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Attraction Strategy Students,

This is your temporary training hub, allowing you to download past trainings, free plug N play landing pages and funnels. At the core, you'll at least need a Thrive Themes Membership to download your free landing pages and funnels (#1 below).

Thrive Themes Membership is currently $19 a month. That's 100X times the value when you learn what you get and almost 5X cheaper then programs like Clickfunnels. This page you're on was built with Thrive Themes and I use it for almost everything we do in our business. -- Get Thrive Theme Membership here.

Inside our FB group I walk you step-by-step in building the technical foundation (what every online business needs). Watch our trainings every week to get the password to gain access to this page. -- Join the group & watch our trainings here.

The 3 Essentials to Start an Online Business

Less than $70/month - $840 bucks/year...
If you can learn how to make just $1 you can learn how to make $71/month and continue profit. 

Landing Page Builder Setup - $40/Month

STEP ONE: Get a domain name - $1/month

Domains are not optional like they are for Clickfunnels. Even with Clickfunnels, I recommend using your own branded domain name. Moreover, you'll need a domain name when creating a self-hosted website. To avoid issues I've run into in the past with other domain name providers we use NameCheap -- Pick your domain name here <--- Discounted when you use my link.

STEP TWO: Get Hosting - $20/month

Hosting is the only caveat to going WordPress vs Clickfunnels. This means you have to pay for the real-estate your landing pages use on the web sort-of-speak. I live and die by the hosting company called ($21/month). They are a little more expensive than most, but you want your home built on a solid foundation. -- Get hosting with here.

STEP THREE: Landing Page Builder Installation - $19/month

I teach my students how to build their own home (Self-hosted WordPress website) - the central connection to their online business. This is critical considering I teach you how to also use it as one of the best landing page builders on the market. Thrive Themes Membership has everything you need to do this. It's absolutely the most important tool you'll need in order to move forward with most of our trainings and free downloads.  -- Grab the landing page & website builder here.

Email List Manager - $9/Month (Two Week Trial)

After acquiring a lead your email list works as a holding tank to continue marketing to them, where they grow to know, like and trust you through your products and story. The average list owner shoots for about $1 per subscriber per month. So 1,000 subscribers per month can easily equal $1,000 dollars. The money is in your list. We use Active Campaign. - Get Active Campaign here.

Link Tracker - $20/Month (Two Week Trial)

No matter what business you're in you need a link management tool. This is primarily to track who clicks what and how, along with instantly redirecting traffic without actually changing, editing and re-uploading new links. The amount of time you save using a link tracker makes this tool one of the essential 3. We use Build Redirects. - Get Build Redirects here.

Free Resources

Ebooks, Documents, Cheat Sheets, Tools, etc.

-- Grab My Free Insightful Traffic Formula (eBook)

This ebook will give you perspective when beginning to build an online business. It also talks about my free and paid method to help you start making money right away. This income stream will be extremely helpful once you're ready to start buying the 3 essential tools (above) to support your business. 

-- The Profit Cycle Blueprint

The Profit Cycle Blueprint will help you understand the basics when it comes to setting you sales funnels. These sales funnels are really the core component of all successful online businesses. In this course Anthony outlines for you the entire blueprint, plus he shows you how to start generating revenue and commissions from your very own Profit Cycles! It complements what I teach you in the training hub (once we get to that week) very well.

-- Password Manager

This has been the best thing for me since sliced bread. Seriously! I never have to worry about wasting time on those silly forgot password links. Also, if you aren't already using a password manager, you're probably using the same few passwords on many different websites or you've got notes or spreadsheets with all your passwords written down. Both of those are terrible for your online security. This will fix all that.

-- Get Russell Brunson's "Traffic Secrets"

This isn't entirely free as you have to pay for shipping and handling. Regardless, I include his book here because it's one of the best resources out there that talk about not just getting traffic, but getting evergreen traffic. That's traffic that works year round and isn't dependent on a platform or product that can easily be here one day and gone the next.  

-- Get Video Speed Controller"

This one tool right here has saved me hundreds of hours in time that I didn't have to spend watching a video. Don't get me wrong, I love videos and know they can be essential to our way of life these days. However, if I can watch an hour long video in half the time and still understand everything then that's an extra 30 min in my day I can spend doing something else you know what mean?! So when you get "Video Speed Controller" using Chrome you can speed through just about any video with easy to use buttons that overlay it.   

Free Plug N' Earn Funnels & Emails

To download these plug N' play funnels you'll need Thrive Themes Membership and Active Campaign

Promoting "Partner With Anthony" Business Funnel

Watch Videos 6 and 7 for Details...

