Astrategist' marketing online I will help you do the heavy lifting that allows you to attract affiliate marketing income to ease your way into a successful business without wondering where to start or spending fortunes figuring it out.

How to Become An Attractive Internet Marketer

At I show you how to start attracting income marketing online so that you can ease your way into business without wondering where to start. I teach from three core components: ResearchReport, and Retain that are neccessary for launching a successful online business from scratch. Within each component are the competencies you must master to be an attractive marketer.

Research Market


Research a method of business and products to sell.
Articles on how to first research and select the business method you'd like to sale products from. Then determine the product(s) from that method you'd like to build offers around.

Reporting Value


Report value to market your products and generate leads.
Articles that help you leverage value, credibility, and your brand around quality content that help promote your offer(s). Create a unique marketing funnel as you report value to your audience to attract leads.



Retain leads who become prospects and generate sales.
Articles that teach you how to cultivate your leads as they turn into prospects that grow to know, like, and trust you. You'll retarget them and they'll further engage and generate sales.

"The best marketing strategy ever: CARE."

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The Entrepreneur's Mindset & Mechanics...

Unfortunately, people, who live in “Trapsville” get stuck in the 9-5 grind for many different reasons. Inorder to make the leap to an online business earning passive income you need more than just information. You need the Mindset & Mechanics

At I give you the mechanics (training, tools, & support) and a better mindset to begin earning an income marketing online. I share with you the easiest  industry to start doing this in to help you develop a business into the legacy you desire.


Seeing yourself as a work in progress

Articles that showcase the most important part of making money online: seeing yourself as a work in progress. Avoid being stuck in limitation as your fate is one of growth and opportunity. You must be willing to take what's "not easy" (but possible) and through discipline and a big enough "why" change your circumstances.


Utilizing the right tools and resources

Articles about the second most important part of making money online: utilizing the right tools and resources. This includes things like, traffic sources, copywriting, productivity tools, strategies, and etc.  Without taking advantage of the technology used online today you'd be working much harder than neccessary.

Ready to Attract an Affiliate Marketing Income to Ease Your Way Into an Online Business Without Wondering Where to Start?