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Here, we believe in your story. Even the dark one's, because they forever shape and mold who we are and can grant us a big enough WHY on the entrepreneur we become. What was God doing, how was your life assisted, improved or even made possible through it? Read how my story got started below...


My faith in God provides me with the emotional, physical and mental abilities to adapt and overcome the inevitable challenges I face as a marketer every day. Here, we hold each other accountable for the God given ability we've been commissioned with.


Here our mission derives from three core components (Triple "R" Method) that I believe is necessary for launching a successful online business (from scratch even) with a focus on skill, value, and tools rather than on shortcuts, tricks, trends, and schemes.

Vision, Value, & Mission


My vision is to help people change the world by setting an anchor in the 'hearts of leaders'. To fight with you in being who you were created to be (rather than something you believe the world wants you to be). More importantly, to live growth minded and fruit bearing, while achieving the things you desire despite being too busy or broke to get it.


Growth Mindset

Like a plant, what doesn't grow doesn't change to eventually bloom. However, accepting that change isn't the easiest thing to do. But unless you see yourself as receptive, fluid, and as a work in progress, then you're fixed-minded. Instead, I'm called to be growth minded, freeing myself from limiting or unproductive thinking which has allowed me to change my circumstances.

Fruit Bearing

In our everyday world “fruit” is the result of a healthy plant producing what it was designed to produce. Likewise, if you've accepted Christ into your life he appoints you to produce fruit (outward actions that result from the condition of your heart) that will last, such as such as love, joy, & peace. This is simply me doing what comes natural in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.


Doing what we love bears good fruit towards a worthy ideal or goal we believe in. This process alone makes us successful. Not money. Moreover, it attracts people to us who need help getting what they want. From a business perspective, only then can I begin to achieve the materialistic desires I want, like, and enjoy out of life without financial limitation.


To help you build a self-sufficient (skills & tools), online affiliate and/or network marketing business using three core components I've coined as the 'Triple R Method', while holding you 'to account' for your God-given ability to live your adventure, pursue your calling and rescue your dream (your value).


My Story

As founder and CEO of I don’t have any crazy or wild stories to tell you that led me into marketing online. My family and I was only trying to find a way to work smarter and not harder.

I was first introduced to this “work smarter” concept when my mom was recruited by a Network Marketer in the travel industry back in 2004. Network Marketing is also known as multi-level marketing or MLM.

She got invited to attend what the Marketer called a “hotel party.” My mom asked if I’d come along to see what it was all about, as she was skeptical and wanted my opinion.

Now, I was 21 at the time and thought the idea of passive income to financial freedom sounded amazing! Unfortunately, those were the only things those Network Marketers kept talking about: financial and time freedom.

It's no wonder why people find network marketers annoying and 'schemy'. It's because that's how they were sold on joining the company only to come up short on being able to provide value, skill, and tools. Unfortunately, that hype supersede any know-how at the time.

Long story short, my mom and I joined this network marketing company only to quit 6 months later. We were frustrated, in debt from joining, and several hundred hours felt wasted.

Now, as sad as that sounds it was at that moment that even though my mom and I quit that specific MLM, I was nowhere near ready to throw in the towel. In fact, I was just beginning to envision a legacy that I could hold onto someday.

...Something that could give my family and I a more fulfilling future.

...Something that would pour into the family of my own someday. Dreams that could finally come true.

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Stay Blessed,


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My Journey to Passive Profitability

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