Get Partner w/ Anthony | (Affiliate Ecosystem)
Partner with Anthony teaches you the ins and outs of what it takes to begin building an online marketing business. It's perfect for someone to not only learn the basics of online marketing, but you can make money in the process as you refer it to other people. It's a premium product for one of the cheapest prices found across the internet. You get a well built customer infrastructure, sales tracking, support resources, product suites to sell (multiple products), and you get not only direct commissions, but indirect commissions as well. Learn more before you join PWA from here.

Get Lead Magnet Opt-in Page | (Must have Thrive Themes Membership)

Get Lead Magnet Thank you Page | (Must have Thrive Themes Membership)

Get Lead Magnet [.docx] | (Must have compatible Microsoft Word reader)

Get Non Buyer Emails [.docx] | (Must have compatible Microsoft Word program)

Get Bonus Stack | (Must have a Google (Drive) Account)

Test Your Funnel w/ Solo Ads -- (Get a $5 discount when you sign up here)

Coming Soon

Past Facebook Group Tuesday Trainings

Sep 22nd - (Pre Training) Overview of Entire System

"Recorded Live"

  • What is a Value based business?
  • Understanding the importance of working with a coach, partner, team or community
  • The 3 most essential tools to build a self-sufficient business from scratch overview
  • Learn how to access you free assets page with free resources helping you build your business
  • Homework: start making some posts in the group to qualify for the giveaway & sign up for your 3 essential tools 

Sep 29th - Important Online Business Details You Need to Know

"Recorded Live"

  • What is Attraction Marketing & Why Attraction Strategies?
  • A deeper dive into the 3 most essential tools to build a self-sufficient business form scratch
  • Why I started this group, my passion for wanting to work with you, & everything I'll be offering you
  • The 6 steps that building an online business will always fit into
  • How to start making money asap by becoming a coach using the free and paid session method
  • The #1 online business method to start with if you don't want to start by creating a digital product.
  • The Importance of having a big enough why?
  • Homework: start making some posts in the group to qualify for the giveaway & sign up for your 3 essential tools 

Oct 6th - Identifying Yourself as a Brand

"Recorded Live"

  • Recap on how to start making money asap by becoming a coach using the free and paid session method.
  • I give you access to my free Insightful Traffic Formula eBook that teaches you the best way to begin building your online business.
  • Recap on the #1 online business method to start with if you don't want to start by creating a digital product.
  • The importance of having becoming your own brand and why you should not use your name as your URL.
  • We began talking about your landing page builder and step 1 of 3 to getting it set up.9-29

Oct 13th - Installing Your Landing Page Builder (3 steps)

  • Connecting your Domain name to your WordPress Hosting Company
  • How to install your very own WordPress website in only a few clicks
  • How to install your website with a Free SSL Certificate in one only one click
  • How to install and step up your landing page builder using your website
  • Connecting your website with one of the best themes and most used plugins available.

Oct 20th - Setting Up Your Landing Page Builder & Email Installation

  • What all the pieces of your website looks like once it's all set up
  • How to install and setup essential plugins aside from what comes with Thrive Themes such as SEO, W3, Optimole, and spam
  • How to update your menu on the website
  • How to create an email that matches your domain name inside of our recommended hosting company
  • How to connect your email autoresponder to you landing page builder
  • The importance of scheduling consistent time to build your business

Nov 17th - Getting Your Free Plug 'N Play Funnels

  • How to begin making money within a couple weeks of starting
  • We define Affiliate marketing and introduce affiliate ecosystems
  • 5 reasons affiliate ecosystems should be used instead of regular affiliate products
  • How to make money through what's called a value ladder
  • How to create an email that matches your domain name inside of our recommended hosting company
  • How value ladders and profit cycle funnels work to create and build an income off of
  • Learn my #1 most recommended Affiliate Ecosystem

Nov 24th - All Systems Go

Posted inside our Facebook Group here

  • Review your free funnel business and everything you're getting for free
  • Why staying an affiliate marketer has its benefits
  • Setting up your affiliate ecosystem (Partner with Anthony)
  • Going over what a link tracker is and how to set it up
  • Connecting your lead magnet from the down load to the email
  • Setting up your email manager (autoresponder), including lists, tags, and automations
  • The value of a bonus stack (additional product you get for free) and value series
  • Solo Ad Training and set up
  • What you can become when character is forged

Dec 1st - Coming Soon Inside the Facebook Group

Past Giveaway Winners

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Nov 2nd Winner - $100 Amazon Gift Card

Tedd Baon - 

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