Why This Marketing Method Should Be Used When Building Your First Online Business

The Busy Entrepreneur...

Unfortunately, people, who live in “Trapsville” get stuck in the 9-5 grind for many different reasons. They live and breathe off an active income. Active income is when people receive a paycheck for an equivalent number of hours worked. If they quit or get fired, well -- we already know what happens. enthusiast 

I’m like, why be stressed or strapped because of too much “month” at the end of your money when you can have much more “money” at the end of your month by marketing online.


I don't have enough time vs. I spend my time on what really matters in my business


I go through life as I am and avoid failure vs. I see myself as receptive, fluid and as a work in progress. 

Having The Right Mindset...

What have you accepted in life? Do you accept the way you look, your bank account balance, your love life? …Because the results you’ve obtained up to now can be strong indicators of your efforts.

So, if you accepted the fact that you are overweight, why would you deserve to not be? If you accepted the fact that you are in an abusive or double standard relationship, why would you deserve to be in a better one? If you accepted the fact that you live paycheck to paycheck, why would you deserve more money?

Internet Marketing Note 

Internet Marketing is synonymous with online marketing. It's simply utilizing the World Wide Web to communicate knowledge and value to a particular market or niche. That becomes increasingly important as we become more of an online world. Every day you can't retain an audience online is another day you risk being laid off or fired from your day to day job.

A 3-Step Journey Marketing Online...

Attraction marketing is a person's ability to produce indoctrinating value (content), while communicating to prospects among a defined niche or marketplace. In turn,  those prospects will perceive you as a trusted authority and expert in a given niche. Then, making 'calls to action' for them to further engage with you or your business as an act of their free will. Like them wanting to be added to your list or them wanting to make purchases from you.

Your ability to attract prospects through online marketing methods is the very core or foundation of what Internet Marketers must learn how to do. It's done in 3 steps: ResarchReport, and  Retain.

These things are actually steps that if taken correctly it won't matter what online business you are in. If you can apply all 3 you can generate an income not only for you, but for your family's family for generations to come.

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Research Market


Step 1: Research the Market

Research which business and niche market you wish to pursue. Then base your research on your ability to determine things like keywords, demand, & competition. If not, you won't know who can best benefit from you and your products.

Reporting Value


Step 2: Report Valuable Information

All your research is now leveraged to build your value, credibility, and most importantly your brand as a rising entrepreneur. Never shy away from learning what works, sells and what you can leverage to become more valuable.

Research Market


Step 3: Retain an Audience

You are now able to turn your 'profit cycle' on, which after someone has read or watched some of your excellent value, they'd be curious enough to want to learn more by opting in to receive even more value.

Internet marketing is an immersion into several required skill sets neccessary to succeed.

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Internet Marketing Fundamentals...

Internet marketing has leveled the playing field for small businesses to compete with major corporations. Everyday more and more small internet businesses are increasing their visibility and revenue, and reaching a customers like never before.

For example, before a person had to place expensive ads that were limited to localized areas. Now, we can use marketing methods like social media for free and generate thousands of global customers and followers around it for years to come. This kind of traffic generation can happen 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

With that said, its becoming increasingly important that in order to keep up with the fluidity of online competition and demand to make money you have to see yourself as a work in progress. Avoid being stuck in limitation as your fate is one of growth and opportunity. You must be willing to take what's "not easy" (but possible) and through discipline and a big enough "why" change your circumstances.

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Marketing Methods

Internet marketing is the production and communication of value done over the internet as a method of marketing i.e., article, email, video, etc. Every business uses at least one or more marketing methods to succeed online.

Traffic Generation

Generating traffic is important. It's just not as big of an obstacle as everyone makes it out to be. The bigger obstacle to building their business is by not being in the business of helping people. When you do that traffic gets easier.

Profiting From Core Strategies...

As an Internet marketer you are advertising using the digital mediums or marketing methods to drive sales of a product or service. Although there are core ways to market no matter what business you are in (by researching, reporting and retaining) you'll be sure to pick up strategies along the way. These strategies typically include multiple marketing methods and/or products and tools that can create for the perfect duplicable system for you business

Many strategies were found by trial and error and then sold for a premium price by entrepreneurs. Others are kept secret never to be heard of. Still, there are many more that are revealed early on and exploited for the internet marketing community to use as they please.

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Many exploited strategies include, but are not limited to:

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    Creating an Ebook, or video Tutorials
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    Building Authority Sites on a Blog
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    Hosting Live Webinars to Sell Courses
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    Creating Profit Cycle Funnels (featured below)
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    Using Third Party Tools (Amazon & Shopify)
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    Creating Quizzes That Go Viral

These are just a fraction of marketing strategies out there. I suggest finding paid packages to get the most value. Then learn how to find and use them appropriately.

What you want to avoid is the misinformation, scams, and myths that can distract you from pursuing your online business goals. 

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Why This Marketing Method Should Be Used When Building Your First Online Business